13 Free PowerPoint Templates Worth Checking Out (4 of 4)

13 Free PowerPoint Templates Worth Checking Out (4 of 4)

Welcome to the final part of this series
on the best free PowerPoint templates you can download on the web today. Let’s go ahead and look at top template
number 11 the Olivia presentation template by slides carnival. This is another example of a really
lovely free PowerPoint template that is quite fun and stylish and uses bright
colors and bold headlines to convey very minimal content in a big bold, bright way. And there are 25 predesigned
layouts here in this template. It also includes maps, some big data. It’s a lot of the same slide layouts
that we’ve seen in the other slides, carnival templates, but this one has a
different theme that carries through, which is this dotted line along with
little rocket ship and these sort of big bold little icons and graphic design
elements that carry throughout this presentation. Like all the
other size carnival templates. This comes only in a widescreen version. It is also available on Google
slides and as far as fonts, we have Raleway extra
bold and Raleway lights. So you may want to download those in
order to view this template correctly in your own version of PowerPoint. There is not a lot of room for
long titles here in the title. So if you have texts that
is a little bit longer, you may struggle to fit it
all into all of these layouts. So you may want to consider either
reducing the content that you have in your title or reducing the size of the text
here in the titles of this template. Another thing to note is that the
colors here are not associated with the template. I’m not sure
what theme this is using, but none of these colors here
are reflected in this theme. And so that also means when you go to
do the design tab and you change the colors over to a different
color palette, for example, a blue warm for example, nothing
changes, nothing adjusts. And so if you want to change any of
the colors in this presentation, Oh, it looks like this adjusted, uh, this
was using the correct part of the theme, but nothing else does. So if you want to make any changes
to the colors in this template, you’re going to have to do that manually
one by one for each of the elements except for it looks like the hyperlinks. So that is just something to keep in mind. If you are going to be using this
template and adjusting it to fit your own content. This yellow, if you
decide to use this yellow, it’s actually fairly highly saturated, so that means that this color is
going to look really bright on certain projectors and it might
look kind of garish. So I would suggest either testing out
your projector to make sure that this color looks okay on the projector you’re
going to be using or trying to adjust this color that it’s
something a little bit less, less high in saturation so that it
sees better on different projectors. One final thing to point out is that
certain slides in this presentation, I think mostly this one has the picture
actually inside of the background. So that means you cannot
edit this picture itself. So you’ll have to actually go in and
insert your own picture to replace it as a side background. If you want to change
the way the slide looks and that’s it. That’s for this Olivia
presentation template by slides, carnival free PowerPoint templates
number 12 thank you slides, free PowerPoint template by 24 slides. That makes it sound like I’m thanking
the slides but the actual name of the template is called thank you
slides, free PowerPoint template. This presentation template is actually
again once more and more of a collection of different slides. This one’s a little bit unique because
it’s really just an example of different ways that you can have a thank you slide
at the end of your presentation and in fact you could use this for
a number of different things. You could use this as a thank you
slide or as an introduction slide, as a divider slide, as an about us slide as a quote slide
there actually a number of ways that you could reuse these layouts to create
different types of slides in your own presentations. But I do want to point out that you
should not be using these as templates in the sense that they are built
here on the blank layout. And so that means that you would just
be basically copying all of the content over from one presentation to another. So that is exactly how you
would use these templates. You could just change the
word, replace your logo, etc. Or copy and paste certain elements
into your own presentation. Now this template has 10
predesigned thank you slides. Let me just go over to the slide sort
of use. You can take a look at them. I think these are all very nice
to quite elegant, very minimalist. One thing to note is that they only
come in widescreen a 16 by nine format. Also, the fonts that are used here
are century Gothic and kolibri. So make sure you have those on your
computer to display this properly. My favorite slides in this template
are slides number seven and number 13 because I think they’re very bright and
they incorporate cool typography here. This is actually an image.
