Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory

Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory

100 thoughts on “Animator Vs. Cartoonist Draw Justice League Characters From Memory”

  1. These guys are way more super than the superhero characters; if superheroes are to be idolized, these artists are to be hugged.

  2. Can’t believe people are so offended by Jonni saying “you just drew him!”. That was clearly a compliment about how accurate Hae-Joon’s was.

  3. Bruh, stop hatting on Jonni! Like seriously, he's probably a better artist than you anyways smh.

    Besides, art is about what makes you happy, not about being good at it

  4. Is Jonni a hobo, did they pick him from the streets his art is so trash. Is his superman a purple sweet potato or did superman fly too high and lost his breath

  5. You know… I dunno if it is the right thing to say, but…

    Even if all of you say that Jonni have a sh*tty attitude, that doesn't mean you can giving a rude comment about Jonni's art. You're just being sh*tty too.

    Art isn't about how good or poorly we draw it, but it's about the message that contains behind what we draw.

  6. Love Kevin and Jackie, they are the absolute best. Jonni's are always really really abstract. Which is fine for abstract art, but confuses me when you're being told to create the most accurate portrayal of the character as you can and then you make something that looks less than nothing like the character or any character at all.
    Like everyone else has their own unique style of drawing, but in all of them you can clearly tell they are variations of the same character and they're all amazing. If Jonni's wasn't labelled with a giant S, and I wasn't told what he was drawing, I wouldn't know what that was. It encompasses literally nothing of what makes superman superman. Or what makes a person a person. It looks like a 4 year old drew it. And then it seems like he was trying to put Hae Joon down for actually drawing the him correctly. Abstract does not mean better. I'm sorry. But not that sorry because he's super negative the whole time anyway sooo

  7. "… there's a cost of being super at all at all times…"

    There's also a cost by being so patient at all times

  8. Hae Joon my sweet mate you'll get a better and more enthusiastic partner someday , no hate Jonni but boi atleast try I like your style and colours but we all can see that you can do better .

  9. 99.9% of the comments: Kevin and Jackie are the best part about the series! 00.1% of the comments: Wow, those drawings are awesome.

    Kevin and Jackie are the best though….

  10. I first wondered why Jonni is on this show. Then I realized they needed an overweight, edgy, overly flamboyant and horribly dressed gay white guy to complete their roster.

  11. Stop hating on jonni art never good or bad art could be anything so that could be his style of art even though he is a little annoying don't just start hating on him

  12. You're very weak as a person if you let Jonni ruin this for you. All I'm saying there are far more important things to be pissed about in this life.

  13. At first glance I thought Jonnie is a female but after going through comment section I'm really confused about his/her gender.

  14. I think people misunderstood jonni’s “you literally just drew him” comment. I think it was more abt how close Jae-hoon got and not just a Jab at his drawing.

  15. Jonni is my whole ass spirit animal 😂😂 ALSOOOOOOOO Kevin and Jackie are amazing. I wish I could draw like Kyra omfg

  16. I like jonni. They're kinda cringe sure. But I like them, they're cool. Until you find out someone posted a youtube video of a man doing asmr with his Fanta juice making ice cream rolls

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