🤷‍♂️ 10 USEFUL Questions in Russian with Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? | Russian Comprehensive

🤷‍♂️ 10 USEFUL Questions in Russian with Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? | Russian Comprehensive

ПривЕт! Today we’ll continue learning
useful cross context phrases in Russian. You’ll learn how to say: Who? What? Where?
When? Why? and How? And you’ll hear some common examples of simple questions
with these words. Once again, if you’re a Beginner, then together with expanding
your vocabulary, treat it as a reading practice, too. Let’s start with short questions
“Who is that?” and “What is it?” “Who” in Russian sounds as “кто”, “what” sounds as “что”.
Pay attention, you spell it with a “ч”, and you read it as [што]. “Who’s that?” will sound as “Кто Это?”
Once again, “Кто Это?” “Это” means it or this in Russian, so you can also
use this word when pointing at something. Imagine, you’re at a supermarket
trying to buy something, but you don’t know how you call it in Russian. So, you can just
point at it and say: “This!” – “Это!” And can you guess, how you ask
“What is it?” in Russian? Right! “Что Это?” You also use this word in a casual situation
if you haven’t heard what another person just said: “What’s that?” Our next phrase is: “What does it mean?” “обмЕн валЮты”? Что Это знАчит?
(*Currency Exchange) If you’re wondering,
what something is called in Russian, you’ll ask: In English, you say: “What is it called?”,
but actually, the Russian “как” means “how”. Pay attention to how you read this word: It’s a so-called reflexive verb, and they
would often have endings like this. And you’ll always read them as [-ца]. Once again: Just recently, you’ve learned the phrase
“How do you say it in English?”, “How does it sound in English?”
Can you remind it to me, please? Now try to ask in Russian:
“How does it sound in Russian?” Or you can also say: Moving on! Imagine, your friend brought you somewhere, but you’re not sure where you’re at, and you’re wondering “Where are we?”. “Where” in Russian is “где”: “Где мы?”
How do you ask “Where are you?” This word is little tricky in Russian. It just means “where at” location-wise,
and if you want to ask where someone is going, in one direction, or where they’re coming from,
you will use different words for that. “Where are you going?”, “Where are you heading to?”
will sound as “КудА ты?” “КудА” means “where to”. And if you want to ask “Where are you from?”, or “Where are you coming from?”, you’ll say: “откУда ты?”; “откУда” means “where from”. Once again: “Where is it?” – “Где Это?”.
“Where is it located?” / “Where is it situated?” – Take a look at what this word ends with, you’ll read it as “When” in Russian sounds as “когдА”. For instance: To ask “Why?” in Russian, you’ll say: “ПочемУ?” And you’ll use a different word, if you are asking “Why?” in a sense of “what for?”, “what’s the purpose for it?” And the last one for today. This question doesn’t include any of the words above, but it’s a comment polite way to start a question Russian. In English,
it would sound as “Could you tell me…?” Have you noticed, this is a negative question,
and as I said before, in Russian, such questions
aren’t considered rude or impolite. For more details, you can check out this video. “Could you tell me where the nearest metro station is?” You might also hear a phrase “СкажИте, пожАлуйста…”, but in my opinion, it’d be more appropriate from someone in a position of authority.
For example, you can hear it from your teacher, or your boss, or a doctor
you came to. Otherwise, if you’re saying it to a random person in the street,
it sounds kind of a little demanding. It’ll be more polite to say: “Вы не подскАжете…?”
That’s it for today! I’ll let you practice the phrases on your own now.

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  1. 1:00 – Who is that?
    1:44 – What is it?
    2:30 – What does it mean?
    2:53 – What is it called?
    4:08 – How do you say it in Russian?
    5:08 – Where? (❗️ in Russian, you'll use 3 different words, depending on the direction)
    6:55 – When?
    7:15 – Why?
    7:25 – What for?
    7:45 – Could you tell me…?

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