Aquarius Mid-February-March 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

Aquarius Mid-February-March 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi Aquarius Sloane Rhodes here with your
spiritual guidance for mid-february rolling gently into early March 2020
this is for Aquarius swimming and rising a very quick spiritual guidance
recording her video all of my videos are available in audio format that’s why I
say it like that there’s links below so you can listen to
these as well as watch them creepy for Aquarius chili into March if you haven’t
seen the life purpose cream what ingredients they are up as well and I do
release every Sunday as spiritual guidance for the week video ok here we
go inner trust beautiful follow your own
rhythm very much an Aquarian understanding under the deck there prairie answer have some of the bigger
ideas right there oh they have a very unique in general way of seeing the
world that’s following that doing that doing your own thing with that there’s
number five so there’s this shift that’s occurring maybe you’re even shifting out
of one thing into something new but do it your way you know do it your way and
I think you already are because you’re following your inner trust here I mean
look how focused she is in her trust to follow your own rhythm you have the answers you hold the
answers Aquarius you know what’s best for you we all do but you have a very
particular vision a very unique way of expressing it often for the greatest
good of all you know trust your inner sight trust what’s emerging within you
you may even be having a little bit of time here of solitaire of a solitary
experience or solitude and even if you’re surrounded by people you might
still feel a little bit of that going within energy so that people are around
you but you feel slightly separated or slightly peaceful and calm but inside
your soul is dancing right I mean it was something new to express
but it takes it takes a moment you know as you shift here because that’s number
five in her trust you’re going within what’s what’s what wants to emerge next
what can I reveal next I can’t see it yet but I’m gonna trust that I’m being
led through my own connection to self and spirit to what’s available for me
next and the best way for the greatest good of all but I can express it with my
own unique flair there’s a certain purity of this to this time period for
you you may even find that there is a desire to cleanse to abstain from
alcohol to do a fast its kind of thing again a cleansing purity kind of feel
here for your Aquarius solitude trusting yourself so if there’s like an
event going on and you know that you don’t want to go it’s okay you know to
trust yourself trust your intuition trust what you want to do and Trust it
all the way well if you decide not to if it feels like this is more activity than
you’re ready for right now don’t worry you’ll be back in the game soon enough
but during this particular timeframe very short period of time it looks like
there’s a focus in on sort of more of that it’s sort of a monk like nunnery
kind of spiritual upstanding kind of feel to it so you know I hope that you
find that helpful Aquarius this guy’s for Aquarius summit and rising and in
the meantime I wish you much love as always

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  1. I was drawn to this reading first, even though I am a Virgo. I'm trying to figure out the next step in my life and thinking about possibly applying for an education to become a deacon. Also I have decided to do a fast soon, so it's interesting that you are mentioning that as well. I will see what the future has in store for me!

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