APA Format: Running Head and Page Numbers

APA Format: Running Head and Page Numbers

Clancy:Hi! I’m Clancy Clawson with the
University of Maryland, Baltimore Writing Center, and today we’re gonna
talk about formatting your running head and your page numbers according to the
style guidelines of the American Psychological Association, or APA. As always, we’re using the sixth
edition of the APA manual– this blue one. If you don’t have an APA
manual, please download our APA Format handout and follow along.
Your running head is just a condensed version of your title, and it should be no longer than 50
characters including spaces. So let’s talk about how to insert one
and your page numbers too. First, click “Insert” and then select
“Header.” Make sure you’ve selected “Different First Page.” This is critical. If
you don’t do it, it will screw you up. Type the words “Running head” (remember, only “Running” is capitalized), a colon, and then a condensed version of your title in all caps. Now, it’s time to insert your page
numbers. If you select “Top of the Page,” it’s going to erase everything you just
did, so don’t do that. Instead, hit the tab key to get over to
the right side of the page and then select current position. Now, your running head is a little
different on page two, so on your second page just type your condensed title in all
caps, tap over to the right, and insert page
numbers using “Current Position.” Everything should be formatted correctly.
You’ll have the words “Running head:” on page one and just the title on page two. If you
didn’t select “Different First Page,” whatever changes
you make to that second one will affect the first, and it’s going to be super
frustrating. That’s it. That’s how you insert your
running head and your page numbers. I’m Clancy Clawson. Stay tuned because we have more APA videos on the way.

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  1. Thank you so much for making this video. I know it sounds silly but I didn't know how to do this before watching the video.

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