2020 Predictions for numbers 1, 2 and 3

2020 Predictions for numbers 1, 2 and 3

Hi everybody, I am Swetta Jumaani. In this video we will speak about how the year 2020 Oh! Sorry 20 Will be for the 1, 2 and 3 number people. Those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th or those born under the star sign Leo. For all of them this will be a good year, so you have to work a little bit more harder to get the best of this year. 1 and 4 are called mirror images, They are almost same. We never look at the number 1 alone 1 also has the quality of 4 And those born on the fourth of the qualities of 1 So always you will see that they are similar in nature That is why this year will be good for you especially if you are in a top position Whatever you have thought will happen. What is the work of the person at the top… to do good for others So this year you can do good for others especially if you are in the top position. And if you are not in a top position and are sad or unhappy then leave it. When HE looks after the animals HE will take care of us too. Don’t think too hard to move ahead Most of the time the number 1’s keep looking at the pros and cons. So they can’t think or move ahead Because they are afraid of committing a mistake. Because of this fear and the fear to lose They always want to be a winner but they cannot take risks So this year I will advise you to take risks. Nothing to worry This year you may have a leaning towards spirituality because you find happiness in this Spirituality is good for getting some relief. But I avoid too much of prayer because if you get into that who will do the other work so make sure is a good balance between all these things. You will make more donations this year & you will work for the feelings that you have for the poor people. You know that Bill Gates is a number 1 person. Whatever he earns he donates, then again he earns and again he donates. What else can a person do ? So it is very good that there are rich people in the world. Especially when they use their money properly. So it’s not bad to have money it is very good to have money. When you know how to put it to proper use. Few of the number one people are… Bill Gates,Dhirubhai Ambani,Mukesh Ambani,Ratan Tata and… Hrithik Roshan. How can we forget our client Hrithik Roshan. His career began along with ours. My father had put 2 ‘A’s in Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. After that his movie Super 30 was a big hit. And also… War Just like I had told you last year that violent films will do well and it turned out to be his best. There is another number 1 who is in a low phase now that’s Ranbir Kapoor. I am sure that this year he will make a comeback. Those number 1’s and Leo’s not wearing a Ruby, wear it this year. Keep the Ruby with you for 8 to 10 days before wearing. Wear it according to thr Ruby Mantra Sunday early morning at 06:30 Say the Mantra ‘Om Grinih Suryay Namah’ And wear it in the ring finger in gold. Chant this Mantra 19 times The number 1’s have to wear their own lucky colours which are yellow,orange & blue and all shades of the sky and Sun. Most of the number 1’s are lazy but this year get a hold on yourself. Become a little action-packed so that this year can give you its best. Now let us speak about Shahrukh Khan’s and my number Yes… the number 2. Those born on 2nd, 11th ,20th or 29th or those who are Cancer born are going to have a special year. Why is the year ‘20 going to be good for you ? Because 1, 2, 4 and 7 are in the same group in fact I am 29th born and my childhood friend is Yasmeen Khan whose birth date is 22. Till today we are best friends and will always be. This year will be good for you, specially if you are in the creative field. So Shahrukh Khan everyone is waiting for your big hit along with you (laugh). Don’t worry everybody becomes zero sometimes becoming zero is beneficial. There is good news for Priyanka Chopra she is a Cancer born. I had told you many days ago that maybe she will get a baby. I have just heard rumors. Maybe it is wrong or some inside news that she may be pregnant. I will speak about this topic some other time. If you are a painter, artist, photographer or do any creative work or if you teach this is a good year. It is good for occult sciences too… Astrology, Numerology, Vastu Shashtra etc. Bejan Daruwalla is the king of occult Sciences. He too is a number two person. All these people will have a good year. You will have to be patient in your romantic life this year. Your uneasiness and impatience will not take you anywhere. Speak with love and patience to those who love you. That is going to take you a long way. Here is a warning for the number 2 people… do not interfere in others affairs !! You don’t like that when two people fight so you come in between and want peace. Number 2 people are like that. Mahatma Gandhi head said divide the country but don’t fight. They do not like fights. But this year to save others you may fall into problems. So be very careful and mind your own work. Your lucky numbers are 1, 2, 6 and 7. Your lucky colours are cream, green, blue, yellow and orange. It is said that Pearl is a very good stone for number 2 people… but my personal experience is that not only does it control temper but business energy goes down too. That is why I do not recommend anyone to wear a Pearl. Your lucky numbers are 1, 2, 6, & 7 & lucky colors are blue, green, white, cream, yellow & orange Now is the turn of the number 3. If you are born on the 3rd,12th,21st or 30th or if you are a Pisces or Saggitarius then you will be called a number 3. Year of the number 3, 2019 has just got over. A lot of problems might come but the flow of money with number 3 is always good. Though 4 is not your number and ‘20 is not very beneficial for you but where money is concerned the flow will continue for you. You will have to take care of your relations, anger and domination. You will have to take a little more care of these things. You will have to become a people’s man and the position that you are in now, you have reached because of your dominance,but this year try to curb your extra super hyper emotions. This year you will do good in business but you have to take care of your ego. You will have to become expressive but not in a blunt way. You speak in black and white. This year try to be a little more sweet with words. You have to show a little more love to your family this year, express a little more care towards them this will be beneficial for you, love has never harmed anyone. Along with your stomach this year you will have to look after your respiratory organs. Smoking and drinking is bad for you it is bad for everyone but specially it does not suit you so be careful of that & look after your respiratory organs. You become allergic soon. Dust particles and fumes cause allergy. So be careful, take your medicines and as far as possible try to live in the mountains. Your lucky numbers are 3, 6, 9 lucky colours are violet and blue. This year you can wear white yellow orange too. Your lucky stone is amethyst. Amethyst is a very good stone which you can wear. Keep it with you for 8 to 10 days see its vibrations and then wear it in the middle finger on a Saturday, and its Mantra is ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’ Which you have to chant 23 times before wearing. Some 3 number people are Sanjay B Jumaani. Yes my dear brother who is younger to me but has done great work. I am no less but he is ahead of me and does a lot of hard work. He played a big role in getting Numerology to where it is. Along with him there is Rajnikanth, there is Govinda there is Sharad Pawar. What a big game he played in 2019. It was His year. Number 3 people are hard workers, but this year you will have to work a little more hard because it is number 4 because it is Rahu.

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