COVID19 Prophetic Sign (มีซับไทย) | 23 Feb 2020| Ps Chee Kang Seng | Bethesda Cathedral Singapore

COVID19 Prophetic Sign (มีซับไทย) | 23 Feb 2020| Ps Chee Kang Seng | Bethesda Cathedral Singapore

[Applause] thank you pastor Tay and thank you elders Thank You leaders and members for having me this morning it is my pleasure to be here and I was actually having a guest speaker in Bangkok today so once I knew that it was cancelled so I took back one service from my guest speaker and I’m speaking a second service in my church but thank God no problem I’m glad that I could be of service to you posit a and to Bethesda Cathedral it’s always been my pleasure to be here and also I sense very much that God has a word for Singapore God is a word for Botanica Theed Rome and this is the time for that and I remember very clearly last year last year through one or two occasions I begin to to let the Holy Spirit speak through me concerning what’s gonna happen and I told people we have one year to get ready get ready and sort out your your household sort out your finances and there was last year I’m just talking to Pastor Willie to check when exactly was the month and I believe he’s about six to eight months ago that I said that and you know many times I think you said things you’ve forgotten about them and while I was worshiping this morning there was such a clear reminder from the Lord now this this outbreak no one really expected even though of course some of the people around the world are really talking years ago of a possible pandemic now we know that the pho is still saying that we have a window of opportunity to control this and not allow you to become a pandemic but regardless we are praying regardless we are not fearful regardless we know that God is in control because God knows we take how many say amen to that he knows everything so we just need to rest in his presence so this morning I want to touch on a covet 19 prophetic sign I think you can control this like so me I can do it for me thank you covet 19 is this a prophetic sign of God if not what is it you know very interesting Liam 31st December watch night service in Bangkok and when we do watch night service maybe 50 churches will join us for a watch night service together and we use a very non neutral church building and the theme that God gave me for 2020 was the theme of the global prophetic awakening the 2020 will be the year of the global prophetic Awakening and it is the beginning of something amazing you know we live in times where darkness prevails however however the lights of God bricks the darkness arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you so we know darkness will increase and Passarella so rightfully prayed and possible elder Martin prayed concerning this that it is it is spiritual it is not just a virus we recognize that every two kingdoms in this world the kingdom of light or the kingdom of darkness if you start from the kingdom of light it is from the kingdom of darkness how many no club it 19 is not from the kingdom of God come you know that covet 19 is not from the kingdom of God and therefore it is from the kingdom of darkness it is from Jonas we must stand against darkness and say you will not prevail over nations you will not prevail over the church you will not prevail over a nation so this is a time of the global prophetic Awakening and I find every in the u.s. guys like my friends David has up I think it was here before some time ago was having a gathering in the stadium in Phoenix there in Arizona I believe and it was called awaken 2020 so it is a very clear word it is time for God’s prophetic awakening God did not cost Club it 19 but God can use anything to serve as a wake-up call to every one of us and I believe this is a great wake-up call everyone in the world is impacted this is not like an earthquake somewhere in in any part of the world where it’s more localized this something you can’t see with the physical eyes and get is impacting everyone around the world so we need to understand that in the midst of praying against this that God is speaking and this is a prophetic awakening I’m glad God spoke to pass at a concerning not to deprive him of the worship that’s wonderful I stand with you on that and in Bangkok our services have continued and plus it’s a different feeling in Bangkok but Bangkok it’s not as tense a feeling like Singapore the people are trying nd they just come and cool for now but then I heard the government may consider and it was a ridiculous thought to me they may consider putting on quarantine 14 days people coming from Singapore and I said oh no and they’re having a decision-making process tomorrow so I said I might to come back to do Bank of tonight just but frankly speaking let me tell you I think Singapore has done is Atmos is in terms of handling is the safest nation right now I trust in the processes here and I think by and large we have this under control and will continue to pray for the eradication and elimination of this virus in Singapore but we must not miss something important and that is it is a prophetic awakening what is God awakening us to is what we need to understand what is God sing you know this last year is Singapore I had three to four enzyme conferences and I’m gonna tell people what is gonna happen and it’s quite uncanny to see that what if what had been declared we’re seeing it happening for example 2020 one of the prophetic word I released in 2020 was that 2020 is unlike any year this is what I prepared in November December last year I said 2020 is unlike any year of course I wasn’t imagining this outbreak but I just received from a lord and I just release it it’s unlike any year it is a year of the beginning of the end it means the count down to the second coming of Jesus Christ has begun he will not come back next year that I’m very sure he won’t come back this year I’m very sure of that but he’s a countdown because there’s certain things that must happen if you study your Bible there