ABC Lullaby | Alphabet Lullaby | The Singing Walrus

ABC Lullaby | Alphabet Lullaby | The Singing Walrus

The Singing Walrus ABC Lullaby

40 thoughts on “ABC Lullaby | Alphabet Lullaby | The Singing Walrus”

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  2. Superb!!ABC lullaby, Count by fives.. In fact all your videos are awesome! My kids aged two n half and four, both love these!

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  5. 2:22–2:49
    Mr. Crabby: [SINGS TERRIBLE]
    Me: [COVERS EARS].
    Mr. Crabby: [NON-STOP SINGS]

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  7. My baby was having a rough night. I put this on to soothe her. It worked wonderfully….up until 2:22. Both my husband and I woke up confused and ready to fight this crab 😩

  8. Thank you, my 1st graders absolutely love this song! ^__^
    Lots of love from Russia! 😘

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