Deewangi – Episode 11 || English Subtitles || 26th Feb 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Deewangi – Episode 11 || English Subtitles || 26th Feb 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

They didn’t rape me, they didn’t even touch me. Nothing at all. I don’t know why they kidnapped me
on the wedding night, where they took me, what was the motive behind it, I don’t know anything. I don’t know the reason behind me being kidnapped. Nageen, how is that possible? You were with them for 2 days and they didn’t even touch you. You don’t believe me? I believe you, but how will the world believe you? I don’t know who those people were? What did they want?
What was their motive? I don’t know who those people were. I know nothing. I asked them again and again, but they didn’t reply sister. How do I make you believe? What do I do? Fine,
I am sure Sultan will find them. He has a lot of contacts, he will find them anywhere. You tell me, did you talk to Sultan? You told him that I came back,
what did he say? I told him. Why didn’t he come meet me? My phone. I must have dropped it. I will call him and tell him
to come meet me. Why would you call him? He must be worried,
he will come to me, meet me. I will tell him, that we will get married with simplicity,
we need no celebration. Forget about him, he is not yours. What are you saying sister, we love each other. We will get married,
how can I forget him? He is a respectable rich man, why would he marry someone
who was kidnapped? Did you talk to him? Did he say something? He did. He feels that you went by your will. He thinks you have a bad character, he broke ties with you. You lie, this is not possible. Sister he cannot leave me,
he is not like that. What can happen,
you don’t know Nageen. You don’t know how to judge people. For me, he fought his family, he wants to marry me, you will see, he will come running on one voice of mine. You will see, he will come right
now and marry me. Where is your phone? Where is your phone? Pick up the phone. He is not picking up, I told you he won’t. Forget him Nageen. How can he not pick up?
How can he do this? Who are you fooling Nageen? See, I told you, he would call me. He cannot do that. Hello, Sultan, where were you? I was… I told you so many time not to call me, I have nothing to do with you or
your characterless sister. After so much happened,
you still want me to marry your sister, make her mine. Will someone decent marry your sister? Who ran away on her wedding night? I will marry a poor girl, but wont marry a characterless girl. Hear me? Sultan, this is Nageen. Who Nageen? I don’t know any Nageen. Sultan, please don’t put down the phone,
I want to talk to you. Talk to me for 5 minutes. Please. What do you want to talk about? I told you I don’t want to talk to you. Sultan, believe me, I didn’t run, I was kidnapped, I am innocent. I can swear on the holy book,
believe me. I told you I don’t want to talk to you, give the phone to your sister. Speak up. Tell your sister not to contact me, she can live with the one she ran
away with on her wedding night. Shut up. You are from a cheap family that didn’t even tell you
how to talk about a woman. I don’t belong to a cheap family, you do. Your sister is characterless. Be strong Nageen. You have no fault. I don’t know. Your father has told no to keeping her. You can expect nothing from such a father, he has broken all ties. The father who didn’t care all his life, how will he keep her after all this. He cannot, but keeping here
is not going to work either. Why? Why isn’t it possible. Tell her. How can you say that? How can we keep her after so much insult. We made a mistake that we took
responsibility of a young girl, we didn’t know she would do this. I am tired of these dramas,
the whole locality is talking, I have no respect. What should I do? You want water?
Should I give it in the same glass? I think we should leave the city, where we don’t have to hear people talk. Marry her where possible. Mama, don’t talk to her about wedding, she is in pain. She might forget the accident
she went through, but she won’t be able to get over
the pain Sultan gave her. I can tell you one thing, a man never accepts a woman
who has a stained character. What does she say?
Did she tell you who were those people? What can she say? She has nothing to say. She must have said something,
who they were, what they did. What did they do? They did nothing with her, she is clean like she was. So this is what Nageen told you. One who steals won’t
agree she stole. My sister doesn’t lie, she is clean. Okay, your sister doesn’t lie, who are you fooling? She was out for 2 nights and you say no one touched her. Your sister said something weird. They kidnapped her, took her for 2 nights, didn’t touch her and left her in front of the home. What is your sister saying?
Who is she fooling? Ask her who she ran away with. I didn’t run away. They didn’t touch me. How do I make you believe it? My character is clean, I won’t run away on my wedding night. that till leaving someone like Sultan…
Stop taking his name, he doesn’t even want to see you. He is upset right now, if I convince him, he will agree, but you people believe me. Believe me I did nothing. I don’t know why the kidnapped
me on my wedding night, but they didn’t do anything. Yes, they played Ludo. If you say does it matter? Remember one thing madam, if a stain is on a woman’s character,
it doesn’t leave, you can announce it
using a loud speaker, no one will believe you. I don’t have to make the
locality believe me, I don’t want a character
certificate from anyone. How do I make you believe
I came back I left. I will go to Sultan and make him believe my innocence. Again the same name. remember one thing, if you step out, I will break your legs. I will go, I will surely go to Sultan and make him believe that whatever
happened I didn’t have any fault in it. I have no fault. I will tell him to come here and marry me and take me. I don’t want to live with people who don’t believe me. I will see who stops me. Hey, I said no, she is going,
you don’t see, I told her not to leave. Madam, listen to me. Leave me. Madam you cannot go
inside like this. Listen to me. I have to talk to you Sultan. Madam, come out. Fine, you go, I will listen to her. Why don’t you believe me Sultan? Why don’t you… You know my answer, why did you come here. Tell me what have I done?
