Hello my lovelies I hope you are well Welcome back to BSL with me Charlie and welcome back to this series where I’m breaking down level 1 Making it super fun and super easy for you guys now today’s topic is the alphabet and I feel like this is such a useful skill to have because even if you don’t know how to sign a word There’s been so many times where I’ve been like “Oh, sorry, how you say_?” and then I finger spell the word and then I learn a new sign So the first thing to remember when doing the alphabet is that your vowels all on one hand So you’ve got a e i o & u so, let’s break this down nice and slow. A you’re gonna point at your thumb B is for binoculars C is a curly c D you’re gonna bring this index up and make it a capital D E You’re gonna point at your index F. It’s like a closed hashtag like that G it’s like you’re gonna grind pepper. So G Let’s do that chunk again. So a b c d e f g Next is H and it makes me think of haaaa that smooth so H I Is your middle finger. J You’re just gonna draw a J like that. K you’re gonna make a kicking K like that L is one finger M Is three fingers and n is two fingers? Let’s do that from H. So h I J k l M N And let’s carry on. O you’re gonna point out your fourth finger here so O. P you’re gonna make a little P Q you’re gonna make a capital Q. So there’s the round bit and there’s the accent just like that So Q. Are you make an R on your hand like that? s is like a baby finger skinchie s and t you make a little capital T like that t let’s go from all so you’ve got o p q r s T and let’s do the final chunk and we’ll do it all again. So you V is just a capital V on your hand W you you’re gonna interlock your fingers just like this x you’re gonna cross index Yyou gonna make a little y like that so there’s the curvy bit at the top and there’s the stick at the bottom Y and Zed you’re gonna curve one hand and Bring the other just straight like that Let’s go from you. So you’ve got u V. W x Y and z now Let’s do the entire alphabet again, but a bit slow. We’ll get through it guys, don’t you worry so a b c d e f g h I J k l m n o p q r s t u V. W x y and z Well done guys And now i’m gonna give you a bit of a challenge just to see if you’ve been able to follow along So i’m gonna sign some words and not speak them if you think you know the answer Comment below and I will read through all the comments as usual. So first one Again Next Again And the last word it’s a bit of a big word, but I’m here to challenge you guys are you ready so And again Well done guys If you think you know the answer comment below if you want to see more videos like this hit the subscribe button just here Give it a big thumbs up, and I will see you next week for more BSL Charlie. Bye guys You

100 thoughts on “BSL Level 1:2 ALPHABET”

  1. This may sound silly .. but is it better to mirror you or to try and flip it for myself? Or does it not really matter what hand? I naturally want to do the alphabet on the opposite hand to what you are in this video. Is that ok? 🙂

  2. I'm absolutely speechless at how easy you make it! I've always wanted to learn, and now at the age of 22 I've decided to make a start! I don't know any deaf people, but thought how incredibly amazing it'd be if i came across a person who needed help interpretating. I hope one day I can be as good as you and teach my daughter!

  3. Quick question. If I'm right handed, do I sign these as the mirror to you? (For example for "E" I hold up my left hand and point on my right) Or should I flip what you're doing in the video? Just wondering if it's different for signing letters?
    I'm just trying to learn a few basics because I think it's really important to know this stuff.

  4. It’s good to have someone doing BSL because I feel like so many you tubers do ASL and I am British not American 😁

  5. I’m currently at college doing childcare and want to work with children with SEND when I leave college so decided to learn bsl and theses videos are really helping so thank you

  6. I do not know any deaf people but feel i would like to be able to communicate if the situation ever arises, i only know the alphabet so far but i could understand what u was spelling at the end so thank you
    Please do keep posting these videos u are a real help for newbies like me.

  7. I'm Autistic & Dyspraxic & have SPD (Sensory Processing condition/ disorder) and I wanted to relearn sign language esp BSL again (I used to learn it at Guides) because I tend to go nonverbal sometimes and I feel it would be handy to learn BSL incase and also I find it fun and interesting to learn too ! ^_^ ~.
    I got :
    Cat 🐈
    But I didn't get the other two becuz my brain forgets things when going rlly fast so looks like I'll have to replay the video again as I also have processing condition too.
    Thanks for the video.

  8. Hi Charlie Iam 66;not much education done a 10 week course loved it now watching you my proble is Iam not quick and got dyslexia etc your Amazing is it possible to slow the signing slowly it’s fast what I’ve seen on signing further on Iam thinking about doing level one I like singing but that’s fast to grasps any advise many thanks Iam heard of hearing love to watch the easier signs thanks Charlie good work

  9. I learned the bsl alphabet at school around 11 years old and I feel like it was such a good skill to know. 10 years later Im surprised at how much I remember but always good to refresh the things I don't 😊

  10. 14 years old and learning bsl cause sometimes I go mute, I’m going to teach my friends once I’ve learnt so we can still communicate when I don’t talk to anyone
    Plus this is a good thing to learn

  11. My brother taught me this when I was younger because he had someone show him and I am learning because I work in supermarket and I have a customer who is deaf I want to learn more so I checked out her greetings video and it was surprisingly easy to learn

  12. cat
    Took me a while for mirror because I confused I and O but now I can do the alphabet off by heart!
    I don't know any deaf people but I want to learn so I can be helpful to someone one day!

  13. Thank you for providing such brilliant and helpful tutorials. I'm absolutely loving the BSL sessions with you and I can't wait to continue learning with you.

  14. Hey Charlie! I have a favour to ask (odd I know) but for my university portfolio, one of my projects I'm doing is little graphics of the bsl alphabet. Basically I was wondering if I could send them to you and you could double check they're all correct? Just so I don't have the incorrect signs 😂🙈

    (If you'll help me out pls reply and I can dm them to you on insta or something)

  15. Thank you, is the footage mirrored? If not it could be helpful to flip the footage so that when following along one can copy you like a mirror image 👍

  16. The three challenge words are:
    I just your channel and I’m already loving it! I don’t now anyone deaf and I’m not deaf but I simply like learning for the fun keep on being amazing! 💖💜

  17. Cat, mirror, and elephant.

    As an ASL user, it's been tough trying to change my reception skills to BSL. 😳😳😳 doing my best!

  18. I´ve always wanted to learn BSL and now that I´m a nurse and sometimes I have patients that are deaf or mute so I want to learn some basic communication. Your videos are great for it. Thanks!

    Cat, mirror and elephant, btw 😉

  19. With regards to which hands to use, does the letter need to appear the correct way around to the signer or the person you're signing to? Or does it matter? (for letters like K,P,C etc)

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