It is not actually texts, so you cannot change this unfortunately. But if you can download
a cool script font, you can reuse or recreate this
layout in your own presentation. So use this as design
inspiration for your own layouts. And I liked this one here because I like
what they’ve done with this image here. They’ve essentially created a
shape here that where they cut out, it looks like they inserted a rectangle
here and cut out the outline from the s hape. So it really looks like this leaf is
sticking up on top of this content and I think that looks very cool. So again, these are really best to be used
as inspiration for your own slides. Do you have an image like this where
you could cut something out and make it stand out to create a bit more of
variation and diversity and splash in your presentations? Some of these pictures are
inserted into the slide background. So this one is here in the normal
view, so you can edit that picture, but this one here, you’ll
notice I cannot select it. It was actually added in the
slide background. So again, if you want to replace this picture, you’ll have to insert your own picture
in the background or you’ll have to just copy and paste a picture and send it
all the way to the back in order to have your own picture here in this
slide appear. That is it. That is the thank you
template from 24 slides. Free PowerPoint template number 13
ABC PowerPoint template by Showeet. This lovely PowerPoint
template is actually more a
collection of slides that you can use for your titles,
your presentation dividers, even for a thank you slide. If you
went with let’s say the letter T, it could be thank you know, you could
have Hank you to make a thank you slide. So this is an example of slides that
you can use and copy and paste directly into your own presentation and use
as inspiration within your own decks. We have 26 slides, one for
each letter of the alphabet. The font that is used here is Roboto, so you may want to download that in order
to have it display correctly on your computer. What’s cool about these slides is
that each letter is cut out and has a transparency, which I’ll
show you about in a minute. That means you can easily place an
image beneath it to create a very cool layering effect. It’s a fun way to highlight an element
or a part of your title or even a concept in your slide and you can use these
again for title slides, divider slides, et cetera. I do need to point out that the images
you want to have appear behind the letter and so that means that there
is no actual place holder here. You’ll notice that while each
slide has a different layout, there is no actual place holder
for you to insert an image. So what you need to do is actually insert
an image into the slide background in order to have the letters appear
through it. So let’s demonstrate that. If you go to format,
background picture fill, go to insert and let’s find a
file. Let’s just insert this one. And that’s how it looks. So essentially you have
in the slide master view, it’s not so much that
there’s this letter here, it’s actually that there
is a shape here, right? And the shape has had the letter cut
out of it and this shape has a bit of transparency, which is why the
actual background will bleed through. So you know, in this situation
the background is a solid fill, which is blue so that you can actually
see the letter. Because if it was white, you know you wouldn’t see anything. So, the background has been made blue so you
can see the letter peeking through it. And that way if you go back here and you
insert a picture in the background like we just did, that’s
what peeks through the, the transparency here and the cutout
within the shape. You could argue, well why don’t you just take this
and put it in the normal view? Well, the nice thing is that you could actually
create a number of different B’s. For example, you could just create another B here and
you would just change the background to a different picture. So you could
actually adjust that yourself. Now when you insert a picture into the
background if there’s no way to crop this picture. So for example, this looks
a little bit weird that the B is, is intersecting with his face, but there’s no way to adjust or
crop this picture unfortunately. So what you’re going to need to do is
first maybe insert the picture here in the normal view, crop it
position the way you like, save it as a picture and then insert
it again into the background so that it fits exactly the way you want it to
look with the letter on top of it. So that is the ABC PowerPoint template
by Showeet and an example for how you can use these layouts in your
own presentations and also
use them as slide design inspiration. So those are 13 of my favorite free
PowerPoint templates that you can find and download on the web today. And some of
those even include some Google slides, themes that you can use these templates
directly as is in your own presentations or you can edit them, tweak
them, incorporate them, play around with them however you’d
like. Use them as design inspiration. But do please keep in mind some
of the warnings that I’ve listed. If you want to know more about
these warnings, what they mean, how to troubleshoot them and how to fix
them in your own PowerPoint templates, check out the links in the
description below. Now again, these are free PowerPoint templates. That means that you sort
of get what you pay for. So if you’re looking for
super high quality, fully
functionally built templates, I highly recommend purchasing them
online from quality vendors that we can recommend or building one
yourself from scratch. And I teach you how to do that in
another one of these YouTube videos. So please look in the description box
below if you want more information. Thank you so much for watching.
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