If you came here to convince me, I would say you came here
to waste your time. You have something else to say? Look, you doubt me, right? You question me, I will answer, you ask me, but don’t look away, you know I have no one but you. Whatever you say doesn’t matter to me. Keep talking. I came to prove my innocence. I will not go without that. You remember, you told me you would come to pick me. I sat in the car thinking it
was your car by mistake. I was kidnapped Sultan. Why, I don’t know, I just know that I am innocent. Those people didn’t touch me,
believe me Sultan. I know. What do you know? That you came back as you went. Those people didn’t touch you. You are still innocent. This woman is high headed, she wont tell us so easily. She will have to pay a big price for ruining Mujadid Durrani’s
respect in front of the world. She is a nice girl, she doesn’t even know anything. You will say that,
after all you are in love. You should be thankful to me, that I didn’t let your respect get ruined. The work is done boss. Be careful of one thing, if someone touches her, I will cut his hands. So this means, you kidnapped me. Yeah. I was the one. This is what you
call payment with interest. Whatever happened,
I came to apologize for it, keep me away from all this, I am from a good family. I beg you. Forgive me. What do you think Nageen, this one word will bring back
my respect and name? I will not leave you, you will have to pay for your mistake. I will make you a sign
for the world to fear. But, why? My respect… What? What did you say? Your respect? An ordinary girl like you has no respect and you are nothing special that you can slap me in front of the
world and I will marry you. Are you mad? Sultan Durrani is my name. I fought with my family to make you mine.
To marry you. But what did you do with me? Slapped me in front of the world. You ruined my respect. You didn’t leave me capable
to show my face to anyone. I could never imagine you will go so low to take revenge from me. I have never seen someone as
cheap as you. Don’t shout, this is my office, not your bus station that
people will gather, if I call out my guards will
throw you out of here. You are not worth wearing this ring, you know what, a girl like you are worth
passing time with. But I don’t consider you
capable of that. You made this mistake once, you have paid for it. Don’t ever think of doing
this again in your life, or I will take away your breath. Go from here. This is what you call payment with interest. You are not worth it. You know what, girls like you are for time pass. You have made this mistake
once and paid for it. Don’t you dare do this mistake again, I will take your life. God will never forgive you!!! Are you telling the truth? Yes sir, the whole office saw her get insulted. Wow, you made me happy, you will be rewarded for this. Yes. You have proved today that you have the
blood of Durrani in your veins, Sultan, I am proud of you. You got the news? I cannot wait, till I hug you and congratulate you, I will not be at peace. Wow. That cheap girl has been taught well. Wow. It was necessary uncle. Someone ruined my respect, made me a joke, now that girl will now be
a joke all her life. Yes, come home soon, lets celebrate it. Come on. Come. Nageen, what happened? What did Sultan say to you? What happened there?
Why don’t you tell me. Speak up Nageen,
what happened? He is not a man, he is an animal. What happened?
Tell me the whole thing. What happened Bi Jaan?
Why are you sitting here alone? Everyone is enjoying the party, come. Why are you not talking to me Bi Jaan? I am noticing it from yesterday. What happened?
You didn’t like something I said? No one celebrates when they get ruined, I thought Nageen was
kidnapped by Narmeen, but now I realize it was not that. Why did you do that? I didn’t do anything to her. She is responsible for what happened. Bi Jaan, leave it, come, lets enjoy the party. Why don’t you look happy then? No, I am happy, why don’t I see happy. I cannot dance. You don’t show happiness, it can be seen in the eyes. Nageen’s condition is worse than before, she has gone mad crying. She is not eating, drinking, or sleeping.
Should we take her to a psychiatrist? You find out about your medication, I got a potato in the rice, we have no money to eat
and you want to spend. You have any idea of the
fees of these doctors? You are her sister, talk to her, what had to happen, happened. Sultan had to cheat her, he did. Anwar is ready to marry her still, her mother came with a proposal. Mama, what are you saying? My sister is in shock
and Anwar is a goon. Hey, he really loves Nageen and wants to marry her and your
sister should be happy that he is ready to marry
her after the insult. Her life will be ruined. Don’t be emotional, she won’t be ruined, who is responsible for her life being ruined? She is. We have nothing to do with it.
We wanted the best for her, who wanted her to have
an affair with this rich man, we have no respect, we don’t have properly
cooked potato in the rice. Damn it, thank God you
got this. Eat it. I am having onions mama. Onion? Eat properly. What happened? Where are you going? To meet Sultan’s grandma. To tell her what her grandson did with me. I will tell the world about him. Also, get an FIR filed if needed…
Nageen, listen to me, you will fight such an influential man? He has done enough, you will create another scene. I don’t care about anyone. Nageen. If you care about me a little, go right now and apologize to that girl, or remember, I will leave you forever and you will not be able to see me. You will leave me for a strange woman, someone you don’t even know. Since when did she become so important? You are important, but I cannot tolerate that
my grandson does a sin and I don’t show him the right path. Nothing has been ruined right now, make her yours,
for a slap you ruined her life. That innocent girl was fooled for a wedding, you kidnapped her, you thought you showed your masculinity. Is this your masculinity? You didn’t even think once before
doing something so cheap? Whatever I did was right Bi Jaan, I am not sad about what I did. So you won’t apologize? No, I won’t. God’s revenge is silent.
Be afraid of Him. I didn’t do anything wrong, Nageen should have thought about it. I loved her so much, I was mad to see a sight of her in buses. What did she do with me? She ruined my respect in front of the world. My respect, my love all got ruined.
You still worry of that girl. ] Have you thought of what I lost. The one I loved for the first time,
I lost her, I also lost my name in the city. Do you even think I can love in life again? Tell me. You worry more for the girl who
ruined your grandson’s life? Wow Bi Jaan, I am not that bad. I was not this bad. She did wrong with me. What I did, I responded to her. If someone thinks its wrong, then it can be wrong. Sultan…

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