DESIGNING MY OWN NPC YOUNGSTERS | Character Designs | Drawing in My Sketchbook!

Hey everyone! it’s time to draw something
so grab your sketchbooks if you’d like to draw along and let’s draw something [pleasant bouncy music] so the otherday, I was actually trying to film a
video where I was going to use watercolors so I kind of designed a
character and then drew them on watercolor paper and I actually had a
separate one where I tried to draw this girl character on watercolor paper then
I was trying to color it and ….[hesitate] watercolors to me just, I don’t know, they
always look so muddy. it looks like I just grabbed mud and like
[mud squishing noise] tried to make
art with it but I thought why not, sweat equity, use some of these designs
that I’ve created and turn the page, if you will, – I just think this
character kind of looks like pokemon trainer I don’t know what it is – I’ve
been kind of experimenting with a slightly different style
I saw someone draw a character with these huge ears and something just
clicked in my head that “oh whenever I draw huge ears they look weird but this
person drew them like lower on the head and it just looked adorable” and then I
realized every person that I’ve ever looked at
who drew big ears did this – I was like “I want to try that” so that’s what’s going
on right here we’ve got a little beach boy
[Aruba…Jamaica..ooooo] I’m not sure what you want to draw
but I’m thinking I’d like to draw some more almost pokemon trainer
NPC character designs so like that one would be like a swimmer –
what’s another one? oh how about youngster that’s a fun one they always have their
baseball cap flipped around you know we can draw a boy and a girl version of
them so what I really like about Pokemon art, the characters at least, is that they
always seem, they’re standing there but it also feels like they’re alive because
there’s some kind of motion to them that’s something I’d like to try and
capture when I’m drawing them these are kind of supposed to be characters of
mine (not in the Pokemon Art Style) big mouth, big eyebrows I forgot to draw the pose what am I thinking? i always draw like an upside down triangle for the crotch region it helps me
get a good grasp that legs need to poke out in there you know? ooh what if he’s
got one foot up like they’re running towards adventure! now one thing I’m
looking at this I wanted it to be a youngster character, right? the body proportions aren’t quite where they need
to be so I’m going to shrink the legs shrink all the limbs really I think that
will help so like pull the knee up higher and this
knee up higher did that make him look younger? do you see do you see how that
like instantly kind of solved that problem? we’re gonna have to color these oo I want to grab my markers – ooohh [whispers:]
but i drew this on the back of a page I like… [quiet artistic moan] we’ll figure
something out I’m not gonna look at these youngsters I’m gonna try and do my
best to kind of just use the knowledge I already have or ideas that I want to
pursue without actually looking directly at any of the Pokemon characters and of
course it’s gonna be my own style too so trying to be very loose with the pose
cuz if you’re too stiff with the sketch the lineare ain’t gonna get looser
let me just tell you that the legs feel awkward to me if I pull this one down
like more lined with the body? now I kind of want to pull this leg even further
out it’s still very squished but we have a lot of paper left so let’s move on to
the character design we can work on poses when we get to some more
characters need that little hole in the Hat got the brim of the Hat or the bill
that’s what it’s called: a bill sometimes I just need hand motions and the words
come to me sometimes they don’t though I definitely want to go like really simple
because it’s obviously a kid right? they don’t have a lot of money in the fashion
budget so maybe just a t-shirt maybe even one that’s a little big like it’s a
hand-me-down okay [excited]
see how it’s loose on the body like wind
is a’blowing oh maybe we can put that really simple design where it’s the
stripe where you see it in like movies and cartoons but I’ve never seen it in
real life, one of those should I give him little shorts? 80s? oh!!! what if he’s like 80s themed? I want to look up like stranger things or something why would you tuck in your t-shirt
into your sweatpants? I don’t want to spend forever looking at Pinterest even though
I could let’s just go with that first 80s thought I had with the shorter
shorts, the long socks ooh here’s a good foot! is it? wait… never really know until
you take a step back that is what a fist look like youd think I’d figure it out eventually thinking longer hair I forgot the draw his nose! – let’s try to draw like
the girl version in the Pokemon universe of this NPC like a counterpart so like
the same age same, Pokemon type ,character you know you know I’m talking about I always find drawing feminine characters a lot easier because I’ve drawn so many
of them it can be fun if we kind of keep that leg up see that triangle shape
figure out where the hips are this is kind of a similar pose now looks like I
made her legs way longer than his legs and I kind of want to keep the
proportions similar so I’ll bring that down probably means I’ll bring this foot up
as well okay the shoulders are a little different let’s just redraw that
whole head maybe we’ll even turn her head so they’re not looking the same way and those ears [giggles] just experimenting with the style a little bit it’s always funny when I see
