6 Disney Characters You Forgot Existed

6 Disney Characters You Forgot Existed

– Oh, I don’t know HER NAME!!
But I know this movie! Ahhh!
– This is hard! – No!
– Atlantis deserved more love. – Atlantis and Treasure Planet
were slept on. – Oh, I didn’t watch Treasure Planet.
– WHAT?! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’re going
to be guessing Disney characters! – Ahhh!
– Ah! – Yes!
– Oh, yeah. – We got this in the bag, honey.
– We got this. Yeah. Mm-hmm. – (FBE) So, the rules are simple.
I’m going to be showing you a picture of a character,
and you will have to guess the character’s name.
– Okay. – That’s it.
– Sounds easy, which is not usually what they give us.
– This is gonna be hard. This is 100% gonna be hard.
– Exactly. – (FBE) So, there’s a bit of a twist.
All of these characters are going to be lesser-known Disney characters.
– Oh. Wow. – So, I’m gonna do really horrible,
’cause I love– – What?
– Okay, I love Disney and I love Disney characters.
The thing is, I’m really bad at recalling names and stuff.
– I know some of the sidekick characters,
but it’s gonna be hard if we get into some niche ones.
– (FBE) Are you ready for this? – Yes.
– (FBE) Here is your first character. (bells ring)
– [Bleep]. Oh! That’s not the name, though.
– You just yelled [bleep], right? – I did.
– Ah, [bleep]. I’m thinking of the wrong bird’s name.
I know it’s wrong, but I’m gonna… – I know who the character is.
– I’m gonna say it just because I did think it. Iago?
(buzzer) – Okay. It’s from The Lion King.
– What’s his name? – It’s from The Lion King.
– That doesn’t help. I knew that. I know it’s an easy one.
I can’t remember his name. – I can’t remember his name.
– Oh, oh! (bell ringing)
– His name is… they literally said it
10,000 times. – OH! I know it! Can I guess?
(bell ringing) – Go ahead.
– One, two, three… – (both) Zazu!
(ding) – Yes! Good job.
– Woo! – Ding, ding ding!
– Ding, ding, ding. – Zazu. Lion King.
(ding) – (gasps)
(bell rings) – This is…
– Zazu? (ding)
– Oh, man! – John Oliver, baby!
– I know. I was gonna say, “It’s John Oliver!” Obviously!
– I would not have remembered if it wasn’t for that.
– (FBE) This is Zazu. – Zazu. Yeah,
there’s no way I would’ve got that.
– Zazu! Oh my god. That’s so far back in my mind.
– Yeah, me too. Dammit.
– Damn. We’re bad at this. – At least we’re equally bad so far.
– (FBE) Here’s a little clip. You may remember this scene.
– ♪ I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts, diddly dee ♪
♪ There they are standing… ♪ – Couldn’t he get out
of that little cage? – You know, I really
miss 2D animation. – Awww.
– Best Disney character. – Yeah, I love him.
– All of the best Disney characters are birds! Zazu and Iago.
– Yeah! That’s a good point. – (FBE) All right.
Here’s your next character. – Oh. Oh.
– He was– – ♪ No one’s hip like Gaston! ♪
That guy, right? – That’s NOT Gaston!
– No, that’s not Gaston, but that’s that little fat bitch
that follows him around and is like, “I’m your biggest fan, Gaston!”
– (gasps) Oh my god! I have seen his face! I just
don’t know what movie he’s from. – (gasps and groans)
(bell rings) – Walter? I don’t know.
– No! – (laughs) I have no idea.
– Harold. – (FBE) Nope.
(buzzer) – Grindewald.
(buzzer) – Harriet.
– (FBE) Nope. – Francis.
– (FBE) You only have two guesses, George.
– Oh, [bleep]. Sorry. – (both laugh)
– I’m gonna make a hard read. Pierre?
– (FBE) Nope. (bell rings) – Francois.
(buzzer) Can I guess again?
– I think it’s my turn. (bells ring)
Louis? (buzzer)
