Dating Advice : How to Determine the Compatibility Between 2 People

Dating Advice : How to Determine the Compatibility Between 2 People

Psychological tests, astrological profiles,
astrological compatibility charts- everybody uses them. This is Dr. Paul, author of Boomer
Girls: A Boomer Women’s Guide to Men and Dating. How do you determine the compatibility between
two people. More importantly, you and the other person. Number one, do not listen to
your friends. Understand that? Little story about that: I’ve had women call who have told
me that their girlfriends really didn’t like the guy that they were with, and guess what?
After she stopped going with him, the girlfriend picked up on the guy. So don’t ask your friends.
There’s only one way to find out how compatible you are with another person, be you male or
female. And that’s this: trust your gut feeling. Trust that sixth sense. Only you know if the
chemistry is there. You can use every psychological profile in the book. You can use every astrological
test. You can use every sign that you want. But the final answer is you. How do I feel
about this person? And you might add something to that, how does that person feel about me?
Ultimately, you’re going to have to have that communication, that conversation. And you
can feel it. And that’s the best guide. Trying to do it through some other source, analyzing
it, putting it through the computer- it doesn’t work. You have to meet somebody first, of
course. But the important idea is how do you feel and how do they feel. It’s fairly simple.
This is Dr. Paul. May your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow.

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  1. I’m completely sure that there’s some underlying mechanism in nature, where a type of intuition comes into play, that can differentiate between a compatible, or a not so compatible, mate. True! – there’s a lot of cruel break-ups and divorces going on – evidently, those people just had settled for each other, at least at that time of their lives. In any case, I’ve discovered that I’ve learned absolutely nothing about true, real life relationships from watching a ton of other dating videos.

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