someone trying to recreate my style because I can see them struggling
because my art style just seems so out of all over the place because I’m like
always experimenting with it, trying to find the one I like the best and how
will you know until you’ve tried them all, right? I’m kind of hoping you know
how when you like when you zoom in on a grid you can see it’s like bouncing up
and down like this on a graph but if you like zoom out and look at the trends
over time it’s like little tiny bumps that’s what I’m kind of hoping for my
art style eventually it’ll all kind of look like a little bumps maybe I just haven’t found that thing that’s mine yet lets give her a hat too
why not should I make them as similar as
possible, little short pony tail, turn her hat so it’s forward so that it’s not too
similar [to the male character] can’t decide if I want the eyes huge or kind of normal sized and just the
ears huge – she’s looking at him like she likes him [laughs] so it looks like we could maybe go the oversized clothes and mom jeans route
for her where is this arm? might actually lower her leg
it’s too similar [to the other characters pose] maybe down here ish yeah I like that better I don’t want her
to be like a copycat you know it’s definitely not historically accurate [lol]
just inspired you know? I think we need more exaggeration in the clothes they’re
not quite conveying what I’m looking for here need to pull the mom Jean up even
higher, it looks like it fits her too well oh yeah yeah like that better see we’re exaggerating the shapes by shrinking this, this section looks larger
and that creates that contrast and now everything just looks larger overall – I’m
getting ‘We’re Back’ vibes I don’t know if any of you have seen that and I don’t
even think the characters dressed like this but there’s a boy and a girl add some pattern to the pants oh and she’s got to have that short under hair bit that
doesn’t make it into the ponytail yuuus I love that stuff there we go
these look like sneakers to you? I also gave her some big socks it just felt
right there we go, got our youngsters they look little older than maybe I was
going for- can’t decide if I want to color these or not? don’t want to ruin the
art on the other page yeah why don’t I go and do this this isn’t usually that
fun to watch so we’ll probably skip to when it I’m done yeah yeah I think that’s all
of it for her, now do I want to continue with the dude over here Circle them on
the page so you know that’s where the art is just don’t know if I have the
colors that I want for this – here I use this thing! this is the
perfect blue for her like I already know I didn’t even have to swatch it a nice light wash denim some designs up here in the same
color – there we go and that’s how you color something without coloring it too
much where you might accidentally mess up you know (I’m pretty much a pro at
that) half trying you know let’s try to draw them again much as I’d like to do
another one I’m not crazy about his character design yet so let’s just draw
them standing still looks that’s something I feel like I’ve gotten better
at make sure we get these proportions correct – could even try to make them look
younger while we’re at it let me make his shirt oversized as well hehe he looks so weirded out shoes see how this pose is just so less-so much less fluid? still fun to
draw but it just doesn’t have that… [trying to find the word] pizazz!, you know? that stripe would
probably be curved a little bit since this shirt doesn’t fit properly right? dirty knees we’ll draw her next to him, we can figure out what her design looks
like more: big huge pants, high-wasting..? high-waisted! oh her hats it’s hard to draw
baseball caps head on like that, big shirt oh look at them next to each other
I love how there’s similarities in their design but they’re not like identical
twins or anything, not wearing the same exact clothes drawing her a little cross-eyed makes her look
younger doesn’t it? I forgot how much I like to draw just characters flat on the
ground you know he looks a little animal crossing to me usually the both kind of
do – I think it’s those simple shapes I was trying to use drawing head-on is
very difficult for me can’t even see their ears 🙁 her head a lot smaller than his? what happened here? oh there we go the hat was too small got it look how cute they
are my wittle youngsters I’m gonna try draw them again but even like more
shorter proportions see if I can get them to look even
younger so why don’t you just draw the exact same picture below right here see
how I can shortened like the torso maybe even widen the limbs a little – is tah
gonna look too young? too chibi maybe? I need some practice drawing kids now
does this actually look younger or not or do they just look like they have
shorter proportions? shorten her proportions maybe make the legs a little longer [laughs] I don’t know why this amuses me so much so now they both have large shirts but
they’re not like the same so that’s probably fine they still seem different enough I like the idea of her having dark socks with
white sneakers — I think they actually do look younger! hey!~ 🙂 I’ve got a play with
those proportions so now they’re like what one, two, three, four heads tall and here
they are one, two, three, four, and three quarters? here they were one two
three four yeah so these were pretty similar I really like the way his hair
starting to turn out funny the more you draw them , you kind of like find shortcuts to