– (FBE) Close, but no. – I’m gonna throw this name.
I think it’s Italian, but I’m just gonna throw it. Luigi?
(buzzer) – Oh!
– What?! – Do I get a second one now? Smee!
(buzzer) – No! (laughs)
That’s from Peter Pan! – Lamone.
– Pierre. (buzzer)
– (both laugh) – I’m gonna get it out.
– Is his name Bonjour? (buzzer)
– (both laugh) (bell rings) – Gaston’s friend, whose name is LeFou?
– (FBE) Yes. – Yes, okay!
– Gosh dang it. – (laughs) – (FBE) This was LeFou.
– LeFou! – You were really close.
– I wouldn’t have remembered that. – We are doing so bad at this.
– Yeah, zero/zero. – I’ve never done
so bad on a challenge in my life.
– Whoever gets one point will win. – I know who these characters are.
I just blank on their names. And I feel so bad…
– Yeah. – …’cause I feel like
I’m a secondary character in life. That’s why people forget my name.
– (laughs) Wow. – (sings along) ♪ No one’s hip ♪
– ♪ …slick like… ♪ – Oh, slick.
– He’s so in love with him. – I know, right? Poor guy. – Did you like when Josh Gad
did his live action? – Yeah!
– I thought he was really good as him.
– He’s got singing chops too. – I think LeFou’s a perfect hype man
just to be like, “Remember you’re awesome.
Remember who you are!” – (FBE) Here is the next character.
(bell rings) – It’s…
– Honestly… – Dude, I don’t know.
But he’s so sassy. I think a female voiced–
it’s a female gorilla, though, right? She is so sassy,
and it was an ICONIC actress who voiced this character.
– Honestly, I don’t really know any of the names in Tarzan.
– (gasps) Oh my god. I loved Tarzan.
Okay, okay, okay, okay. (bell rings)
– …Jason. – (laughs)
(buzzer) This is the most frustrating game
I’ve ever played, because I know who they are,
I just can’t think of their names. – Delilah.
– This is Tarzan’s best friend. – Oh my god! This is
my favorite movie ever! Oh my god!
– I think I’m about to get it, though.
– No, no, no, no! – Terk.
(ding) – Aww, no!
– Yup. (bell rings)
– It’s the monkey from Tarzan, and hi– HER name…
is Terk? (ding)
Okay, okay. I was really iffy on that one.
– Oh, oh, oh. (bell rings)
Is it Terk? – You know this! You know this!
– It’s Terk?! – [inaudible], baby!
– I was so slow! That’s not fair!
– Oh, man. I got one point. I’m on top of the world. – That’s not fair.
– I’m clearly an expert. – (FBE) She is voiced
by Rosie O’Donnell. – Yes! I knew it!
– Ohhh. There you go. – Go off.
– (FBE) And here’s a fun little scene you may remember from Tarzan.
– The drum scene. Yeah. – I remember he was fun.
He was cute. – Aw, I love that elephant too.
– (laughs) What’s the elephant’s name? – George!
– (chuckles) – ♪ Shoobee-doo,
da-ba-da, doobee-doo ♪ – (sings along) ♪ Na,
na, na, na, doo ♪ – ♪ Doo… ♪
– (both sing along) ♪ Wap she doo ♪ – (laughs) So good.
– ♪ Do, do, do, do, do, do ♪ And then I love when they
go like ♪ (imitates trumpet) ♪ on the trumpets. That was gold.
– Yeah, the music’s so good. – Imagine that you walked
into the jungle and you saw that. What would you do?
– I would never leave. Hello! – I love this style of animation
way more than the newer animation that looks realistic.
I like it when it looks more animated.
– Again, I’m a shill. I like both.
– (FBE) Here’s your next character. – Oh, I don’t know HER NAME!!
But I know this movie! Ahhh!
– This is hard! – No! – Oh my god! Oh my god!
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
– She’s from, um, Pocahontas, right?
What’s she from? – Ohhhh, Atlantis!
– This is… Oh my god. I’ve seen
so many cosplays of her. – (gasps) No! Oh my gosh!
Rae cosplayed as her. What’s her name?
