100 thoughts on “Brian Cox Has (Almost) Nothing In Common With His ‘Succession’ Character”

  1. Fell in love with him in The Long KISS Goodnight. Would love to see him and Samuel Jackson in another movie again.

  2. I guess he has Almost nothing in common with this Brian Cox either Peace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wieRZoJSVtw

  3. I really like [Succession]. Cox have been such a good actor. Greg was very funny in season one. Now season 2 I think Logan is playing games with his kids, he is the only one who get everything in control… Poor Kendall, I totally understand HOW HARD IT IS TO LIVE WITH STRONG PARENTS, I hope he can will at the end….

  4. This guy is a prototypical Hollywood gutless wonder who falls in line kissing liberal ass, he should thank Fox News and Trump for finally making his obscure acting career relevant to the masses at his old ass age.

  5. Guy was cool till he showed he supported Hillary Clinton. How someone could talk shit about Trump but act like Clinton is squeaky clean is a god damn hypocrite

  6. How did Stephen forget to ask Scolar Visari what it was like to see the invasion of Helghan and decide to nuke his own planet?
    I mean the speech he gives in Killzone 2 will go down in history, I get chills at the thought.

  7. Yikes! I know 'everybody' is talking about the end of this interview but was it so uncomfortable at the start[ when "names" were named]? I couldn't help but notice..

    …Particularly how extraordinary grade the captions were for this video. No, even more excellent than the uszche.

    So much so, that they even got the surname of 2 actors, who're billed as Regulars on the show — WRONG. Perhaps, the captioner must've had a soft-spot for England( or specifically, London — at the very least), if not his Scots accent.

  8. How do you win an Emmy from movies? X2, Zodiac, and Manhunter aren't eligible for Emmys. Clearly just reading while not knowing what he's talking about…

  9. Is anyone else in this position where you watch so much UK-based content that you can’t hear British or Scottish accents anymore?

  10. Such an insanely well written and acted show. Its like Shakespearean machinations and Sorkin black humor. Love it. Can not wait for season 3

  11. he's such a great actor 👏🏼 Succession S2 finale episode ensembles Jesus/Judas' "Last Supper" and it definitely is worth the watch. I was on the edge of my seat! https://youtu.be/n8_AE7FfqrA (you can see my spoiler talk and review here if you can't get over the ending!!!)

  12. Oh I live in primrose hill. One of the most affluent areas of london. Like most english actors. Boring. Wouldn't it be nice to see more british actors who actually came from nothing and didnt get the help from their post code. England is the most classest country I've ever been to.

  13. Brian Cox is a great actor but as far as I’m concerned he was robbed of an Oscar nomination for his role in Super Troopers.

  14. I love Succession but c’mon Colbert, we all know Barry is the funniest saddest show on TV right now

  15. Succession is DOPE! A great Show with great actors, portrays realistic human relationships and it builds each episode with such virtuosity that is self-explosive!

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