BTS Explain Why ’Map of the Soul: 7’ is a Love Song to Their Career | Billboard

BTS Explain Why ’Map of the Soul: 7’ is a Love Song to Their Career | Billboard

– Oh, na, na, na, yeah, I
like that part though, yeah. ♪ Hey, na, na, na ♪ (upbeat music) Every lyric feels special. Right. – Oh, na, na, na, na, na (boy laughing) (upbeat music) Last 7 years… – Little English. – Little English. I learned that the life of being together is really beneficial, because the members help me with the things I lack. I got to have a lot of good memories being with these good people, and all the experiences made me realize that life is really fun, amazing, and worth it. And I learned the importance of value. We used to be strangers, That’s right. These guys have become the most precious people for me after living together for 7-8 years, so I learned the importance of what’s really precious. (energetic music) – On could symbolize many
things, like, carry on, bring it on, like on
air, like we are, we on. – Carry the flow. – Yeah. So um, On is about after
these ups and downs, and like, inside, rise and falls inside, we finally got to admit all the pasts and all the destinies
that we’ve been through. We might face some shadows or some, maybe, disasters from now on, even from now on but we already admitted these um, as part of ourselves. So yeah, it’s like a big statement, a manifesto that we’re gonna carry on. (energetic music) I think that’s something that
everyone’s going through, right now, even like, it could be small, it could be like, real personal, or it could be like, really big maybe. We wanted to focus on, on what
we’re going through inside. (I think that’s what has resonated with the fans. (energetic music) Yeah, it is real true. Love really includes, it’s not, you know, love is not always about
the good things, right? When we love something
or somebody, it’s like, admitting and like,
recognizing all the histories that someone or something’s got. It could be you know, shades and shadows, maybe some dark sides, so yeah, it’s basically a love song to our career. (energetic music) We stayed in the US during the process and it felt like a good influence and we learned a lot. It was really exciting during the process. I was excited about the comeback, upcoming tour, and everything ahead. I was particularly happy during the album making process. (energetic music)

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  1. I LOVED this interview solely for the fresh and deep questions. After a long time it felt as if I got to know something new about BTS.

  2. Woah!! It feels amazing that BTS managed to squeeze in their time and accommodate all these media interviewers in a single day.. just noticed that here in youtube.. same day shoot for all these interviews.. good job BTS!!!

  3. In one interview, the same question was asked ( fav lyric ) and v answered- "set everything on fire bow Wow wow". He is hilarious 😂 love him so much

  4. It's incredible how they matured since the last comeback. Till yesterday I saw them like "oh! Ma boys" but now they are really grown up men who inspires me lots of respect.

  5. they are all so handsome and talented ,, man if only I could win the big lottery I hire them to come to NL and have a great big party with BTS performing ………… lol what a show it would be…………………..

  6. LOVE the questions they asked here! So insightful to their relationship and the creative process. I’m so happy they’re providing us with translations so the boys are able to fully express themselves!! 💜

  7. 1:38

    RM: ON can symbolise many things, carry on, bring it on…we ON…

    Suga: 𝙒𝙚 𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙧

  8. 1:09 Se le nota en la mirada a Jk que esta enamorado de Tae, siempre lo mira directamente a los ojos y luego a la boca, el lo admira no solo por su belleza porque a cada rato le dice que es hermoso, sexy si no por su forma de ser, Tae es muy gracioso. Como siempre no perdió la oportunidad de tocarlo.

  9. Exactly what touchede what RM sir/oppa 😘said about the love song part that when we love we not only see good but also accept the bad things wholly that is Love!!!!!!

    Taehyung then: Set fire to everything, bow wow wow.
    Taehyung now: oh na na na na.
    💀 Jungkook please come collect your man! 😂😂😂



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  13. Tae: Wha- Jungkook what are you stop slapping me. Jungkook: Yae- Bro.
    Jungkook: Omg RM I can understand what you say so let me just.. * J-Hope: *Oh my, Jungkook stop it Tae: Starts talking Suga: 0o0 Tae why such a deep voice? * Jimin: *Breaths J-Hope: I'm so proud of him, I need to touch his shoulder when he is done! Jin: Internally screaming RM: Talking about the album and thinking about when they reach home and beating them up
    BTS you guys are the biggest crackhead in the world and ARMY are so proud of you. ARMY and BTS is my family and I'm so proud of it. I would not know what to do without you guys. 💜Borahae💜

  14. What are your favorite lyrics

    Set everything on fire bow wow wow wow – Kim Taehyung 2k19

    Hey Na Na Na Na Na Na Na – Kim Taehyung 2020

  15. Jk just being goofy and leaning forward as namjoon explains, trying his best to get what the fuck Namjoon's saying 😂😂

  16. They give new comeback
    And this made me good

    On song make everyone just blow minds
    And RM explains ON song mean
    They way they explain that very

    Hey all enjoyed when making mos7
    And ON song

  17. Парни выглядят уставшими,особенно Чимин.На 0.52 минуте явно что-то не так с ним, на 1.06 минуте Джей Хоуп взял его даже за плечо чтобы подбодрить.Удачи вам BTS!!!

  18. I always love how attentive Jungkook is whenever Namjoon is speaking in English because he truly wants to understand and learn the language well

  19. I love how jungkook puts lots of efforts so he doesn’t miss a word bout what namjoon is saying 😂 you can tell he’s really into it

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