– I saw this movie. I didn’t see it enough times
to remember her name. (bell rings)
I’m just gonna guess Colla or something. (buzzer)
Yeah, no. It’s not that. – Can I just guess? – (FBE and Jasser) Yeah.
– Katrina. I don’t know.
– (FBE) Nope. – I’m gonna start guessing
K names. Kara. (buzzer)
(bell rings) – She looks like an Anastasia.
(buzzer) (bell rings) – Judy.
(buzzer) – (laughs) Is it–
is it– (laughs) Is it, like, Kiara?
(buzzer) – Her name starts with a K.
Let me get there. Just give me one second.
– Karina? (buzzer)
– No, no. – Thought I’d just try it.
– I’m not even worried. I’m not even worried.
(bell rings) I think it’s…
– Kara? (buzzer)
– No. You were close. – I’m trying. – Kira?
(buzzer) – (FBE) Oh, so close!
(bell rings) – Kiara.
(buzzer) – Is it K… (groans)
– (chuckles) – Kanira?
(buzzer) – It’s something really exotic,
like Eva or Estocia. I don’t know. When you say it, I’m literally
gonna be like (screams) and flip the table.
– (FBE) Her name is Kida. – Never would’ve guessed that.
– Oh my god. – Dammit!
– Well, I’m still on top. Woo! – I was about to beat you!
– Well, you didn’t. – (Kida) Show me.
– They’re so cute! – They’re the best-designed
characters ever. – Yeah.
– That’s literally you and me right now.
– Literally. She’s gorgeous. – Look at that
mouth movement animation. – I love it.
– (Kida) And you speak it through your nose.
– (Milo) Yeah, gotta work on that. – I’m gonna be honest with you.
I already forgot her name again. – Kida.
– Kida! – Kida. (laughs)
– Kida. – You’re gonna go home
and watch this movie when you go home.
Promise me. – Okay.
– Okay. – Atlantis deserved more love.
– Atlantis and Treasure Planet were slept on.
– Oh, I didn’t watch Treasure Planet. – WHAT?!
– Whoa. – Aww.
– Was this from the Goofy Movie? – Yes, it is. It is
from the Goofy Movie. – She is… the one
Goofy had a crush on. – Not Goofy. Max.
– Max! – Right. That would be weird.
– Max! – I don’t know her name.
I’m gonna go with Amber, Becca. Elizabeth.
– Katie. – I’m gonna take a random guess.
(bell rings) Lucy?
(buzzer) – Is it Stacy?
(buzzer) – No.
Oh! I know it now. It’s Roxanne.
(ding) – I was gonna say Roxanne.
– Does it start with an M maybe, like Maxine?
(buzzer) No, that would be weird.
– (FBE) It’s an R. (bell rings) – Rachel?
(buzzer) – (chuckles) I was
gonna say Roxanne, but… – (FBE) That’s right!
– Oh, okay! – No, that’s what I was
gonna guess right after! Dang it! – Roxanne!
(ding) Yay, I got one!
– (both) Oh! – I got it first. I got first.
– No! – I 100% got it first.
– Fine! – Roxanne!
(ding) – (both) ♪ Roxanne ♪
– (laughs) – ♪ …just walkin’ by ♪
– This movie was ahead of its time. So good.
– ♪ There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do ♪
– Serenade that bitch. – Hell yeah.
– (Eric sings along) ♪ I’m alive ♪ – Oh, [bleep]!
– She is every boy’s schoolhood crush when this movie came out.
– Yeah, she was really sweet. (laughs) – God. It’s weird,
’cause she’s a dog. (laughs) – (FBE) And here is
the final character. – Okay, I need to get this.
I need to get this. – It’s from Hunchback
of Notre Dame. Who the heck is that guy? (laughs) (bell rings)
– Joker, Men in Tights. (buzzer)
– I have no idea. – I don’t know his name, though.
And he’s terrifying as [bleep]. Honestly, if I can’t remember you,
you weren’t that memorable. And that’s fact.
– Fair enough. That’s tea, truly.
– Fair enough. – I mean, Haley knows it.
– Hunchback of Notre Dame! – Of course!
(bell rings) – Franklin.
(buzzer) (bell rings)
– Kyle. (buzzer)
– (FBE) French names. – French. (bell rings)
