πŸŒ™πŸŒ πŸŒž May 2018 ~ Astrological development for all the signs!

πŸŒ™πŸŒ πŸŒž May 2018 ~ Astrological development for all the signs!

hello everybody today I will present my
good friend and mentor Miri for you hello Miri she is here today to present
her new channel so the word over to you thank you I am very grateful to be here
with the Queen of Cups my very very best friend and to be able to introduce Emmeya Soleil to you my calling is about building bridges and to the greater
understanding of true self and life purpose the bridges are built by
subconscious work in a conscious way I have worked with the dreams for some
decades now in particular my own of cource and I worked a lot with with the
Queen of Cups and I done it in order to fully understand myself and my reactions
to the environment initially and then I moved on to work with clients would be
in therapy interpreting dreams and I also hold courses in the art of
understanding dream work I also do what I call Star Born
Horoscopes and the name refers to the star symbol that I look for in every
birth horoscope its consisting of the most influencing clusters of stars and planets in your chart and the star
represents the most essential core of who you are and it opens up for greater
understanding about your connection to other dimensions and memories of our
earlier lives I just posted my youtube channel Emmeya Soleil Dreamwork so please do feel welcome to check it out and you can find
a link to my channel in the description box below yes and today when we are doing this
report it’s Friday the 13th due to the Mercury retrograde we
shouldn’t get too caught up with the superstitious fear and normally we have
a kind of a buffer zone between what we are creating but but in this retrograde we
are expressing our energy more direct our deepest subconscious from our
deepest subconscious source and things that we communicate through what we are thinking imagining or talking out loudly it’s being manifested in our life rather
rapidly so if you normally doesn’t feel the consequences of your negative
thinking you might do so now and the Sun is in Aries and the Moon is moving towards Aries tomorrow Mercury is moving retrograde in Aries
and will station on Sunday from a Swedish point of view with all this Aries
energy around one will have to watch out for getting caught up in unnecessary
battles of will some of you may have experienced nightly dreams containing
conflicts and difficulties due to the Mercury retrograde those dreams urge you to take a closer look to where you put your energy in your life so with two
days left on this period- Do pay extra attention to your dreams so and the day after Monday April 16 we
will have the New Moon in Taurus and New Moon’s are always a good time to start
envisioning the future that you want to experience Saturn will station to start
moving retrograde in Capricorn on April 18 making your hidden judgmental
tendencies surfacing so you can take a good look
where you are judging yourself and others unfairly Sun moves from Aries to
Taurus April 20 and we move into period when the stubbornness is still present
but the self-righteousness and fierce energy of creation turn into loyal and
dutiful willingness to work together with the whole to create harmony it might be a lack of taking initiative because everyone is looking to the next to see
how things are supposed to be done so no one is really doing anything and April
23rd March will conjunct with Pluto that will station to start to move retrograde
in Capricorn here some wrong decisions might be taken where we follow strong leaders and war mongers blindly because we just don’t don’t
haven’t we don’t have the energy left to do the right for goodness sake yeah to
do the good for goodness sake yeah or to stand up towards the normal consensus
of the powers in our society
April 24 Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini which makes us more available to romance and love April 30 and we will have the Full Moon
in Scorpio conjunct retrograde Jupiter for those of you who dare to dream
during the New this Full Moon could be a time
when it’s all coming true
because you’re not so afraid what others may think of your decisions
anymore and you’re also less afraid of your own dark darkest creative places
that is if you have done the homework with feeling the pain that I haven’t
been nagging you about so Mercury moves from Aries into Taurus and May 15 and
will be conjunct to Uranus the day after also the Moon will join the lineup May
15 we will have the New Moon in Taurus on the cusp to Gemini and the very same
day and Marsh is moving from Capricorn and into Aquarius if you have worked
with yourself this will give you a sense of calm and you will be not be so caught
up with a drama of it all and Mercury moving into Taurus will also have given
you a certain “Let Go” attitude of a lot of things so 19 of May Venus is moving
from Gemini and into Cancer and even more love will be in the air rather in
the waters in this case so giving us a sense of being ok with our own feelings
and actually starting to dignify them you are fine and cool with whatever you
feel and you really don’t get that upset if someone is getting upset with you so
may 20 the Sun moves from Taurus into Gemini and now summer is on the way here
in the frost frozen north and by this time Uranus has made its slow move and
are now really into Taurus making the “Average Joe” into a Prophet
“the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and in the tenement halls” as they
beautiful sing in the sound of silence anyway in the disturbed version maybe
not in the first version of the song so May 29 we will have the Full Moon in
Sagittarius compensating for the sad Full Moon that we had in Scorpio
so this Full Moon will a Full Moon of celebrations and the same
day as the Full Moon Mercury moves from Taurus into Gemini making everyone chatty and full of bright ideas and for the slow-moving planets
Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio
Saturn and Pluto is moving retrograde in Capricorn Neptune is in Pisces
and Uranus is moving direct in Taurus so I’m so happy to be able to
present Miri for you and I also want to tell you that the most prominent energy this time will be this of you getting into your own authority if you don’t
get caught up with the Saturn moving retrograde in Capricorn
kind of thing
so really take advantage of this situation find your coolness also in the
situation that can be very very irritating just stay with yourself in
these situations and see what’s happened maybe you can get rid of a lot of junk
during this time that doesn’t no longer serve you for example getting upset by
customer service or someone in traffic these kind of things just stay with it
and try to not to get caught up in any it all because it’s like you have like
this downhill slope now you can just follow the energy and it’s like going
with the flow so you can use this energy to really free yourself from a lot of
old junk so I also want to thank Miri for being
here with me today and presenting herself and her new channel and
beautiful and Dreamworks that that she does I have gone to a lot of our courses
and learned a lot about dream work and we have been working a lot also together
interpreting each other’s dreams it’s a it’s something I think that we did as as
people like before civilization that we were I imagine we sat around the fire in
the morning talking about our dreams and
interpret them for each other because it’s a lot of wisdom there and we should
really go into our dreams and see what’s happening because when things are
happening in your dreams they sometimes haven’t really manifested in your waking
dream the life dream the awaken you so if you’re dealing with it in your dreams
you might not have to you can solve it also for your awaken dream so this is
how I have been using my dream works to actually solve issues that I have in my
day-to-day day-to-day life or with my own my own self I can see it in dreams
and then I can see it more clearly also in my waking dream yeah thank you so
much for this opportunity and it was very nice to meet you looking forward to
more times yes okay um- great I am hope you have a lovely day and I will
start putting up the tarot videos very soon so have patience and yes yeah take
care and bye bye bye

