China confirms 47 more deaths from COVID-19, total confirmed patients in Italy near 900 mark

China confirms 47 more deaths from COVID-19, total confirmed patients in Italy near 900 mark

The global death toll from the coronavirus
is nearing the 3,000 mark. In China, the origin of the outbreak, 47 more
people died from the virus as of late Friday, bringing the total death toll to 2,835. China’s National Health Commission announced
Saturday that a total of 79,251 people have been confirmed with the virus, but the increase
in new cases has been slowing, and has dropped below 500 for 4 consecutive days. Meanwhile, the virus continues to spread outside
of China. Italy now has nearly 890 cases, making it
one of the worst-hit countries in the world. As of Friday local time, the total number
of deaths caused by the virus was 21. Iran, which has the highest number of deaths
next to China with 34, announced the closure of all schools for three days from Saturday.

36 thoughts on “China confirms 47 more deaths from COVID-19, total confirmed patients in Italy near 900 mark”

  1. The virus does control Communist Party doesn't lie
    but most of the people Do not believe
    Because youtube has always been a bad story about China
    I'm Chinese Except Wuhan Other provinces are already working

  2. jezz italy is speeding like south korea… idk if they have the fastest testing kits unlike other countries or the spread is just really super 🥵

  3. This is the living proof the main stream media is all lies.The common flu has killed exponentionally more people in the same time as Corona virus.The main stream media is the metaphorical equivalent of a sewer running directly through your living room.The deep state started this Corona virus for their own nefarious purposes in order to panic you.

  4. South Korea test 7,000 people per day and has tested over 50,000 people so far. How about Italy? Seems like Italy tests a lot per day just like South Korea

  5. China:the origin of the outbreak.Yeah that's have to emphasize it so they would always remember that corona virus is made in china.

  6. We just need to find Thanos's gauntlet and snap everyone who has the virus out of existence. There, done. No more virus.

  7. I was wondering how they counted the last winner of 79,250- (1) people. From here it is clear that the number is a lie.

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  9. Why aren't they also reporting the 22000 plus cases of people recovered and just fine in China, and that for 80% plus of cases the virus manifests very mildly (like a cold) with no need for any kind of emergency healthcare and people are fine within 2 to three weeks. People need information so we can be prepared rather than panicked!!! Don't know if I'm more disgusted with the news media or with the governments.

  10. Luke 21:11– There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events… 📖🕰

    My friends, from the tenfold increase in natural disaster, famine, and pestilence, to the prophesied peace deals and third temple being built in Jerusalem- the time of the return is near. If you do not know Jesus, or even if you do, know that He loves you- that you can come to Him at any time. Also, be sure to utilize the in-depth playlists I have created on more of the pinpoint accurate codes and prophecies of the Bible, which has massive implications for you and I. There is so much we need to know about and so little time- but most of all, we must have faith in He who has already seen all of this unfold. Godspeed my friends!

  11. Why do so many comments require China to apologize? HINI originated in USA. Did you get USA to apologize? HIV originated in USA. Did you make USA apologize? Ebola originated in Africa. Do you want an apology from all of Africa? The Chinese government and people have tried their best to control the spread of the virus. We do not need to apologize. Besides, the source of the virus has not been found yet.

  12. they are correct. the death toll from the virus is pretty low. it wasn't engineered to be that deadly, just spread and cause panic. meanwhile, the real cause of mass death:

  13. From Italia 🇮🇹.
    Horrible disgusting country! Stop eating Pets!!!
    Dogs and cats are not fooood!!!

  14. I don't believe any of these made up numbers! This shit has been here since 2019 and they have little to no test in USA no masks etc! How do we have numbers if we can't even test everyone! I dont trust any government, hell the virus could be in the test the way the rich like to play God. I better start seeing rich get sick or the world like myself is going to go off!!!!😷👌

  15. In North Korea these problems are solved, they have new highly innovative drugs against the corona virus, called Kumdang 2 and Royal Blood Fresh:

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