are 90 chapters talking about the first coming of Jesus but do you know on the second coming of Jesus how many chapters are they in the Bible 150 and yet most people in the church do not understand even 10 or 20% of the 150 chapters about the second coming of Jesus we don’t want to make the same mistake like the Pharisees in the Sadducees when Jesus came they could not recognize that he’s a prophesied Messiah and they miss him are we making the same mistake if we don’t study the Bible to know what is gonna happen so that we will not be deceived by the enemy so it is an urgent message for us this is a prophetic awakening to say the countdown has begun what are we gonna do about it and the second word amongst many I want to highlight today is the fact that the wheat and the tares are being exposed and separation has begun separation has begun sheep nations and goat nations every nation need to contend for their destiny are we going to be a sheep nation or are we going to be a goat nation and this is critically important for us to recognize at the same time this is a time of the greatest promises of God to be obtained I was preaching on a topic promise keeper promise obtainer you know one of the most popular songs in 2019 is a song waymaker right everyone sing we make a promise keep light in the darkness it is sung around the world is amazing every continent every church my friend from Norway he was preaching for me a few weeks ago and he said can I have this song is my closing song we make so everywhere in the world God is a Promise Keeper the only problem is are we obtaining the promises of God if you look at Hebrews the promises of God were given however unless you do a few things you would not obtain the promises the Bible says in Hebrews 11 what more shall I say full of time was failing me to tell her Keenen and barak samson jephthah also David and Samuel and the prophets who through faith subdued kingdoms I laughed at what kind of kingdom must be subdue the kingdom of darkness anything from the kingdom of darkness we say we will you will not stand you will not prevail I don’t care about this sickness I don’t care what other things whatever is from the kingdom of darkness we must subdue amen it is thought it’s not signing a peace treaty with a team of dark no we subdue every kingdom of darkness and establish the kingdom of God we need to see that happen subdued kingdoms wrought righteousness walk in righteousness walk in such a way God approves of us and then through faith obtained promises while we are going through this time let us not forget the promises of God the promises of God are yay and amen hallelujah this is the time to say God I’m contending from the promises you have for us and we will subdue kingdoms to see that becoming a reality in Matthew 24 verse 7 says for nation shall rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places all this are the beginning of Sorrows now you understand Matthew 24 Jesus was responding to the disciples concerning what are the signs of the end times and Jesus said this other signs famines pestilences earthquakes volcano eruption of course part of all this happening you know that in 2020 January we read even dormant volcanoes are coming alive tell your neighbor if dormant volcanoes are coming alive is thank you come alive okay dormant volcanoes there have been extinct and dormant suddenly becoming alive Christians are we coming alive in a mighty name of Jesus Jesus said this is the beginning of Sorrows the countdown has begun we are looking at pestilences how many know about the locusts which are invading large parts of Africa India they’re happening all of a sudden in January whoa what is what is God’s saying and some of them are saying in Africa there will be a food crisis very soon because if this locusts come across a whole tract of land and farmlands they literally will eat up everything and we’re not talking about a million we talked about hundreds of millions I talk about billions they multiply very quickly and they literally cover the sky when they fly over a certain place what is happening do you not be surprised the Lord had already said there shall be famines pestilences and earthquakes there’s God caused them no I explained why and all this are the beginning of Sorrows so this is the time the beginning of the end so what is our response what is our response and the verse that God gave to posit a second chronicles 20 verse 9 it is us to come upon us saw judgment so famine we will stand before this temple and in your presence for your name is in this temple and cry out to you in our fliction and you will hear and save us Amen we you will hear and save us we must stand against the enemy and stand in the house of God this is the time of course I believe in technology I believe in streaming too and we have been doing that for many years every Sunday and we are getting more with there more people watching us on live stream on YouTube than the people in the auditorium in that church right now two three times more right now so God is already telling us what we need to do we need to use technology to continue to tell the truth as I watch all the news I listen to all kinds of news alternative news media research and all that and I realized there’s so much fake news but there’s no Christian no solid Christian response in in the media prophetically and I said God we need to see that happen especially from Asia the alternative news media in America but not in Asia we need to have an alternative voice a voice of truth in Asia to say this is what is happening and we need to tell the church how to prepare for what is to come in Revelation chapter 5 verse 7 then he came into the scroll after the right hand of him who sat on the throne now being here taking the scroll the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the lamb each having a harp and golden bowls full of incense which are the prayers of the Saints the question is who is worthy to open the seals and they were just