CHARACTERS FROM CANDY- Character design and sketching

hello so I’m basil or fopdoodlesart and
I am rerecording this introduction because the microphone decided to not
work for the entirety of me making this video which is just the best I could
think I didn’t say in the intro which is now lost to time is that the idea for
this came from kasey golden I’m sure other artists are
doing the same thing but the one that I’m familiar with is Kasey’s who.. she would
take Tokyo treat snacks and draw characters based on them and that’s
basically where the idea for this came from so I will hand back to the mute
past Basil to show you some of the art that he made so here’s a quick look at
some of the snacks that I have been sent in from you guys all over the world he
sent this into the po box so the link to the the address is down in the
description down below and I’m really really just blown away by how kind you
all are these snacks I would never be able to get ahold of them anywhere else in
the world so I’m very excited there’s things here that I’ve never tried before
from parts of the world I’ve never visited and probably will never visit so this is
just I’m just super super psyched to try this one thing we’ve got American candy
these ones came from a really lovely person on my Instagram sent
through this entire box my thirtieth birthday just I can’t explain how
grateful I am to everybody for all of this stuff you are so thoughtful thank
you so so much some of the stuff I bought myself a tiny handful but the
rest of its been sent in from you guys and I’m going to be kind of trying maybe
three or four a week so I think making my way through them all and designing
some characters based on them which I’m super excited about and that’s gonna
really really push me and also I get to eat candy so you know win win win I’m
gonna pick three and get started these are the three treats that I’ve
decided to go for I went for these ones because they’re kind of suck hard sucky
sweet I went for those ones because they’re chewy and I don’t for these ones
because they have a kind of powdered candy vibe and I hoped different
textures and colors would help inspire me starting with these bonbons I think
from France if I remember rightly and the person who sent this did say what
flavor they were but I can’t possibly work it out from the packaging
at all so these are little individually packaged very very thin kind of boiled
sweets like a Fox’s glacier I would imagine in this country these sweets
were pretty enigmatic actually I could not put my finger on a flavour they were
sweet they were very light and they were yellow and I was coming back and forward between
things like lightning and rubber ducks and I was just I couldn’t really fix on
anything and that’s all they’re like they’re sweet they’re inoffensive they kind
of squared off so I went for a child character because you know light and
sweet inoffensive well think of kids and kids and candy kind of go
together so it would make sense to start my very first candy character off with a
child so I kept these square as the base for the body and to repeat that motif
throughout his design trying to keep the shape of the candy there wasn’t a lot to
go on with this one I was just mainly just focusing on the color and the shape
of it there wasn’t much in terms of texture there wasn’t much in terms of a
character it was coming through because I couldn’t put my finger on the flavor
so I couldn’t really work out what it was difficult so then I went for drawing
a kid I decided you know what it’s a square I’m gonna be really literal with
this and gonna make him a square so I made a kind of haughty nerd and again it
meant I could keep in with a kind of personality which I was getting from the
shape so I kept the square glasses obviously this square shape to the nose the
face had a slightly square shape to it I thought bring the sweets in as well so
I could refer back and also you guys can see what exactly I’m drawing well yeah
what is a Mirabelle if you’re from France please let me know in the
description also squared off the ears I wanted to make him look a bit kind of
holier-than-thou a bit of a know it all because I was getting the vibe from the
square shape so I was just being again really literal with this one my first
ever candy character I really wasn’t thinking outside of the box as I could
have been with the other two you’ll see that I really push it more as a kind of
warm up this is the first thing I drawn today it was nice to draw something
simple and just make character that maybe wouldn’t have existed without
these sweets so here’s this little nerd give him a squared off kind of
a jacket and a high waist and keep of that cube shape and again shorts
because it reflects square motif and I was just kind of trying to I guess just
make a character with the shape I wasn’t really too enamored with this one but I
had fun but that I thought it was an interesting thing to start with I think
with the sketch as well was the eye with this one I went in and I will inked it
before I colored it in with the other two I left the sketch layer in because I
think they have more energy to them and these aren’t final illustrations I’m not
gonna sell them or anything so I’m kind of I wish I just stuck with that sketch
layer listen to nothing to it the colors that I chose this guy I ended up
using that sort of white and the light blue to reflect the the wrapper and the
rest of the colors just came from the colors of the sweets so that yellow tone
really in the hair and in the shorts and I don’t think it’s a particularly
effective I mean he’s cute I think he’s a very sweet character and I probably
would sketch him again I don’t know that he necessarily reflects enough off the
sweet I don’t think you would necessarily look at him with the pile of
