BTS Reveals the Meaning Of ‘On’ + EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | #MTVFreshOut

BTS Reveals the Meaning Of ‘On’ + EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW | #MTVFreshOut

– It is Friday, February 21st, 2020 and there is an army
of fans in Times Square and not just any army, it is the ARMY. Because we’ve got one of the
biggest groups on planet earth in our studio, BTS is here. – [Jamila] That’s right, they
just dropped their new album plus a music video and today
they are commanding their ARMY right here on MTV. This is “Fresh Out Live”. All right. What’s up and welcome to “Fresh Out Live”, your destination for new
music, unreal performances, and surprise drop-in. Now today, for example, we have the biggest pop stars in the world here to hang out with us. And I’ll give you guys and
you guys a hint, right? B T S. (cheering) But first, we have some
other big news for you guys. The Weeknd just announced
his upcoming album for “After Hours”, coming
out on March the 20th. Now Adele, she let it slip that she’s also releasing
a new album in September during her best friend’s wedding, aw. And one artist who Adele
has a huge inspiration on is Sam Smith, dropping a brand new album called “To Die For” this May. Better be to die for. Now this album is set to feature
Calvin Harris and Normani. That’s right.
– You like that? We got some Normani fans in the house. Well, the biggest album
of the week is here. I think you guys know
what I’m talking about. BTS officially dropped– (cheering)
“Map of the Soul: 7” and not only did they drop an album, but they also blessed their fans with a brand new music video. We’ve got it for you right
here on “Fresh Out Live” let’s take a look. ♪ (Singing in foreign
language) bring the pain, oh ♪ ♪ (Singing in foreign
language) bring the pain, oh ♪ ♪ Rain be pouring ♪ ♪ Sky be falling ♪ ♪ Everyday oh na na na ♪ – “Fresh Out Live” brings
fans the hottest artists. Today’s guest is a global phenomenon. In 2019, they made Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. This year, they became the
first k-pop group in history to perform at the Grammy awards and now, they’re dropping by MTV “Fresh Out Live” for the very first time. Join me in welcoming BTS.
(cheering) ♪ (Singing in foreign
language) bring the pain, oh ♪ ♪ (Singing in foreign
language) bring the pain, oh ♪ ♪ Rain be pouring ♪ ♪ Sky be falling ♪ ♪ Everyday oh na na na ♪ ♪ (Singing in foreign
language) bring the pain, oh ♪ (cheering) – BTS. – All right. And we are– – [Group] BTS. (cheering) – The sights and the sounds are incredible here in our Times Square studio. Gentlemen, I can’t thank you
enough for stopping by here “Fresh Out Live”, I know
you’re incredibly busy. What a day to stop by. The new album is out, “Map of the Soul: 7” you guys took your time on this one, you wanted to get it right. 20 tracks, 15 new ones. Why was it so important, tell me a little bit about the album, but why was it so important
to take your time on this one, a little over a year, to get it right? – You know, as you see, the
title of the album is seven. So we need at least seven
months to work on this album. Sorry, that’s a joke (laughing) I’m just kidding. We actually put, there’s a series called “Map of the Soul” that
we have been keeping on and, we actually put the shadow
and the ego part together in this album. So yeah it took quite a long time, I wanna tell the all,
the behind the stories, the reason why we took it so long but, it’s gonna get so long so
I can’t tell all of it but, but you know, the time took
really long but you know, we put that quality and much effort as the time it took. – That’s right. (cheering) – Thanks J-Hope, thank you. – The album can be considered
a reboot and an expansion of your previous bodies of work. How has your music changed
from seven years ago to now? (speaking in foreign language) – That’s right, Suga. (cheering) – On the new album, there are group songs, there are individual songs. Can you take me inside
the writing process? – Okay. (laughing) Since it’s seven sounds, oh you wanna tell something V? (speaking in foreign language) – You dropped the music
video for “On” today. We were showing our audience here, we got some of the biggest fans (cheering)
of BTS. And what do you know, there
it is on the big screen. Why was this the right song to lead with? – Okay, JK body, wow (laughing) (cheering) – To call it a music
video, it’s really like, it’s a movie, these
visuals you guys give us. It had 15 million views
in its first six hours. I can’t even imagine
what it has right now. Why was this the song to lead with and is there a special meaning
behind it for you guys? – Come on. (laughing) Come on. – Come on. (cheering) (speaking in foreign language) – Well done. (laughing and applauding) – You know what I wanna
ask you guys about? The BTS ARMY, can I ask a question about the BTS ARMY? I mean these are some of the most, devoted, loyal, loving, diverse,
caring, compassionate fans really the world of music has ever seen and it’s not just stateside, of course we’re in New
York City right now. This is around the globe and it’s a common thread
throughout the ARMY. What would you like to say, do you have a message for the ARMY today? – Okay. (cheering) – V? – You first. – Okay ARMY. We’ve been together, for seven years now. (cheering) – That’s right. – We want you to know, that you are special. Like I said before, you know (laughing) for sure that liking BTS
was the best decision ever. – And that’s right, and BTS is incomplete ARMY, without ARMY. (cheering) – Aw. – Come on, so sweet. (laughing) – We’re not even in March of 2020, we’re only, what, six,
seven weeks into the year, you guys have already become
the first ever k-pop group to perform at the Grammy awards. You’ve given us this amazing album. You’ve given us amazing music videos. What can we expect from you
guys over the next few years? (speaking in foreign language) (cheering) – Yeah and next Grammy’s maybe. (cheering) – Let’s go BTS. – Just saying. – All right let’s get to your number one, your first true love, and that’s
performing in the live show you’re about to launch one of
the biggest tours of all time, one of the most highly
anticipated tours this year. We’ve got the dates on
the screen right there, you can check out. You guys going around the globe, what can we expect from tour this year? (cheering) (speaking in foreign language) (cheering) (speaking in foreign language) – Gentlemen, again, we
can’t thank you enough. Guys, give it up for BTS.
(cheering) Their new album, “Map of
the Soul: 7” is out now. Stream it everywhere. And come on back next Friday for another edition of
“Fresh Out Live” at 5:00 P.M. right here on MTV. You truly never know who’s gonna stop by. – We love you. (cheering)

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