wondering and then in verse nine and they sang a new song you are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals God wants to open the seals so that the people of God will understand in fact Jesus in Matthew 24 true a lot of lights on the seals he talked about everything that’s gonna happen imagine 24 and it’s recorded in Matthew is recorded in mark is recorded in Luke except in John now where did John record things about the end times he did this in Revelation so you can see all of four of them actually talked about the end times and Jesus did it and recorded in the three Gospels John put it down in a book of Revelation Jesus wants to reveal to us what is gonna happen the church one year ago exactly dreamed up the pastor summit there was a summit I went to after 20 years and I told the key leader I said we need to develop the prophetic in Singapore there was my prophetic word to him I say the Church of Jesus Christ need to know from God what is happening amen we need to know what is happening in fact in the same chapter of Chronicles we know the verse believe the prophecy he shall prosper believe the prophecy shall prosper my question is where is the prophetic voice in Singapore who is a prophetic voice in Singapore are we saying this is the way to go God is saying this we need the prophetic voice in a missile confusion otherwise were simply led by news reports were simply led by people who may actually want to to tell us what to do as well we need to know from God what he wants us to do the church must be prophetic in the end times and Jesus has prepared us for that the first seal the white house conquering – deception chapter 6 verse 1 now when I saw the lamb opened one of the seals and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder come and see and I looked and behold a white horse he was sat on it had a bow and a crown was given to him and he went out conquering and to conquer some people thought that wow this guy sitting on a way to us must be Jesus no it’s not Jesus oh he had a crown given to him no it’s not Jesus this is where deception begins you see in Revelation 19 Jesus will come but it came with a sword in Revelation 19 not about take note of that this may look like Christ but it’s a false Christ so deception is gonna be rampant and people who does not know their Bible will be deceived this is a clear warning of Jesus in fact when the disciples asked Jesus tell us the signs of the end times the first thing Jesus said is do not be deceived there’s a clear word there first first warning because there’ll be such great deception I’m sure all of you have read some of the conspiracy theories concerning wuhan right is it from that markup or is it from the lab I’m watching this and we are asking the question right is it from the market or is it from the lab is it a natural thing or is it a biological weapon or is it a biological weapon that got leaked so there are many questions concerning this we don’t have to go to all of that we just aware all the possibilities and to ask ourselves and to ask the Lord Lord show us but at the same time regardless God knew God knew there will be pestilences now who caused them who caused them God also knows okay so we don’t have to worry too much about that but be aware of all the different possibilities and of the different intentions of different people as well we know that to be true so if the first seal conquering through deception so take heed no one deceives us the second seal the red house violence terrorism and Wars verse 3 come and see this for another horse fiery red went out and it was granted to the one who said on it to take peace and that people should kill one another and it was given to him a great sword so violence terrorism and war we know we know this will continue to escalate in annex furious so do not be shocked by that the third seal the black horse red bean 6 verse 5 coming see and I looked and behold a black horse he was sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand and I heard a voice in the mists of the four living creatures saying a quarter of wheat for Daenerys what does it mean a quarter of wheat for Daenerys it means like a loaf of bread you need to use one day’s wage to purchase how much you earn today some people say I did a thousand a day somebody a hundred a day regardless he imagined spending one day’s wage on a loaf of bread what does it tell you it tells you there’s a food crisis it’s the food crisis I remembered one of the prophesy I read here since got home to be with the Lord and before he was taken back he just see a prophet you know see a prophets has to see what is happening and he saw headline news you know I’m like you see headline news in the papers so this prophet saw headline news of the future and one of the thing he saw was about a food crisis people robbing food trucks we read in the witness report in Hong Kong some people who robbed toilet paper wow what kind of what kind of time are we living in you know food trucks yeah I believe that I believe the time when food trucks will be robbed and they need I’m God’s to to protect it because of a food crisis now Jesus already about that in three Gospels and also John had the revelation so how much confirmation do you need this my friends is going to happen whether you I liked it or not but since the Lord wants us to know what does it mean if God wants us to know about the future what is it for so that like Joseph we can prepare amen we can prepare for the future on this era of food I felt from the Lord that 20/20 and listen carefully 20/20 maybe some parts of 2021 is going to be the last season for us to prepare for food crisis what does that mean it means it’s time we start stocking up but don’t do it immediately don’t do it suddenly then the supermarkets will be empty I was telling my daughter you know before China before Chinese New Year she was coming in from Hong Kong so I said to her before you come in I want you to stock up some food in your house from Hong Kong and