sweets and know which one he was supposed to be representative of so I
well I had fun with it I don’t think he’s quite as effective in terms of how
he looks so there we go that’s my character create from these let’s move
on to the next one which are Mike and Ike’s here’s me just bringing in the candies
these are Mike and Ikes to try I’m very familiar with but I’ve never tried sourlicious zours before I feel like sour licious would’ve done the job, zours
seemed a bit overkill also gluten free and fat free does not make it healthy
you know what else is gluten free fries doesn’t mean it’s healthy guys so these are
gonna be really really fun to draw they are great colors and shapes and things
like that heh and these are a terrifying terrifying slogan live on this here
great candy isn’t made its just born which does imply that they are sort of
growing these in the lab and then killing them which is terrifying
are these made of mike and ike okay so I’m gonna crack these open I really I’m
going to design two characters on these obviously Mike and Ike have to do it but
one thing that threw me was the shape and the texture they do not look like
normal Mike and Ikes at all they have this dusty sort of outside to them
I’m assuming with the sour flavor is but they don’t have that I was expecting to
be a lot shiny and originally I was thinking I could do like a dragon a
robot but they are not shiny look a lot more organic they look a bit dirty yeah
old? which you will find out in a minute really did help me interpret the
character a bit but it wasn’t the shape of them they taper a lot more than
normal Mike and Ikes do have almost a pointy pointy end to them so yeah I
really like them and they tasted great and the colors were good so they were
really really great can leave me to pick for this candy character contest
challenge thing for this one I decided to and stick with me here it’s a bit
left-wing I went for a wizard for a number of reasons number one dusty old
looking I kept thinking back to like medieval
stuff mystical stuff kept coming back to a wizard also the the tapered shape was
reminding me of like a pointy was his hat I’m also had the image on my head
and I couldn’t I couldn’t throw it also gotta have a wizard called Mike just
made me laugh and I think just I had to do it had to do it then I kept thinking
of other ideas thumbnailing things none of them we’re working so if I’m Mike the
wizard and with this one not only am i focusing on the texture on the shape but
the actual flavor of them because I can actually tell it flavor these are so
this best sour so anything of sour characters you think of like grumpy kind
of maybe people who were shut off from the world so and for this kind of angry
old wizard I tried to keep his shapes nice and smooth to reflect the kind of
shape of the candy you know there’s no hard edges on these at all that very
very rounded and smooth so that was what kind of where I was going with the basic
shape and also just I like the idea of him being this crotchety old hermit he’s
got a really stupid little companion he looks like one of the sweets I just I
could have gone I could have been more tr- you know I feel it worked harder on
the companion but once I thought of one of those sweets having er eyes and legs
I just can not draw it so here’s a little Ike this is no sidekick on the
bottom here I knew I wanted to be very very basic so originally he was gonna be
kind of stupid looking running around that kind of thing and I thought you
know what he needs to be actually doing something
to help this wizard it out because he sidekick otherwise why would he keep him
around so I decided to pair that right back and make him carrying a little
potion bottle maybe he’s carrying the sour licious zours flavor who knows whatever it is he is struggling with it so here’s him just
carrying the bottle away while the angry angry old wizard looks on and I really
had fun with him he’s so simple but I really like him and I went in and I
inked it and again with this one I’m just going to keep the sketch layer as
is so I wasn’t being too careful I wasn’t adding in a ton of construction
that’s because I wanted to be easy to read I like the energy that comes from
my sketches so I gave him the nose similar sort of shape to the sweets
again just keeping that that shape language repeated a little scruffy old
beard and again his head shape kind of following the shape of the sweets that
long thin shape the same shape as the the kind of bean shape that makes up
Mike then the bottom then along here and quickly sketched in his hat
you notice the halfway through I change the direction of the Hat therefore the
beginning sketch is because it was interacting too much with the staff and
it was they were overlapping and II couldn’t really see what was going on
for the same reason that I dropped his hand down below his hand that’s in the
front originally it was higher but you just couldn’t see it was going on it was
all very complicated so if I just pulled the hand this hand down here it just
reads like easy and you can see what’s happening up a lot clearer I also give him a
ponytail in the sketch which I then removed later again I went to keep the
nice smooth line at the back and I felt like it was breaking it too much but a
lot of fun with this guy I’ve not designed a character like this normally
when i draw wizards theyre thin and wispy and they look like they’re made of coat
hangers I had a lot of fun with this sort of chunkier guy was kind of sour
with it he’s made me like a fruit kind of necromancer around the idea that he
brings rotten fruit back to life and turns them into this little sour potion
was gonna doo cherries and that looked absolutely obscene so i decided to
stick with the apples instead at the top of his staff there to kind of show
