Baby Joggers City Select Lux Car Seat Compatibility | UPDATED 2018

Baby Joggers City Select Lux Car Seat Compatibility | UPDATED 2018

HI guys, Michelle here from the Baby Cubby. And today we’re going all over the Car Seat
adapters for Baby Jogger’s City Select and City Select Lux! Ok, so the first adapter we’re gonna go over
is the adapter for Chicco, and Cybex and Peg Perrego. This is kinda like the universal adapter that
Baby Jogger has even though it only works for those 3, it is important to note though
that with this bar adapter, you can only use it in certain configuations, and that’s true
for a lot of these adapters. So don’t buy and adapter and think you can
still do all of the configurations because car seats are made differently, you might
not be able to recline certain seats. Or be able to have this facing forward or
backwards. Whatever, so just make sure that you’re aware
that you’re gonna have to play with it to get your car seat to fit. So again with this specific adapter, it can
go on the top, all by itself no problem, but if you’re needing to use a toddler seat with
it- you’ll need to either have this toddler seat facing you, um down here, or if you want
the car seat down here you’re gonna have to have it facing you again. So, all the car seat adapters have an L and
an R that corresponds to the LEFT & RIGHT if you’re facing the stroller right here. So you’re just gonna go ahead and put these
into the second seat adapters, and you do need second seat adapters to use a car seat
adapter on this lower half. If you’re up here you don’t need any adapters. So you’ll just snap it in like that, and then
we have a Chicco car seat right here so we’re just gonna go ahead and snap that right in-
you heard that audible snap- always test a car seat if it’s in by kinda pulling up on
it, if it doesn’t come out then it’s in securely. As you can see it’s pretty tight right here-
you’re not gonna be able to recline this seat- and if we try to turn the seat around- it
doesn’t quite fit and your child isn’t gonna have any leg room so just be aware this will
probably be a better option for you up top. Which we’ll show you next. Kay so I’ve removed that second seat I’ve
removed the car seat. I’m just gonna release the car seat adapter
by pressing on these gray buttons. You just wanna always remember that with Baby
Jogger any grey button means that it does something. So, then we’ll go ahead and put it up here-
and most of us are going to want our babies more near us than our toddlers farther away-
just depends on your baby- I know for me my infant is like less needy than my toddler. So I don’t much worry about her so I usually
put her farther away from me- but whereas my toddler needs more. So as you can see already, it’s not fitting
right there- so we’re just gonna turn that around and have it face the parent. Snap that in. And then we’re gonna snap that in. Kay and then as you can see, this configuration
allows much more room for your toddler, for your baby, so I would recommend this configuration
with this specific car seat adapter. Kay one other thing to note with this adapter-
because it’s made for 3 different types of car seats, your specific car seat might not
use all the parts- so for instance- the Chicco clips into the bar itself because it has a
little clip back here that it snaps onto. But there are these attachments right here
and those are for like the Cybex or the Peg to use. For the Chicco specifically in order to release
it from this adapter- you’re just gonna release it the same way you release it from the base-
and that’s true for most car seats you’ll release from adapters the same way you release
them from their car seats bases. Push this big orange button right here and
it will come on out. Kay and then something to note as well that
this car seat adapter is only for certain types of car seats so the Chicco KeyFit 30
specifically, the Peg Perrego Primo Viaggio 4-35 specifically, and the Cybex Aton & Aton
Q. So now we’re gonna go over the Maxi Cosi adapters. So these ones actually work with Maxi Cosi’s
Mico, Mico AP and Mico Max 30 and then they also work with the Cybex Aton and Aton Q so
if you don’t wanna use that big bar one for your Cybex Car seat you can use these as well. So again, we’re gonna go with the left and
right that’s facing this way- and again you’re just gonna insert these the same place you
insert the toddler seat. So nothing fancy up here, and we’re just gonna,
lock that in. Then i’m gonna grab my Maxi Cosi car seat-
this is a Mico Max 30 So we’re just gonna put this round part of the car seat right
over those adapter hooks. Kay and again I’m pulling up on it- to make
sure it’s in there tight. It is pretty tight, It does rock a little
and this is, let me kinda turn it for ya- this is typical of a lot of car seat adapters-
because their not made from the car seat manufacture, they’re not like super tight- so car seats
will typically rock slightly if they’re rocking a ton, then thats a little too much but they
will tend to rock slightly when you have a car seat adapter. And accounting for that rocking- um baby jogger
specifically has really good suspension built into their City Selects. So the City Select Lux and regular City Select
both have great wheel suspension. So with that it’s not gonna rock your baby
back and forth and jiggle them too much. As long as you’re not running with the stroller,
just like you shouldn’t be anyways. Um your baby will be perfectly fine with that
little bit of rocking and now we’re gonna go ahead and release the stroller- so how
you release this one is actually a little bit different- You’re going to be pressing
these two buttons right here that are on either side- you’re just gonna press those in and
then lift up your car seat. And that’s how you’re gonna release it from
those adapters. Ok next we’re gonna go over the Britax car
seat adapter so these work on all Britax car seats, so B-Safe, B-safe 35, B-Safe 35 elite,
as well as the BOB infant car seats. BOB and Britax are actually the same brand
so that’s why they work together. So just be aware- you can use these with all
of those. This is the Britax B-Safe 35, the only difference
between the 35 and 35 Elite are gonna be your fabrics and a few other changes with the harness. But we’re just gonna go ahead and slide this
square part right here right into your adapter. And then again, just check it, by pulling
up on it. Again just with the rocking totally normal,
Baby Jogger adjusts for that with their suspension built into their strollers. And this is totally fine for your infants. So just be aware of that. And then how we’re gonna release it is the
same way you release it from the car seat base. So this big red button in the back. We’re gonna open that, pull up and it’s gonna
release. The last car seat adapter that we’re gonna
go over is for the Nuna Pipa. This is actually a new car seat adapter this
year for Baby Jogger they just came out with these to accommodate for one of our most popular
car seats, so again, left and right. We’re gonna go ahead and snap that in for
ya- and then these straps on here actually connect up here to the bar. Their just for extra stability. And then we’re gonna go ahead and grab your
Pipa. And this round part again is just gonna go
over these, there you go. And this one you can see doesn’t rock that
much, which is super nice. Totally stable, again pull up on it, make
sure it doesn’t come out. And I love this car seat. And then the same way that we released the
Maxi Cosi we’re going to release the Pipa. So it’s these two gray buttons right here. We’re gonna press those in and then just pull
up. These car seat adapters also work for the
Pipa Lite and Pipa Lite Lux, so all of the Pipa car seat line. Kay the last thing we’re gonna go over is
just the Graco car seat adapters. So we do carry these, we don’t carry any Graco
car seats, currently, but these car seat adapters you need in order to use the Baby Jogger City
Go car seat or any Graco Click Connect car seats. Kay guys, thanks so much for watching our
video on the Baby Jogger City Select and Select Lux car seat adapters, we are so excited to
bring you content like this and we know that it’ll be helpful for you. We have linked all of the car seat adapters
down below for easy shopping cause we know that can get super confusing. And then if you have any questions feel free
to leave us a comment or email us at [email protected] we’d love to answer those for you. Don’t forget that we do FREE shipping on every
order all day every day and we’ll see you soon!

33 thoughts on “Baby Joggers City Select Lux Car Seat Compatibility | UPDATED 2018”

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