she said she didn’t really thought that was prophesying you know so I said yeah when I say something to you take heed of that because I was serious and she took it lightly and then I watched a prophet spoke in 2014 all of a sudden sometimes you just catch their own things that you don’t you wouldn’t looking for and then he popped up right God has a way of controlling things but I felt this is 2020 is the key here to plan for the vision like a Joseph and this prophet in 2014 had a visitation of God and in his visitation he was told you have seven years for food preparation you can count seven years 2014 plus seven as well 2021 anyone Wow it’s a confirmation where I’m considered as a confirmation now I would like to be wrong if you have stock of food and you are wrong any problem no problem I told my daughter this I said dad if you do this you deprive people of what they need I said no no listen carefully when everybody panics that’s when you deprive everyone but when nobody panics we slowly stock up okay and I told you stock up enough and then one year before the expiry of those food give them all to the poor and then buy new socks see in this way you are doing two things you are preparing for the future and you are blessing the poor if you like the idea yeah I’ll do that I’m glad you like that idea because you like to say I can give to the poor why not they are always the poor who did food from us right and we can give to them and bless them at the same time we ought to be prepared if we don’t have any food for ourselves how can we give to the poor of course I’m not I’m not eliminating the possibility that God will supply supernaturally I’m we can believe the God for that amen yeah no problem 40 years in the wilderness God can give the manna right but why did God tell Joseph to stock up food if God can supply supernaturally somebody know it God wants us to use our brains I know but you can’t always in the lasts ask thing use our brain use your brain use your brain good good slogan use our brains God has given us ability to see what is happening and to manage the crisis so it’s important for us to do both things to stock up food at the same time believe God to supply our supernaturally can say Amen did I do both things it’s not say God I’m so spiritual I don’t need to do any of these things we can do both it does not mean you don’t trust God Joseph interpreted rightly the dream of Pharaoh and became the Prime Minister and what he did was to stock up food during the Plenty years here a lot during the famine yes so I want to say to you church Singapore 2020 I know the government doesn’t want us to panic we’re not panicking we have time now’s the time to look into food security issues this is a time okay number three number four yeah of course this is the site shows the FRC let’s move to the fourth seal okay when open the fourth seal I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying come and see a pale horse a name of him who said and it was death and Hades followed with him and power was given to them over a force of the earth to kill with sword with hunger with death or in some translations pestilences and by the beasts of the earth so by a time the fourth seal is open it is very serious one force of the earth it says power over one for to kill to kill we’re not there yet this is going to happen it’s not because I wanted to happen but it’s because it’s in a Bible and we jolly well read it and understand it so Jesus had already said it in Matthew 24 and John was given a very clear picture which confirmed what Jesus was saying so there’s a confirmation between Matthew 24 Luke and Mark and also Revelation chapter 6 as well so they confirm one another so commit 19 it’s not The Pale Horse yet can’t say hallelujah I believe there are several other things that will happen I believe this is a very critical warning for us I don’t want us to say okay we overcome this okay then we get back into our normal and forget about this very see this prophetic awakening I believe we will overcome how many has faith to believe you will overcome covet 19 you guys are very quiet this morning how do you believe we will overcome come in 19 praise God let us see God we worship you for granted we have faith that God this will happen so commit 19 is not the pale house yet because by the time the pale horse comes that means there are famines already they are wars there are all kinds of things happening and one-fourth of the earth maybe wipeout I don’t believe this is a time yet no time going to the specific timelines the Lord told me to produce 15 videos at least on the end times 14 minutes each to talk about different aspects of that and up on to as I inform you next time to listen to some of these details but in this sermon I just want to mention to you that we are not at a pale horse yet so therefore this is a prophetic awakening for us to get ready so when it comes we are ready we are ready to minister to people we’re ready to help people at that time even so this is critically important for us to understand in Genesis 8 2010 Noah built an altar to the Lord and took of every clean animal and of every clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar that’s good that’s worship him and prayer worship and a lost smell a soothing aroma then the Lord said in his heart I will never again curse the ground for man’s sake although the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth nor will I again destroy every living thing as I have done so God is saying I will not destroy the earth the same way I did with the judgment through the flood so we need to understand certain things some people say Oh God is judging China maybe what people talk like that God is judging China try not to say this because my heart goes out to do dr. Li one young Christian died in a line of duty the first whistleblower and another director Christian two hours so you know night they sacrifice their lives to save other people so you must understand what happened after the