Ancient Religions, Bible, Government, Astrology & Understanding Philosophy Theology Vol. 1

greetings everyone Eric again and today I’m going to start by using a little thing that came from Confucius he used to quote that signs and symbols rule the world not merely just phases and laws so if you’re reading the title of this video you’ll see that it says ancient mystery religions the Bible government and FYI you know my aim and purpose is to disentangle the miss association or which we would call a institutionalize Dogma which is separated all the ancient mystery religions which were passed down within the priesthood so much of it was passed down and it was taught it was not always vandalize or was not always stolen but to understand this you have to understand symbols inside it’s the same the sign of the time that’s what you get that saying from you need to know the sign of the time so men and women almost became illiterate to signs and symbols like a symbol retardation but this is in ancient Egypt because he was surfing in a staff United States Army the medical patch oil soap and the staff that shows itself and what you call Roman mythology the guy here miss sofa in the staff with the wings also a Hindu sofa in the staff if we trace this visual here ray can change is visible you can see what you can see the number eight you can also see the dollar sign that’s for certain right and so the dollar sign of commerce commerce is ruled by mercury mercury is for is where you get the word as missions to also see it in an ancient pre-christian religion called mentalism where the ancient god meet the rival submerging out the cosmic egg can you see the zodiac the twelve signs so yeah this is ancient understanding now words without facts especially fact the language is just really in a so I want you to see this will go to the language mercury mercury LMS latin modification that stems from the curious all right now let’s study you here mercury cutie is the Roman god later for the planet that they call mercury quick because that’s where that’s what messages should be they should be quick and that’s the orbital period for mercury is Swift and it’s quickest 88 days mercury is notice the MVR see you can see Harry’s I messenger of the gods karralys is where you get the word keV of like the Boston Herald the curious the cooperation of traders Dylan with commerce so follow me now i’ma try to speed this thing up a little bit now you’re probably thinking what do winged staff wing Hills oil serpents them and the planet Mercury have to do a bible and government in astrology will let me start by giving you supreme understanding now what’s the ruling planet for the gemini Gemini’s are ruled by the planet Mercury right now Gemini faces itself to the word germinate which means twin as in 220 Earl ovaries this is why the zodiac sign for geminis is two twins now if you add the letter R to the word germinate you get Germany when something germinates it’s when the egg meets the sperm this traces itself to the Hindu teachings this is why when you look at a portrait of the Kundalini is a coiled serpent the coiled serpent sits at the seat of what they call the cosmic egg and when the abuse that firms that the beginning what where have we heard the word the beginning the beginning is in the book of Genesis now it’s no coincidence that in the book of Genesis it talks about the surface and woman because this is a metaphorical message for the egg meeting the farm when all life begins so if you trace the word Genesis you’ll see is relative to the word generate the g en if you add the e 2 to GE and you get jeans as in the beginning and so the work mercury the english word mercury the straights to the land called meta coolest now notice the emmy RC now makuu dias is Henry’s and hermes is Mercurius dis anonymous in Roman mythology hermes was always depicted with I want called the cottages he worked at wing tak wing tail sandals and sometimes a purse because the purse was symbolic of profit this is why all words dealing with profit are spelled similar with the m.e this is where you get to our merchant mercantile and merchandise this is also law to how so because merchandise comes from the Latin word marriage you can look it up in a law dictionary nurse nevertheless of the word mayor’s is where you get the language of commerce for commercial so commerce enrollment mythology was done at a place called the temple of mercury and there was a a body of traders like a corporation they were called the mercury Alice carrying on if you look at the word nurse you can see this in E and the MP is where you get medicine medicinal and the right side of the brain or excuse me the hindsight the hindmost section of your brain is what the medulla and all the ancients will tell you that mercury was in control of the right side of your brain which deals with intelligence so you want all moves dealing with money or commerce to be intelligent the same astrology mythology shows itself where in the medical field right this is why all medical fields personifying or they portray the guy hermes and you can see him with what the caduceus which is a coiled serpent right and he has what the wing hat in the wing Hills so come on people where do you see the winged hills and commerce you see you see the winged hills to the air jordans and air jordan is he’s a real big merchant a real successful merchant too but it doesn’t stop there because in the medical field it’s in government remember signs and symbols move the world not favors in law so the United States Army corporation they assemble that they give to their troops is the staff of Hermes same thing in United States Air Force so why is the government using mythology and astrology

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