Pierre. – (FBE) No.
– Francis. (buzzer)
– [Bleep]. That’s four. (bell rings)
– Can I guess? – (FBE) Yeah.
– Clopin? (ding)
– Clopin? – (FBE) That’s it!
– Ahhh! Not a chance.
– (claps) – What kind of name is Clopin?!
Is that a common French name?! That’s crazy! Clopin.
– Clopin. – The heck?
– (Clopin) Because, you know, they do not ring all by themselves.
– (puppet) They don’t? – (laughs)
– (Clopin) No, silly boy. – No, see, this is–
– I remember this. – This is creepy as [bleep].
Absolutely not. – Terrifying, but I do remember this.
– (puppet) Who? – (Clopin) What is he?
– (puppet) What? – (Clopin) How did he
come to be there? – Who gets a puppet made
of themselves? – (laughs)
– (Clopin) Clopin will tell you. – (guttural) Clopin.
– Clopin! – There’s like a grrr in there.
Crropin. – (Clopin) …and a monster.
– Spooky. – I feel like Hunchback of Notre Dame
is very traumatic for me, because my mom would always be like,
“Haley, get your posture together or else you’ll end up
looking like hunchback.” And I’d be terrified, so…
– Yeah, I feel that. – (FBE) Eric is the winner.
– Yeah. – Zazu!
– You know what? I gave it to him. I beat him a lot in some of these challenges that we do.
– True. – And finally, I was like,
“Let me throw him a bone.” – She let me win.
– It was super hard. – I’m surprised I won, to be honest. I actually– I think I got lucky.
– I didn’t win, but it didn’t go…
– She got one on the board. – …empty-handed.
– That’s all that matters. – Good job. Good game.
– Thank you. Thank you. – You earned that.
That’s crazy you know all that. It’s just always fun to go
down that memory trip and see actually
what you do remember and what you recall
watching those things. – That was fun! I feel like I wanna…
– It was fun. – …go watch all the Disney movies
and binge them, and then I’m gonna be ready for part two. – Thank you for watching us
guess forgotten Disney characters… – On the React Channel. – Subscribe for new shows…
– Every week! – Bye, guys!
– Bye! – Hey, y’all! React
producer Blythe here. Want a great way to interact
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  2. Missed the beauty and the beast guy, never saw that Tarzan one, never saw Atlantis, forgot the goofy chick, never saw hunchback

    I didn't do well and I've watched lots of Disney movie's

  3. how could y'all forget Kidagakash Nedakh, Princess of Atlantis and Best Girl

    [also on a side note, if you haven't seen Atlantis The Lost Empire please do, it's a fantastic movie and is so underrated]

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  6. I’m sad that I know these characters but not their names. I knew “Turk,” but doubted myself and thought it was the elephant….sad And dang Disney there was another princess. I forgot Atlantis

  7. I literally only remembered Zazu.
    I watched the movie so much as a kid my parents actually tried to hide the video tape once.
    Found it, popped it in the VCR and watched it.
    I love my childhood.

  8. I knew all of them apart from Clopin, I've only seen Hunchback a handful of times because it makes me too sad to watch it but, it's an amazing movie

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    Atlantis and treasure planet really are the most underrated disney movies!! I was literally telling my friends this like a month ago ❤️❤️

  17. dude I fricking love this one
    only because they brought up atlantis because that was my favorite when I was little I wanted to be a explorer

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