flood what did God say in verse 22 while the earth remains seedtime and harvest cold and heat winter and summer and day a night shall not cease the kingdom principle of God is the principle of sowing and reaping God says after the flood this is the kingdom principle that guides everything on earth whatever you sow you shall reap and so what happens in Galatians Paul said be not let astray God is not mocked for what a man may so that also he shall reap because he is sowing to his flesh shall the flesh reap corruption and he was sowing to the spirit of the spirit shall reap life enduring forever lasting so Paul affirmed this kingdom principle that God instituted after the flood that means whatever we sow we shall reap if we sow love we will reap love even so kindness you reap kindness right but even so sin on an individual basis you reap the consequences now if a country so sin there are consequences so there’s a principle going on here God is so to speak not actively saying I’m judging any country God is saying this is the principle that guides every country even so righteousness you will reap righteousness and god will exoneration and I believe God is a sort of Singapore because there’s been righteousness in Singapore amen right we look at any nation they so sin there are consequences not only in an individual level not only community level it’s also at a national level and therefore remember the wars Winston Churchill when they were faced with an ominous enemy what they putted a Judy called United Kingdom to prayer and they pleaded they fasted and they prayed and God delivered UK from those wars they could have been wiped out but God delivered them because God had a purpose for them you see you can’t remain one of the last few nations and it revivals the Welsh revival John Wesley revival and it considered impact the nation’s and in fact they sought that in the in the u.s. u.s. took over to become a nation built on righteous and so to speak in the beginning so we know there are consequences and God says whatever you sow you will reap so we must ask ourselves right now individually if I certain sin I want to repent now because their consequences if I open the door Paul says do not give a foothold to the enemy it’s not because God was the judge you but even leave your door open to the enemy he comes in he attacks you right so we are foolish if we don’t hit the Word of God so this is something nations individuals must understand and even churches if a church sitting against God and refuse the move of God I do whatever things it has an honor guard then their consequences if you say I don’t know he listen to the voice of God so you’ve a choice D class I wanna listen to the voice of God there are consequences the warnings were coming you’re not listening it’s dangerous so every church needs to listen to the prophetic voice of God it’s so so critical for every one of us to be able to do that so Paul reiterated this powerful principle – the key question for us today is Matthew 24 verse 3 now as he said an amount of Olives the disciples came to private saying tell us when will these things be and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age we know the certainty is that the end will come amen the end will come as certain was the first coming of Jesus the second coming of Jesus had more prophecies and it will happen and I believe all of us and I was watching online in a future who will know that we had a generation who will see the second coming of Jesus we had a generation who saw 1948 the miraculous regard ring of the Jewish people from all over the world and how long has it been 72 years what did if I will say the lifespan of a generation some ninety verse 10 says the length of moments like this 70 and Eve is a strength 80 is that true 70 or 80 Moses said that so the generation of Israel coming back in 1948 right now is 72 years we are in a loss of that decade there God sees marks a generation so therefore let us really take heed to the Word of God you see this message will have to impact how we live our lives how we plan for the future how does a church even plan finances for example in in Thailand where possible I will not try to buy any land I’ll try to lease land owners have lands I try to lease and now I will try to build so we we have we have two three pieces of land all given to us by people okay and recently just before I came I met with somebody who said yeah I bought one more one acre in this place and he was asking me look into it and I believe he wants to give it to us to build a Center a revival for a whole region so I believe that God will supply the land and the resources to build whatever necessary and I tried to minimize building too much because I believe here in that last stretch I don’t have a five-year building program by time I finished Jesus is back what do you think would you like to do that no I don’t want to go up on the way in the rapture and say oh no we left behind so many properties on earth where they’re individually privately owned or corporately I want to see that those properties are maximally used for the kingdom and whatever God wants us to do so impacts our decision impacts what you own in Singapore what you own another places now if I got 100 more years to go on earth right then I’ll be a land owner and building order right hundred years to plan but if I got seven years for example if your decisions will change so therefore this is the year of the global prophetic awakening we must re-examine all that we have and ask God how should we steward after all we don’t own nothing everything we have has been given to us by God amen and God has called us to be stewards are we good stewards of all that God wants to give to us right now so all the signs the disciples asked Jesus tell us when it’s not if when and what will they look like and that’s why Jesus told them what will happen if you look at this diagram concerning increasing disaster storms floods avalanches fires droughts from the 1980s on