Character Traits and Character Development Lesson

Character Traits and Character Development Lesson

Today we are going to talk about character
traits and character development words that describe a character are called
character traits. Character traits can be internal or external Internal character traits happen inside the
character. Feelings like happy,sad,lonely,excited.
Personality traits like generous, thoughtful, kind, mean. External character traits are things you can
see outside the character. *Physical features like hair color,eye color,
height, weight – any observable physical features. *External traits can also include any words
from the text that describe actions-rock collector, book lover, baseball player, etc. let’s look at the story of
jack and the beanstalk. what are jack’s internal and
external character traits? Internal traits would be:
loyal brave
smart External traits would be:
a boy young
small Let’s talk now about character development When a character changes traits, feelings
and actions it is called: Character Development Characters can change in a story for many
reasons. One of the main reasons a character changes
is because they have learned a lesson. We all know these three little pigs
One pig quickly built a house of straw-the wolf blew it down.
One built a house of sticks in a hurry -the wolf blew it down.
The third little pig took his time and built a house of bricks. The wolf couldn’t blow
it down. The pigs learned to take your time and doing
something right the first time! So let’s Review
Internal character traits are thoughts, feelings, or things that happen inside the character.
like these happy children External character traits are things that
can be observed outside the character. Like this old cowboy. And remember, Character development is how
a character changes throughout the story.

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  1. I browsed YouTube for character development. All I got was 1hour to 10 minutes worth of nothing Jammed into my head. This video is freakn amazing. It's fast, to the point and very very informative! Thanks.

  2. it was helping me learning more about character traits thanks for making me learn more about character traits
    first :does not know character traits
    after seeing the vid: i knew all about character traits from the vid.
    thank you susan mcgannon

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