Daily Horoscope: February 21st – February 22nd, 2020

February 21st and 22nd Friday and
Saturday the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is one sign behind in Aquarius
when you put a Pisces and Aquarius in a room together you’ll recognize them by
the way they’re addressed either they have tattoos or very unique style they
have no desire to fit in they have an incredible statement you know how people
walk in the room you think wow where did they get those clothes because they
value the aesthetics so much that’s Pisces Aquarius their identification
with themselves is to be different and Pisces is an artist just in case you
don’t know an Aquarius is an artist so you put those two together there’s a new
moon coming on the 23rd so we’re preparing to go in we’re soon gonna have
a double Pisces sky but right now is the time to use our words now here’s the
crazy part the words have to be poetic they have to be poetry because there’s a
stellium and Pisces the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune it’s such a cool if a baby
were born with this there’s Aquarius there’s there’s a Sun in Pisces there’s
a Moon and Aquarius then there’s a stellium in Pisces as we know the Sun
Mercury and Neptune and there’s a stallion and Capricorn
we have Jupiter Pluto Saturn and Mars I always thought there’s these last
signs Pisces Aquarius and Capricorn because it’s the very end of the chart
that the last three signs it’s the most sophisticated energy it starts off with
Aries is the kid and Taurus is all about their money and geminis about their
thoughts and cancers about their family then we go to the opposite we go to
capricorns all about business Aquarius is about science Pisces is about
dreaming and spirituality this is a very advanced time
if a baby were born February 21st or 22nd I’m describing someone who is a
very old soul who’s coming in to invent something so back to you on this weekend
cleaning up things inventing something making food without a recipe giving
yourself permission to go outside of the norm doing something you would never do
driving to work in a different way on Friday letting yourself change it up
that’s Pisces Aquarius they do not like following and that stellium and Pisces
is like what do you mean we don’t like following we don’t even know it’s two
fish going out this direction how you follow get it fish they can’t follow
well they go in schools those fish it’s a so Pisces they go in schools and they
kind of follow each other but the water is directing them it’s always about the
flow so Friday and Saturday find your flow don’t follow dress up a little bit
strange clothes and see if you can feel this astrological influence influencing
you astrology has just told me this weekend they’re going to have so much

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