the left it will proceed to your 90s 2000 and out 2016 you can see that it is increasing it is increasing I can show you another graph of earthquakes the frequencies and the intensity you will know is increasing I don’t think I need to convince you you can do your own research that everything that is happening in the world it’s like somebody is like saying something is happening on earth it’s like we need an intervention by God to renew everything is that everything is coming to an end okay imagine billions of locusts flying over farmlands what is happening you see when God created the earth how many believe that God created enough food for everybody right but because a man’s sin we are now reaping what we are sowing and that is why God will intervene there comes a time when you know Romans 8 says creation is groaning groaning for what for the sons of God to be made manifest so this is good news for us while the creation is groaning under sin under whatever God is saying where are my sons and daughters where are my sons I noticed with authority and like Jesus Jesus can speak to the storm be still and his form so stilled God is raising enzyme sons and daughters not slaves or servants children Abel you’re not a slave no servant you’re a son a daughter of God and because we’re sons and daughters we have authority amen my father has given us authority on earth and in heaven we need to exercise authority I I will not bow down to the coronavirus you know the coronavirus is coronavirus you know why right because he looks like there’s a crown looks like he’s got a crown we say to the coronavirus club in nineteen you don’t have the right to rule you have a false crown in Jesus mighty name there’s only one king and coronavirus come in 19 you have to bow down in the name of Jesus to the Lord of lords and the king of kings we can command that degree of already and command that and I was told by some of my prophetic friends in Singapore that in 2003 in a massage crisis they were led by the Lord to do a prophetic act in Singapore and obeyed the Lord and right after they did the prophetic act and proclaim over Singapore there were no more new cases of sauce at a time rightfully prayed this is spiritual warfare do we don’t minimize what the doctors are doing we thank God for all of them the nurses in a medical system wonderful at the same time the roots of the problem is spiritual and therefore we can take a fall in the church the church has the authority to take authority over any kinds of things which comes from the kingdom of darkness and subdue them and say Jesus reigns over Singapore in the mighty name hallelujah the birth pangs are here dormant extinct volcanoes earthquakes wars from cold war to hot war you know the weapons that we have today nuclear weapons they can literally burn up everything like Winston Churchill used to say we have been our weapons to destroy the earth three times over and indeed we have today from Russia United States nuclear weapons are more than enough we have to pray because we know many of these things will happen so in all these things that are gonna happen what do we do what do we do some ninety one verse one I know many of you read that that I want to highlight something very important about this verse where is the secret place where we see things happening around us where’s the secret place where can I find a secret place the psalmist says he that dwelleth his secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will say of the Lord he is my refuge and my fortress my god in him will I trust hallelujah now let me explain a bit more here the psalmist says the secret place of the Most High El Elyon Most High the first time this term was used was a time when Abraham defeated a coalition of kings they won against him and after the victory he came back he must be tired because he was three aging men he could defeat the huge armies it’s amazing so on his way back from a victory who did he meet he met Melchizedek remember Melchizedek serve him wined and bread and how was Boca zeg described as the priests of God Most High there’s the first time that what El Elyon is being mentioned God Most High interesting interesting where is a place of safety you know the bread and the wine represents Jesus and what he had done for us and Abraham had an encounter with the king priests and many scholars believe icky siddig is that you’re funny it’s a manifestation of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament you know and he came to minister to Abraham and he was not from the Levitical priesthood he was from the kingly priesthood which Jesus came to fulfill as well so he’s important for us to recognize that the secret place is in El Elyon the God Most High when you dwell in the place of God’s Most High then you shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty el shaddai when you are in a place of God Most High you will have the protection of El Shaddai and he shall be a refuge and your fortress now where is this secret place then in Exodus 24 verse 17 the sight of the glory of God was like a consuming fire on a top of the mountain in the eyes of the children of Israel so Moses went into the midst of the cloud and went up he went up okay God knows hi you don’t go down you go up going up to the high places you go up he went up in a miss of the cloud and went up into the mountain mountain always talks about Kingdom always refers to King and Moses was on the mountain 40 days and 40 nights in the glory cloud of God is your secret place remember 40 years in the wilderness how did God protect Israel there could be diseases plagues pestilence they can wipe them all out any time any time but what happened God’s glory was like a cloud in the daytime and were like a fire in the night time to keep them warm and against wall animals the glory of God kept Israel for forty years in safe like a refuge there’s no safe place on earth except the place of God’s glory can you see a place you can be in a lion’s end like Daniel