Astrologer Chani Nicholas Reads Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s Charts | Star Power | Netflix

Astrologer Chani Nicholas Reads Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s Charts | Star Power | Netflix

– There was a time when you
would’ve been called a witch. – Yes!
– In fact you would’ve been burned at the stake, but not anymore.
– If you do, could I have this jacket? – Yes. (upbeat pop music) – I am Chani Nicholas
and this is Star Power. Today my guests are Jane
Fonda and Lily Tomlin and we’re gonna see what
their charts have to say. This is you, as a birth chart. This is the sky, the moment
you took your first breath. It’s a snapshot of the sky. I like to start with the ascendant. And yours is in cancer, and cancer is a very emotional sign, it’s very sensitive. (laughs) It’s very caring and it
might even get teared up when it hears about– – She tears up a lot. – We were just talking about something and of course I teared up. – And right on the other
side of your ascendant is the goddess of laughter. – Really!
– No kidding. – Yeah, the goddess (laughs). – Well, this is too stunning. – The goddess is Euphrosyne and she was the–
– Euphrosyne? Like Earnestine, almost. – Yes, exactly! And then the planet that rules that, so, the planet that steers
the direction of your life is the moon because you’re cancer rising. And we find your moon up in
the 10th house of career. That planet is an Aries, which is feisty, and fiery and it’s a fighter. And it goes first. So, on your career point you
have the astroid, Hermes. And Hermes is the communicator,
but also the trickster, the shape shifter. – (laughs) Oh, this is choice. (laughs) – She’s got so many people living in her! – Right, right. And so, this kind of shape shifting energy that you are able to communicate through all of these different personas. And then your sun in Virgo, which is, Virgo’s very internal
and it’s always trying to figure out what’s wrong, what doesn’t fit, what isn’t working, how to get it right.
– Oh, boy, that’s true. – Yeah.
– Oh, yeah. “Gotta do it again, let’s do that again,” just to do some little thing. – And interestingly,
on your marriage point you have the astroid Wagner. (yelps) (laughing) – Really? – That’s her 48 year
partner, is Jane Wagner. What does that mean, astroid? – That’s so–
– There’s, like, thousands, and thousands,
and thousands of asteroids and they’re just named kind of randomly. It’s just this rock that
someone named Wagner that just happens to be
on her marriage point. – That is amazing.
– That is so far out. – You gotta tell Jane that. – That she just an old rock? (laughing) – No, that she’s an astroid! – It’s so amazing! It’s just astounding.
– Just meant to be. Yeah, and you were born
just after a full moon so that means that you’re here to fully live out your
life’s purpose to shine, to also connect with a great many people. There’s a big fullness to your moon. – So nice, thank you. (bells tinkling) Well, I can’t wait to hear this. – Yeah? You ready? (laughs) – I wake up ready. (laughing) – Jane, this is your chart. We see a lot of Sagittarius, a lot of fire because you have sun in Sagittarius and Venus in Sagittarius,
and a couple other things. There’s this need to take action, a need to move, a need to
be on the quest for truth and all of that.
– That’s me. – My Sagittarius is empty. (laughing) – I’ll fill it in for you. – There you go.
– I’ll make up for it. – This is pathetic. – (laughs) You’re good, you’re good. So, both of you have sun Venus, which is really sweet
and lends you a beauty and a charm and likeability. (laughs)
– You have sun, Venus, and Lilith together. She’s sexuality, she’s raw,
feminine energy and power. And the patriarchy doesn’t
know what to do with her. So, it blames her for things. She’s just being herself. And so (laughs) I don’t know
if that resonates with you. – Yeah, it does. – Have you ever had that experience? – Uh huh. (laughs) I’ve kinda lived it all my life. – Yeah, and so there’s
that great, wild power and energy that you carry. – So, you show me more respect
now after hearing this. I mean, take this in, what’s she’s saying. – I am sitting here feeling so respectful. – Okay, good. – We find you with a Capricorn
rising, Capricorn ascendant. So, Capricorn is a sign
of work and work ethic. There’s like, “I am gonna get stuff done. “I have a huge mountain to climb. “And I will get there.” – That’s me. – So, then you’ve also got
Mercury in your first house, which means that you need to
be a relayer of information. – Oh, yeah, oh boy, that’s true.
– And a speaker. And you’ve got Uranus,
the planet of upheaval, and rebellion, and
revolution, and activism, making a perfect trine to that. So, it’s like you are a megaphone for the information that’s
gonna shake up the status quo and be sometimes delivering a message that’s a little turbulent,
a little disturbing. So, you’ve got an Aries
moon, which is about leading your life in a daily
way that’s go a lot of energy, needing to take action,
needing to try new things. You need to do something
that’s never been done, maybe, or in a way that it’s never been done. You have a Leo moon which means you need to live out your life purpose through having a little bit of drama, through having (laughs)
a little bit of flare. Your moon is also conjunct pandora. Pandora opens up and all of the woes and the burdens of the world escape but also when she closes the
jar, hope is left inside. And so, she opens up humanity to the pain and suffering of being human, but she has the hope as well. – Well, that’s a nice
thing to think about, yeah. – I think it’s true
because she’s not just, “Woe is me,” and there
is a fruitful ending if people will listen. – If we address the pain. If we don’t shy away from
what the problem here, and the real human suffering. – [Jane] Thank you. – You’re welcome. It was an honor.
– It’s truly interesting. – It’s an honor. (upbeat music) – I would’ve been burned, too. We would’ve been burned together. – We would’ve been there together. – So, who’s gonna get your jacket? (laughing) (upbeat music)

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  1. imagine being such a brainlet you actually buy into this
    or alternatively, imagine being such a scum that you con desperate people out of their money. disgusting subhuman scam-artists.

  2. If you think another sun million light years away influences your life you need to check if your 2 braincells are okay

  3. "Like Ernestine!" "YeS eXaCtLy!" lmao why do I get the feeling this person has probably never heard of ernestine or laugh-in in their life

  4. astrology is going totally mainstream. I love it that Chani uses Asteroids so much in her readings. there are 100,000 of them and the synchronicity is very powerful. Yes, Lily's part of marriage is conjunct to Wagner the name of her partner. Congrats to Chani. shes very charismatic in her interpretation style. I also write about celebrities on my blog doing in-depth interpretations.

  5. "there was a time that you would have been called a witch". Yeah now you'd be called a con artist or a swindler.

  6. This is so cool, Chan, just got your book today, wow and here you are talking to two amazing women. Fan of there show. You amazing yourself from what I have read.

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