Artist Vs. Cartoonist Draw Comic Strip Characters From Memory

Artist Vs. Cartoonist Draw Comic Strip Characters From Memory

100 thoughts on “Artist Vs. Cartoonist Draw Comic Strip Characters From Memory”

  1. does Snoopy have those things dogs have. Spots? yeah. No. They both were wrong. Sadly the one thing I remember of snoopy is the one spot on his back.

  2. If I had a company about animation or cartoons, I would never hire Jackie. She is drawing a lot of trashes. I watched videos and I can claim that she's really untalented.

  3. Kevin: "Garfield is the most beloved cat in cartoon history"
    Jackie: "That's not true, Hello Kitty would like someting to say"

    and i'm like: YEAAAHH!!!

  4. I know I’m 5 months and 2.1k comments late to the party, but was anyone else distracted by the fact that, according to the title, cartoonists aren’t artists?

  5. okay I know Jackie and Kevin are such a comedic duo, but I'd also like to point out thta they don't beat around the bush– they provide criticism, and make fun of each other's drawings, without being disrespectful or mean. I feel like the others are a tiny bit too nice. except whoever is paired with Kyra, Kyra deserves all of the compliments

  6. Me just watching and looking at archies accuracy bc I have archie comics and just intense anger exhaling at inaccurate parts

  7. Some of these artists are surprisingly inexperienced. I know it's a thing to just go with the flow, and there are no rules in art, but when it comes to cartoons/characters, it doesn't hurt to do some research and develop interest in the history of your own craft.

  8. Hello kitty isnt even a cat, she is a girl that has a pet cat tho.
    but Think Tom from Tom and Jerry is more known than Garfield.

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