Book Nerd Problems | Mispronouncing Character Names

Book Nerd Problems | Mispronouncing Character Names

What is your favorite
character in Divergent?>>TOH-bee-us, duh. [MUSIC]>>Wait. [MUSIC] Is that how you pronounce it?>>What?>>Have I been saying it
wrong the whole time? I thought it was Tooby.>>Tabias?>>No. It’s Tuh-BI-us (Tobias).>>It’s Doo-kayn. Lena Doo-kaynzz, but it’s Southern so
maybe it’s Duh-KAYUN.>>It is Lena Doo-kayn (Duchannes). It rhymes with rain.>>Chile.>>Kay-ole.>>It’s Kale (Chaol).>>Ilon.>>A, a, adlion.>>Idlin.>>Eadlon.>>Yeah, that’s it.>>Eadlon?>>Okay.>>It’s EED-lin (Eadlyn).>>I don’t know.>>I feel like it’s
something we should know. [MUSIC]

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  1. This is me when I tried to pronounce Tobias like the standard one (Toe-Bee-Us). Sadly it was Toe-Bye-Us. /flailing again

  2. I went through this reading the Infernal Devices. I pronounced Jessamine as Jessa-Mean because that's just the way I saw it was pronounced.

  3. How do you say Nyx and Ignifex and basically all the words in Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge?
    Help me people of the Internet!!!

  4. For years I pronounced Klaus Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events at Claws. I didn't find out I was wrong until the movie came out.

  5. During Throne of Glass I spent the whole book saying Ch-owl and then saw the pronunciation guide in the back and was just like… yeah that sounds better haha

  6. I am so horrible with names! I don't even know how to pronounce Celeste from the Selection series. You know, they should make a video where they get a book and pronounce each characters names on how they should be pronounced!

  7. I have been mispronouncing the Throne of Glass characters names. Except Dorian. I'm team Choal.( had to go to my book to spell it) 😂

  8. That was me reading Throne of Glass. The ENTIRE TIME I was like "Chay-ALL" "Ch-OLE" "CH-A-L" And then after I finished, I noticed there was a pronunciation guide at the end. Who puts a pronunciation guide at the end of a book!

  9. I hate all of you for mispronouncing Tobius's name. He's mourning the loss of [No Spoilers] as is. He doesn't need this.

  10. I literally asked someone how to pronounce Eadlyn. I don't even remember how I was pronouncing it before I saw this! 🙂

  11. Wasn't there a thing at the end of Throne of Glass which said how to say the names or was that just in the copy which I got?

  12. in the book im currently reading the main protaginist is named Sophronia and im so frustrated because i have no idea how to pronounce it

  13. Wait, you're telling me that Lena's last name is pronounced Du-kane? Damn it, and here I thought the "ch" was pronounced like the "ch" in cherry…

  14. Just finished Glass Sword and I've been pronouncing Kilorn , as kill-lorn. I feel like I've failed this book

  15. I said Kale instead of like "Kay-all" when I first read it and when I found out I was like…You know what…fuck this! he's KALE!!
    Same thing with Rhysand…I said Ri-sand instead of Ree-sand and when I found out I was like…-_- fuck this he's Ri-sand…
    And can someone tell me how tf Feyre is 'Fay-ruh' instead of 'Fay-ree'
    But I do like the name, it's so sexy, and exotic and if I ever have a daughter I'd name her Feyre…

    I already have like 8 puppies…Abraxos, Jem, Will, Tris, Jace, Dorian(he has blue eyes), Chaol, Prim….And their parents Aelin, Kaz and Maeve and Elias…XD…I originally

    I'm saving Feyre, Rhysand, Aedion, Manon and Lysandra for my actual babies…xD

  16. I mispronounced enoch. when i was reading the miss peregrines trilogy, always whispering i-Nosh. but it was i-noc! my god. hahahaha.

  17. I always pronounced Mellark wrong I said Mel-ark but then the movie said, "Peeta Malark" and I'm like screw you Effie

  18. XD this is like Scarlet Benoît, IT'S PRONOUNCED BEN-WAH YOU GUYS. BEN-WAH. Not boonoyt or whatever.
    Just in case.

  19. And here I am with my favorite book using normal character names…

    Well with the exception of Everlost… Still don't know if it's Lief like Leaf or Lief like LIFE…

  20. I'm sorry, but there are so many better choices for mispronounced names! Nobody knows how to pronounce Tobias???? Seriously????? The book even describes how to pronounce Lena Duchannes' name!!!!!!!

  21. I can tell that the authors were scowling when those girls said the names of their characters wrong.

  22. Is it just me or I know the correct pronounciations to EVERY SINGLE name in a book tgat I read? (Not to brag tho)

  23. my was carlisle… when i watched the twilight film i was like: oh my god… no wonder, nobody would name their child carlisle (car-lis-le) XD

  24. I love it when this happens, if its a character I love it makes the character more my own. like I've falling in love with the same but not quite the same character as everyone else.

  25. For four books I thought you say caa -ol. Then I listened to the audiobook……you can guess the rest.

  26. Chaol will always be Coal to me. Kaltain Rompier will always be Kaitlyn Romper. Celaena will always be Celena, and Nehemia will forever be known as N…(Yes I know how to pronounce them all correctly now, but when you go through half a series saying them wrong it’s very hard to change)

  27. That was me reading Red Queen. I kept calling Kilorn KILOREN because it looked like that. I had this whole argrument with my freind about it.

  28. Me and my friend have the same problem with Tobias
    I think its TobEIsAnd she think its TobEIsWe always get into a heated debate over it so We call him Four instead

  29. Me and my friends can NOT agree how to say Gisa fron Red Queen. I think it's jee-sa and they think it's ge-sah. Someone please solve this!

  30. I know I'm super late but life was changed when I read acotar and OMG every. Single. Name. They were so hard to pronounce especially Rhysand. I pronounced it like Rye- sand. I was in total denial when I heard his name was pronounced Ree-sand. I also pronounced Lucien luce- cien.

  31. This was me with the name "Hermione". When I first saw it, I pronounced it "HER-mee-own". Thank goodness my mother corrected me; otherwise, that would have been awfully embarrassing.

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