14 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update: Number Of Positive Cases In New York Rises To 11”

  1. why would you travel to Italy when you know the issue is not contained? so if you don't go to work in school is ok? what about the people you sat on the plane and uber at the least? aren't they important too???

  2. This is crazy. Everyone those people came in contact with exposed others to this virus. It's impossible to contain it now. People just have to be careful.

  3. That's what the Nazis try to do to control the information whenever somebody says that they trying to control the information it's definitely a Nazi move

  4. No closing schools should be the first option you hear all the time about stay away from Mass Gatherings you're more likely to get it if you spend extended time with people in enclosed areas schools and universities is an 8-hour Mass Gathering per day with children in close proximity 5 days a week.

  5. Want real numbers of Coronavirus, click here

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