Character Street: Where to Buy Cute Character Merch in Tokyo

Character Street: Where to Buy Cute Character Merch in Tokyo

We’re at Tokyo Station And on the platform I just spotted this gachapon vending machine It’s got… 7 different series of gachapon So you press the button & you get the choice of 3 gacha Actually I recognise that series I’ve seen that one! There’s some Fuchiko there These strange guys Ah I recognise them from my video! The… dango I’m in Character Street In Tokyo Station If you’re looking for cute things to do in Tokyo This is something you might not have heard of So I thought I’d bring you here with me And show you around And show you what there is Now underneath Japanese stations There’s often loads of tunnels And cafes and shops And sometimes there’s whole shopping malls It’s actually unbelievable At the moment we’re underneath Tokyo Station There’s so many shops down here This is called Character Street Because there’s loads of shops to do with Japanese characters Selling merchandise And lots of cute things Alongside Character Street There’s also Ramen Street Which is a whole street of ramen restaurants There’s also Sweets Street Which is a bit smaller It’s a little collection of sweet shops That’s also near the Kitkat shop So that’s worth a visit too So today I’m going to show you around Character Street We’re going to see lots of Japanese characters Some you might know Some you might not Tell me in the comments Which are your favourite characters I like these ones: Oshushi Dayo And of course Gudetama Before I carry on If you like cute things Have a look at my designs On Including my newest one Catsu Curry You can pre-order it now On t-shirts & hoodies Now back to Character Street At the moment it’s the 10th anniversary of Character Street If you go on their website They’ve made up a song for it There’s a dance as well It’s all decorated for cherry blossom season With the lovely pink sakura First up we’ve got the Pokemon store If you want to go to the really big one That’s in Ikebukuro In Sunshine City This is just a little version I like this mural they’ve got Prism Stone Look how colourful this shop is And the little stars hanging up, that’s so cute Just like a prism princess What happens when you press the button? Ii ne?! What?? It’s like your little Persona figure! That says phrases *Japanese* Ah look, this is really cute! There’s a little leaf in the wall When you look through Hello snails! We’ve got an Ultraman store Next… Kyurutto shop These are really cute Are they capybara? I kind of recognise these ones Capybara-san This shop across the way We’ve got Doraemon Then here, Rilakuma Lots of cute plushies there Next, it wouldn’t be a Japanese character street without Hello Kitty Quite a small one There are larger Sanrio stores elsewhere There’s a Miffy store I used to have her books when I was little Again, she’s not Japanese either But she does have the same kawaii style Ah look, they’re peeping round the edge This is the TV Tokyo shop I don’t know these characters But they do all look cute Next we’ve got Studio Ghibli Lots of Totoro stuff I like how they’ve decorated this With the trees & foliage It’s kind of natural A woodland shop Look there’s another leaf down here What’s going to be in this one? Ah ladybirds! That’s so cute! Across the way, there’s Snoopy Town mini I saw a lot of Snoopy the other day in Kiddyland The whole bottom floor is Snoopy Next to that, there’s the Moomins Up here, there’s NHK Characters And here’s one I definitely do recognise: Domo! Domo is the mascot of NHK The TV company I met him when he came over to the UK for Hyper Japan Where he also did a DJ set Here’s some more characters I don’t really know The Bears The Bears’ School There’s a Pla Rail plastic train shop And Lego Tomica next door Yes Or – am I just thinking it’s Lego Because that looks like the Lego logo?! It says “Tomica” I think it has got something to do with Lego I’m not a model train expert We’ve got the Jump shop Shonen Jump So there’s a lot of One Piece & things in here And special gachapon outside At the moment there’s a little pop-up Disney store It’s only here until the 30th May The Little Mermaid on the outside It looks like it’s about all the characters though It looks like quite a sophisticated Disney store This one’s not for kids! Look, this one’s got a cat-shaped doorway Pretty cool! Here’s Crayon Shin Chan He’s so popular in Japan I’ve seen his stuff around loads! There’s a Lego store They do a monthly mini-build There’s a little frog prince this month Sumikko Gurashi is always the cutest Look at the characters around the shop In the Sumikko Gurashi shop They’ve got a little bakery as well You can get a cheese pie With the characters on It’s really cute There’s special merch As souvenirs of your trip to Tokyo These are for the Tokyo SkyTree And these are for Tokyo Station There’s special Hello Kitty cookies That say Tokyo Station Marounuchi Building Maybe you can only get them here Now here, right at the end of Character Street We’ve got Gachapon Street! With a load of gachapon machines Here’s all the figures It’s actually not unusual for larger stations to have whole shopping malls And rows of restaurants Like this But they’re not all themed like Character Street If you want to come here Be warned: Tokyo Station is a complete maze You need to follow the signs to First Avenue Here’s how to find it from the Yamanote line: *Japanese train announcement* We’re heading towards First Avenue Tokyo Station Which from here, where we are on the Yamanote line platform Is the Yaesu Central Exit Here’s a sign to First Avenue Tokyo Station Down these stairs Here’s the map of Character Street All the shops are all together Here’s a guide on the wall To what characters there are

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  1. its very fun watching your video.❤️✨✨✨❤️
    please visit to fukushima city. fukushima now

  2. doraemon ! – I had one as a tiny child in the 80's, I still have him, he is sitting on one of my bookshelves. I did not know what he was called until I was somewhere in my 20's when I saw a picture of him on the internet. He has a flap on to top of his head where you insert a marble and then pull a lever on his back in order to shoot the marble from his chest :).

  3. Ahhhh!! I love Character Street so much. My fave shop is the Bandai Beauty store. If I remember correctly it was right near the Pokemon store. I make sure to go on every visit. <3

  4. Another really wonderful and informative video! I have been to tokyo twice but haven’t been to character street yet cause i didn’t have the time back then. Planning to go this march-april 💕

  5. Thank you so much for this video, and your other videos going around and showing us different stores! They’re very informative!

  6. In which shop did you find the chibi Persona 4 Rise? Heading to Japan end of next month. (and I love the Catsu Curry shirt, got to have me one of those)

  7. Thank you for another really helpful video. I walked around Tokyo Station for a few hours but did not come across Character Street but next time with your help I will know where to look.

  8. Gudetama is where it's at! Hands down my favorite Sanrio character! 🙌🏻 Also anything Studio Ghibli is great too! & of course Domo! I've loved him for years. I also love Gloomy bear which you never hear of or see any new merchandise of him anymore…

  9. ..good work on the new video..the gachapons on the platform were nice (panda,sloth? and koala)..i'm not sure if those are key holders on the 7:11 of the video but those are nice as well..

  10. Hi Amy. The cost of my Tokyo trip is increasing! I want to go to Tokyo Disneyland now. Do I just buy a ticket online. I will be charged extra because tickets are in Japanese yen. I want to buy soon as possible. But the calendar is only till May at the moment. I’d love japan. Which park do you recommend I visit? 🙏. Thanks so much !

  11. Popping into Tokyo prefecture tomorrow, if I rearrange some things I'll take a pop in there, because a friend asked for a cute animal plush

  12. You're right about tokyo station being a maze, totally missed character street the first time i went there, only found it by mistake the second time because the taxi i got dropped me at the yaesu central exit. spent a whole day there eating and shopping!

  13. Do you know where exactly the Sumikko Gurashi store was? I'm going to Japan soon and totally want to pick some up. If not, do you know of any other locations?

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