ALPHABET : B –  mots + énigmes

ALPHABET : B – mots + énigmes

The letter B Hello! Welcome! Vehicles starting with B Bus Bicycle Boat Places Office Library Belgium Everyday objects Ball Bank note Knit cap Bunch Button Jewelry Broom What you can find at the table. Baguette Bananas Drink Butter Beetroot Cookie Brioche Candy Bottles Verbs beginning with B. To drink To do DIY Seli moves. To move Pipoiv jumps. To jump 3 invariable words beginning with B. Well Many Soon Pyramid of words Building Battle Happiness Need Noise Side Ball Seli and Pipoiv are thinking of words that start with B. Guess which ones? A bathtub with bubbles. A swing on the branch. A beautiful blue box A beautiful brick building. How do you call the butcher shop? Butchery How do you call the baker’s shop? Bakery Find this word that contains 3 B’s . Clue: This is a vehicle that offers books. Bookmobile That’s all for today! See you later, “ouistiti” !

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