Daily Horoscope: May 23rd to May 25th, 2019

Daily Horoscope: May 23rd to May 25th, 2019

Thursday Friday Saturday May 23rd 24th
and 25th dare I say it happy birthday yes the Sun is in Gemini and the moon is
in Aquarius oops it goes like that Gemini Chris you can make as many
mistakes as you want a Gemini and Aquarius fast funny witty I had a
husband who passed away and he had this configuration and one day he looked at
me the subway and he said Debra were you looking in the mirror when you put
your makeup on is that supposed to be funny
that’s so Gemini Aquarius I just made me laugh so hard like I think you were
insulting me or were you complimenting me I didn’t quite get it that’s the
nature of double air they can say the funniest lines they’re charming they’re
funny they’re talkative this is a great few days to get yourself into verbal
gifted words now think about Debra Silverman Tommy Chang Bob Dylan we’re
all good company May 24th we are the people that use look at me my mouth
becomes this little instrument that puts words together and I listen and
afterwards I’m like wow dad that was pretty good how did Sean told me that
when he opens up the fridge and the light comes on in the middle of the
night he thinks he’s performing and he starts doing a little act because that’s
the Gemini energy is we just love to entertain as soon as the lights are on
were like all over it talking to ourselves and if your moons and aquarius
you love talking to yourself but the point of this exercise with these two
combinations is they don’t care what you think they’re individuals they’re unique
they’re funny and dare I say it charming so enjoy Thursday Friday and Saturday
this weekend is social it’s verbal it’s studying it’s reading it’s documentaries
it’s Netflix you can do it all at the same time you have the television on you
have the computer on the phones ringing there’s the dog and oops I forgot I was
baking bread that is Gemini Aquarius brought to you by Deborah Silverman
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10 thoughts on “Daily Horoscope: May 23rd to May 25th, 2019”

  1. Deborah my dear girl, You are Sooo refreshing & uplifting… May I request you add to your expression of cosmic energies… How to apply your wonderful verbal dance in simple terms, maybe at very end of your overview.💥🦘💕🔮

  2. Gem rising double libra multitasking is my middle name. I love it. I don't talk to myself. I'm thinking outloud as my Aquarius mom would say. Lol have a great Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm Gemini sun AND ascending with an Aquarius moon… birthday is 5/25. Fun days ahead! 🎉

  4. Multitasking? Ascendant, and moon at 29 degree's of Cap, makes a Gem Sun, have 2 rising signs, and 2 moon signs LOL! Now that's multitasking! All most every house split into 2, that makes a happy Gemini! tehe! Happy Birthday Gemini! 🙂 (me) 🙂

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