him bringing this fruit back to life maybe he’s just about to work on some
apples or make some cider who knows there’s little apple staff and then I went in
and I decided to just flesh out like a little tiny bit more just push this
expression a tiny bit more from the last sketch it’s why you do more than one
sketch layer just so you can keep working on it and improving it like
you’re struggling a tiny bit more than that very very heavy potion bottle yeah
I’m not sure what it’s quite isn’t in the potion bottle but he does not look
happy to be carrying it and I won’t enjoy a little skull crossbows on a label
so it’s not good I’m not sure but I would not trust that idiot with it over again it’s a very fun challenge was to
keep loose and try something new so here he is with the blue line just gonna go and
make this black just so that you can you can see what’s going on a little bit
better and here he was my final color choices so I did try and incorporate the
yellow the green the blue and the red from the sweets it’s kind of hard with
colors like that for it to not look a bit primary school so I kind of muted
the hues just a little because he’s an older wizard he lives alone he lives
well he lives with this little character in his little cottage and where doesnt lie
people so I’ve tried to keep him looking a bit faded a little bit worn but
world-weary kind of watching in amusement as his
stupid zour companion and so we’re with that bottle of poison and yeah I had so
much fun drawing this guy and I probably would draw him again I think he was
absolutely Blast to design and not something I would have ever have drawn
had I just been sat facing a blank page this is really good exercise in forcing
yourself out of your comfort zone trying something new if you have so from our
block try something like this one more to go these candies here were sent to me
through the po box I remember that they were relatively recent I have no
idea what to expect nice they look a little bit like refreshes or parma
violets if youre from the UK you’ll cute little lion them I think that’s a
melon on the front and the language I cannot possibly read and more things I
can’t read so when I crack these open I found out that they were liked they were
fluffy they dissolved instantly and they were kind
a white to a very very slight green hint but the melon flavor was overpowering
I’m not sure quite how they got so much flavor into these they just tasted like
a slice of actual melon they were incredible and they made me go on a
little bit of a I gonna left-field away with my character written but not be
what you’re expecting so this one I decided on a chef’s character now you
might be wondering how I got there the reason was that the food flavor was so
overpowering the real world food flavor unless I kept thinking of white fluffy
things and I kept coming back to it of chefs and cooking and they’re big fluffy
hats that they wear and that was wrong with him so I started this cute little
lady she’s made up of all those those round shapes because that’s the shape of
the candy a shape for the melons it’s where I was going with it so and that
drawing this little chef and she’s just kind of slicing up some melon really
it’s a kind of a basic one again the concept maybe I think if you in there
something for the comments actually if you had these three candies if you had
those bonbons from the beginning there Mike and Ikes in this one and what
characters would you have created leave me a little description so I can see
just how different we all are cuz it’s very unlikely that you would have
thought of a wizard a chef and a little kid so yeah let me
know let me know what you would have drawn I had a lot of fun crane she was
very simple I’m not drawing a chef before I don’t think so she was fun just
to get this kind of puffy puffy round white shapes in there I’d love for them
she was yeah again not something I probably would’ve drawn so really really
great exercise he scenes with some kind of just sort of thrown on I mean
dropping my pencil thank you gravity I had so much fun I ate this entire packet in
the end they were incredible candies and I will never be able to buy them so I’m
sad I don’t have one more packet which is a different flavor to try so I’m
excited about that for a future video and there’s me just
trying to get the crumbs off and firing this Poor chef around but here’s a look at
the characters i managed to create from this little exercise we have this
kid here who’s perhaps not as effective at conveying the sweet idea but is a
little more different I’ve got the crazy wizard and
companion got Mike and Ike who again are my favorites I think they have way more
character to them and I would I would draw them again I would I would like to
see them again so I had a lot of fun with these guys I think that they they
get across the idea is better than the other to do if that makes sense
and obviously we have the the cute little chef that we just saw there in
the very end that kind of puffy liked flavor that we had going on I had I had
an absolute blast doing this exercise I would highly recommend it please do let
me know what you would have drawn because that’s such a good exercise and
I don’t think anybody at all would ever think at the same light as each other
which is incredible so you know give the exercise to go let me know what you
would have done subscribe if you want to see more videos I have a lot of candy as
you can see to get through so I’m gonna be doing these for a while
I’ve got tutorials coming up and I’ve got all sorts of other stuff planned
which is very exciting I would like to get to 1000 subscribers that would be
incredible thank you so much you’ve already subscribed leave me a like share
this around people who like candy and I will see you guys next time bye

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