but the glory of God was there you can’t be in a fiery furnace I got three friends of Daniel but a fire of what was there and this fire of the earth cannot consume them are you found in a secret place of God’s glory the key word is his glory when you are there somebody 1 verse 5 says 91 verse 3 tha’s surely he shall deliver you from the snare of the Fowler and from the perilous pestilence I’m so glad the psalmist mentioned this when you are in the glory of God a secret place of God the high place of God he shall cover you with his feathers and under his wings he shall take refuge his truth shall be your shield and buckler from the perilous pestilence God is aware God knows covet 19 way before his being is being discovered or being recognized God knows he’s already set in motion the means of a protection coming into the place of glory coming to a place of death you see when Melchizedek served the bread and the wine what does it represent it means dying to Jesus and arising in his resurrection power do you are the resurrection power of Jesus in you do you have the Bible says that power that raised Jesus from the dead is in you and I amen this is the time to really believe it I know yes the resurrection power of God is in me I have the resurrection power because I died in Jesus the bread and the wine but his reserve that when you die to yourself and when you’re caught up in the power and glory of God your resurrection power the glory of God is what we need in verse 5 you shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor of the arrow that flies by day no of the pestilence that walks in darkness no of the destruction that lays weighs at noonday so much emphasis on all these things they’re gonna happen pestilences destruction that john wrote about in the book of Revelation and Jesus talked about in Matthew 24 God says be found in my secret place where is the secret place of God Hebrews 12:22 but you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the Living God the heavenly Jerusalem to an innumerable company of angels to the General Assembly and Church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven to God the judge of all to the spirits of just men made perfect we have been invited to the secret place Mao Sian it’s not early Jerusalem is heavenly Jerusalem right now God says you’ll be invited to the mountain Mao Sian the place of God’s great glory the place may be protected the place where God is speaking Hebrews 12 25 see that you do not refuse him who speaks for if they did not escape who refuse him just jump to verse 25 to slyke’s later make sure we listen to the voice of God whose voice then should be earth but now he has promised once more I shake not only the earth but also heaven it’s okay don’t worry about us likes so you’ve read read 25 God is saying do not refuse him who speaks but if they did not escape the one who spoke enough how much more shall we not escape if we turn away from him who speaks from heaven God speaks with us oh yeah good you found it in the place of his glory do you know in the wilderness once they come in a certain place and God says okay time to go they will pack their tents and he will leave right Moses what if someone say ayah we have been here and every day shift okay we stay here this looks like a good place what if they stayed and refused to obey the Lord they will be in the greatest danger because they’re not in the glory of God not with a fire of God and in the desert area is the most dangerous place we need to hear the voice of God this the safest place in the world is where God is leading you to right now so when God leads past the day this is he first place and I’m not afraid of death it is important to understand who I was telling the church you know you know revelation 12:1 says you overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb by the word of their testimony and do not fear there are lives unto death right so I tell my church I said don’t worry you wouldn’t get the virus but you get you will recover if you don’t recover you’ll see Jesus how bad could that be how bad could I be are you ready to see Jesus if you’re ready to see Jesus what is–what’s fear is there I am ready to see Jesus anytime my only problem is I’m afraid if I go heaven right now and Jesus says there are still seven more assignments you are not finished please go back there that’s why I’m concerned about it so once you settle in your heart fear is gone I know where I’m going amen do you know I know where I’m going I’m gonna be with Jesus devil what can you do to me what can you do to me I can’t go to dangerous places to preach the gospel when the Lord leads me I was in Indonesia preaching during the 97-98 crisis and after I preached in the afternoon there was a riot outside and they were throwing stones into the church building and cars were damaged they knew there was a Chinese preacher preaching that day they will burn the whole place down they will probably kill me that day they will try to kill me but the pastor’s wife was from Ambon non Chinese she stood out there she just said Jesus loves you so none of them came in that pastor’s wife took authority over the situation because if the crowd the rioters would come because you see that kind of level the demonic is at play already so you you can’t think of them as normal human beings there is a spirit of violence spirit of Jeff in operation so you got to trust the Lord where God leads you is the safest place and anyway we have no fear of death no fear at all people who do not know the Lord of course they ought to be fearful but we we are not why have I got a fear is in Singapore oh you think I singer is so good to heaven cannot be compared that’s heaven got all this kind of a protocol in managing virus heaven doesn’t need that there’s no virus in heaven so what I got to fear til a neighbor rejoice in the Lord knowing assist you in the Lord because my life is in the hands of my god amen my life is in the Lord God if you think that I’m ready to go