【DIY】古民家をリフォーム“土間コン準備トイレキッチン解体” ep12

【DIY】古民家をリフォーム“土間コン準備トイレキッチン解体” ep12

This room is very disgusting Oh can you feel it? This room is very dirty A lot of insects come here cockroach lives here This is creepy I will definitely clean it all Hello it’s Dragon camp Last time we dismantled walls and ceilings on 1st floor and 2nd floor But we are worried about earthquake residence of this house So now it is under investigation In the meantime, we are going to dismantle the kitchen and toilet. and make a new entrance But you may doubt why we are going to dismantle the kitchen and toilet in haste? In fact, we got a comment on the first video of this series. This is like this It says that how much unhappy you become when In the worst case of Chinese geomancy So we checked our case and we found our arrangement is the worst case Which means that our kitchen and toilet are placed at the worst place By the way, we have encountered strange things since moving this house Let me show you one for instance This story was when I was sleeping deeply after hard work I heard screaming like monster suddenly and I woke up I was afraid of it So I tried to look out from the window with fear Why ? There were three raccoon that were looking at me and seem like want to say something This was really horrible Can you believe it? After this episode, we became so careful of Chinese geomancy. That’s why we wanted to break the kitchen and toilet and bury them with concrete So we started dismantling the kitchen now Let’s do it quickly !!! You guys get better to dismantle This is terrible This is the back of place where we used as bathroom. I thought it was a musty smell. So much mold was growing Next let’s dismantle the toilet It is so easy!! I didn’t notice how it is. Let’s throw away the toilet that helped us This is dirty but it helped us a lot. Thank you !! We called this sward all-round sward It helps us a lot We can cut anything with this saw With this all-round sword you can cut everything even If you encounter something that you are not familiar with when you do DIY. You can cut everything By the way, grandpa of a staff is familiar with toilet So he came us to help He is called Ken-chan !! How is it ? Shin-chan ? Look at this !! It rotten. There was little water leak. So woods rotten. It went bad If tiles and mortal are attached with woods like this If tiles and mortal are attached with woods like this a metal mesh is in it, so you have to be careful. It is little bit dangerous. It looks good We can display it. Unexpectedly it might be nice I will ignore this smell. Please cut it quickly. It stinks. This angle is better. Oh no!! It stinks strongly. OK. Let’s throw it away. Bad smell !!!! Spilled spilled !! Let’s seal it before this smell expands I sealed Piccolo Great Demon King !! Mahooba !!! We have done it quickly thanks to Ken-chan. Thank you Ken-chan !! No no I didn’t help you so much. No you did !!! Dismantle the storage part of the Japanese room Because it will be a part of the entrance Let’s dismantle the floor of the kitchen We asked a vendor to seal the gas pipe before dismantling Joists and sleepers under the floor will be removed If there is an understructure just under the sleepers, you should be careful. In this case if you remove the sleepers, some problem may happen in terms of structure. So you should consult a expert in this case. By the way, there is no bathroom here So It is crazy. How can we live ? We have finished dismantling on the first floor The kitchen and toilet ? Yeah We liked the kitchen and toilet But they have gone completely feels like refresh and actually when you watch this video we have done creting the entrance with concrete and a mysterious thing happened on the day when we had finished. It was just me who experienced it. and we created a movie about this story So let me show you what’s happening. A voice like gentle and appealing something waked me up. A raccoon was staring at me like wanna say something and leaving here Can you believe it ? You lie !! This is true !! Really really really true !!! You insisted !! Yeah I know you don’t lie Yeah I don’t lie !! What I wanna say is the raccoon came to me to say the end of unhappiness. Maybe This is mysterious. Until now we had faced a lot of difficulty and so many problems happened. But after making concrete we feel happier than before. yeah it is true Yeah every one can smile Anyway, we finished dismantling Next video is creating a concrete and make a new entrance So please watch the next video Thank you for watching

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  1. これからトイレはどうするのか、キッチン無しでどうなるのかとても楽しみにしています✨

  2. 好きなように破壊し、組み立てていくDIYって楽し~い😸

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  4. 回を重ねるごとに動画のレベルがあがってますね。




  5. 怖い話は苦手なので、これっきりにしてね~💦

  6. 玄関、門も駄目なんじゃないですか?しかも鬼門の位置に大きな玄関って更に最悪なような気がしますが、大丈夫なんですか?

  7. 一級建築士の偉い人が言うに「風水なんて気にしてたら家、建てられん」とのことですよ。

  8. タヌキww 面白過ぎだろww どら○モンはネコだけどw色々含めて面白いですww リノベーション動画好きなので

  9. 今後も応援して行きたくなるお人柄で素敵です。

  10. へえーそういうこともあるんですね〜

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