Daily Horoscope: July 8th – July 9th, 2019

Daily Horoscope: July 8th – July 9th, 2019

July 8th and 9th Monday and Tuesday the
Sun is in Cancer and the moon is in Libra it’s 90 degrees
hello and right across is Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn so here’s the T we
all hear about it 1 2 3 the release of this whole movie is going to be Aries
which there’s no planets there so what does it mean there’s Cardinal energy in
the heavens astrology 101 there’s three categories
fixed mutable and Cardinal Cardinal energy is to get up and go people don’t
know this about cancer cancers have an incredible endurance why because it’s
the mother it’s the womb it rules the stomach and
what happens to the cancer mother if she gives birth and the next day she’s up
and the kids are crying and she’s got to feed them and she’s got the baby she’s
so durable she has so much stick it to it nests people underestimate cancer and
go oh they’re so sensitive they crack excuse me they cry because they’re
strong it takes way more courage to be vulnerable and express your emotions to
pretend you don’t have them now when the Suns in cancer and the moons in libra
this little square thing we pretended people born under this configuration the
Sun and Moon squaring usually try their best to be very detached moon and Libra
but the cancer if you’re being authentic and you’re willing to use the tension
that’s in the heavens here you will use the Aries release point to say I’m gonna
tell the truth yeah and especially in relationship
because the moon is in Libra so it’s all about relationship and we’ve got Mercury
and Mars and Leo so it’s really time to stand up inside your relationship even
though it’s during cancer and to say see here’s the angle what if you said I want
to make peace so we need to talk about this topic we keep fighting it I don’t
want to fight with you anymore if everyone just said to their partners or
their mothers or the person that bugs are the most please can we not fight I
don’t want to fight with you if it means me retreating if it means us
seeking counsel if I went to go get Deborah’s Silverman’s astrology someone
on her team that could help us learn about why we fight so much would you be
open and then the person says yes and then the cancer Libra use their pain
body to initiate healing astrology answers wanted me to tell you
this is a really good time to address whatever is going on in your
relationships that irritate you and not blame the person but take full
responsibility and say how can we change this dynamic Wow that’s a novel idea

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  1. Omg I’m Cancer rising moon in Libra, followed astrology for ages and never heard this but it’s true. Although I don’t like aries people in general too impulsive.thats probably because my sun sign is Capricorn 😎

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