I should be going I’m ready to go you know I read about prophets some of them Kim Clement at six years old God took him back I said why now I don’t know the full answer sometimes I know the answer but I don’t speculate I only want to say God my life is in your hands so this is the time to say God my life is totally in your hands all that I have all that I own use it father for the sake of the kingdom this is a time to be awakened to a destiny and purpose we’re not here to accumulate and this is the important wake-up call for the world for Singaporeans right now Hebrews 12 27 are clothes of this verse now this yet once more indicates the removal of those things are being shaken is of things that are made there are things which cannot be shaken may remain therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken let us have grace by which we may serve God acceptable with reverence and godly fear for our God is a consuming fire Amen God is a consuming fire he protects us he also consumer enemies the Bible says a fire goes before the the armies of God and consume the enemies a fire goes out in Jesus mighty name and consume the coronavirus covet 19 the fire of God you will not strike fear either people of God the Church of Jesus Christ in Singapore shall rise in bonus hallelujah praise the Lord come on people stand up with me let’s worship the Lord hallelujah the enemy wants us to be in fear and not worship God but we will do the opposite of what he wants us to do we shall worship the Lord okö hallelujah worshiped him pastor Jonathan leaders in such worship all to exalt Jesus Christ he is reigning over all Oh hallelujah thank you Father thank you God with all your hearts worship Him [Music] my hope is true or nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness I dare not trust the sweetest frame but wholly trust [Music] ridiculous hotel they spilled or not then Jesus rather than the righteous man I’m ten God trusts me this way Oh [Music] pretty clear this price alone [Music] [Music] [Music] wind up is too high you spare my restaurant please change me [Music] and so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] we shall come with trumpet sound obey like him [Music] this right all this stands before the siclari’s one more time he shall come with [Music] may I give me bow dress administration [Music] [Music] [Music] to [Music] [Music] wig baby strong in the saviour’s fun to the star-lord [Music] Oh [Music] you know before we pray the last slide Isaiah 57 verse 15 very importantly I don’t have a step for you isaiah 57:15 the very last slide let me read it for you for today’s the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity whose name is holy I twelve in a high and holy place with whom with him with him who has a contrite and humble spirits to receive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the contrite ones this is the secrets who will dwell with the Lord in a high and holy place Isaiah says he who is a contrite and a humble spirit he means I trust a lot fooling I thank God for the medical facilities in Singapore but my trust my trust in trance alone is in my God my God Most High El Elyon hallelujah I shall abide I’m gonna shed all your mighty oh my god this morning Lily see God I have a contrite and humble spirit this is the time to come to you sometimes wealth can replace God in our lives so we trust so much in what we have my God is saying to you and I today trust only in him he will not fail you and I how do you say to the Lord I will trust you at you alone give me a humble and contrite spirit let your hands as we pray follow me thank you this morning oh I sense I sense a deep joy in my spirit the Lord says a joy of the Lord is your strength let joy supernatural joy erupt from within you in your spirit overflowing your soul changing emotions affecting your will and causing you and I to be humble before the Lord and say God we depend on you fully our trust is in you and you alone you will never fail us you will never forsake us you are the same yesterday you’re the same GJ you are the same forever and we look forward to your second coming the Bible says those who endure Julian shall be saved that’s what Jesus said father give a supernatural grace empowerment to endure and to be triumphant in his last lap of the human race overcoming every pestilence overcoming Wars overcoming famines overcoming everything the weapon of the enemy form against us they will not prosper but we will take authority and be triumphant so father thank you lord give us the wisdom to order our lives aright the Lord say your spiritual eyes your physical eyes your financial eyes learn to depend on the Lord for healing our God is a mighty healer learn to depend on God for his provision he is Jehovah Jireh our provider so father we thank you let this worse reverberate in our hearts and cause joy to overflow everywhere we go in Singapore we can tell people rejoice for our God is good he says hallelujah we thank you Father in Jesus by today so here I found two

5 thoughts on “COVID19 Prophetic Sign (มีซับไทย) | 23 Feb 2020| Ps Chee Kang Seng | Bethesda Cathedral Singapore”

  1. Amen! May God continue to use you through out the world. We have to continue to pray in the mighty name of Jesus. The world need to pray and bind the spirit of darkness of Coronavirus in the name of Jesus. Apostles, Pastors, Priest, Families need to pray over the farm lands and bind every locust, anoint the land in the mighty name of Jesus. Pray over your cities, community and business you share prosper in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord we give you the honor and praises.

  2. Everyone dwelling on this cursed world whether believers of Christ or not know that immerse sufferings are forth-coming…the worse has yet to come…until Lord Jesus return to earth escorted by His thousands of angels…only one thing to alway live right in the light before God's eyes…Help us Lord Jesus…Amen.

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