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  1. Great info you gals! I’m looking forward to checking out your channel, Miri! Blessings to both of you!

  2. I had a 5 year relationship with a Cancer. She was a metal head too. Funny that. But the Simon & Garfunkle version is much better than Disturb's version, but I'm old school I suppose. Rock on QOC.

  3. I feel rather timely ! That is because last night I had a dream . I was driving with my friend Diana and an old witch stood in the road and Dianna got out and she had much to say to her and then I went up to the woman and she took something out of her mouth and put it into mine…. hmmmm… it was very interesting ! Looking forward to your friend's channel … As always its a pleasure it hear from you … Blessings !

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  5. Thank you ladies! I look forward to checking out and supporting your channel Miri, it sounds so interesting. Blessings to you both! Xxx

  6. What beautiful feminine energy the two of you have together different yet extremely complimentaryβ™₯️
    So wonderful to meet you Miri, β™₯️🌟 and Queen of Cups I Love you! Subscribing to your channel and Wisdom has and is changing my life and growing me profoundly and I most grateful 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  7. You’re such a sweetie Queen of Cups! I’m checking out your new channel Miri! Much love and peace to you both!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸŒΈπŸŒΈπŸŒΈ

  8. Thank you Miris and Wueen of cups. Two very beautiful ladies inside and out. I will subscribe to Miris channel. Id also like to thank you Wueen of Cups for your Tarot readings. You are so gifted. They have given me great guidance xx.

  9. Queen of Cups have her eye focus head straight speak clearly and louder. As a prior Victim and Advocate her projection will interfere with client or participant interest an ability for CLARITY. WE LOVE OUR LITTLE QUEENY GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO YOUR FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS.

  10. Oh… There you are! Sooo beatiful ladies. So greatful for Queen of cups fantastic readings. Your so deep, vise and have such great knowledge of life, spirituality and myths.. My ABsolute favorit reader😍Listen to your readings over and over again.. Both rising sign and sun sign.. And when the month has past, im stunned! Its all so precise! I Will find and sign up for you, Siri as well 😊 πŸ‘
    All the best Sidsel/DenmarkπŸ’•

  11. I'm simply AMAZED by your dedication and desire to assist people with your precious gifts….I'm still trying to catch up on the other material you have posted.

    I'm Grateful for the changes in my life that have been motivated by You….of course the willingness on my part to do the work and finally get going to a place I have always envisioned….I'm excited to take this new journey with you Miri….welcome πŸ˜†

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