draw certain things and when you do that it simplifies it and usually it’s more
what I’m looking for because when you first try sometimes you’re you know
trying too hard and it’s just you’re trying to force out an idea that you
have in your head instead of just letting it evolve on the paper I could
try coloring these ones since there’s nothing on the other page right? just
quickly add some line art to them [or slowly] almost done grab some markers here we have a lot of swatching space to see if I like the
colors or not before we throw them in there think i should look at some more references
here for colors they’re either really bold colors or pastel there’s like no
in-between so maybe just some bold like fluorescent
colors I do have highlighters wait I have Ohuhu markers and these ones are
actually straight-up fluorescent colors I think these might work really well in
this if we use these with some like really dark colors – we got like a pink and
orange so another pink maybe that one supposed to be red that’s definitely
pink I kind of pictured him having red shorts maybe like this Prawn color
whoops I just colored him in – he could be like red and navy blue and she could be
like light blue and fluorescent pink it’s kind of like taking that same color
families and and playing around with them or I could make him light blue and
fluorescent pink and her red and blue but just when she I was drawing her
I saw the pants as being that like light pastel blue so that might be more fun
although he could look good with the pastel blue in the red too maybe I’m putting too much thought into this it’s just a sketchbook page
hmm I know I want her pants to be blue so I’m gonna go ahead and do that perfect that’s kind of exactly how I picture that and then I saw these socks
as like a dark purple, but we might want to go pink so we limit the color scheme
or let me try RV66 that’s kind of exactly what I pictured let’s do it I’m wanted the sneakers to be white so if she’s light blue and like
purple he can be Red and that dark blue why don’t we use — (this was b04 that I used
for that? yes it was) — use that for this and if I don’t like it I can darken it
up with something a little less saturate for the shirt I haven’t decided if I
want it to be white yet maybe red why not and then one of the stripes can be
white – oh and one of those stripes can be blue too, – I don’t know if I said that I kind of wish that I’d use the same color
scheme for both of them now that I’m doing this I can already kind of see how
it’s gonna look I think for hair I’m gonna mix the red
and the blue together to get like a black or a grey that fits into the color
scheme and either the hat will be blue or red? good question. I think we’ll go red I
don’t want to go even on the red and the blue – might as well make one color stand out a
bit more nothing’s more boring in art than equal parts of everything you know? grab that florescent pink and draw some shapes this reminds me of a Barbie
I had – oo! we could use [grabs marker] this for shading the shirt kind of a pink light pink and
then I’m gonna color in the Hat with the fluorescent pink and then use that
purple for shading it — I could have made her hair this fluorescent pink – that
would have been fun – for her skin i’m layering E70 and R21 and I want try
layering more skin tones instead of using them straight out of the marker
gives you a lot more options you know I could give them the same hair color?
right now they look so different I’m not crazy about it so maybe further on down
the road when I try to do maybe more of these I’ll try and use the same color
schemes for both characters but with like you know little variations because
just having this color difference – I’m not that crazy about it i’m thinking a
brown hair might be pretty probably layer it into something I could use a white gel
pen cuz I accidently colored in the eyes a little I like her design it turned out
a lot better – I like the color scheme him– next to each other there I
didn’t use the right colors I don’t think well I accomplish one goal of
making them look younger definitely I’m definitely happy about that I wanna
make her hair darker it’s not enough contrast wait wait wait wait yeah I think I like that a lot better – i’m also gonna
put a little fluorescent pink on top see what that looks like
just maybe bring the color scheme closer together — I quite like them I want to
like recolor him you know what what happens if I just use that RV66 and
color on top of the red? will that bring our color schemes closer together? not sure if that helped – can’t say I made a worse either so indecisive at least try
one last thing here – boy version girl version if I can
remember what the colors were okay whatever it doesn’t need to be perfect this is not my usual order of operations all right now for our male
character, make this whole shirt purple maybe as well as his hat all right
I like the color scheme better I don’t really care for the drawing [laughs] so that’s cool i don’t know where this rubber band came from… so here we have my “youngster” characters inspired by the NPC
youngsters in Pokemon games over the years obviously with my own spin on it it’s more like a prompt word than anything else, but I kind of would like to do this
for some of the other NPCs in Pokemon design my own kind of like I did
the swimmer dude over here so feel free to let me know what your favorite NPC is
and maybe I can do them next next time I kind of just enjoy the process of
creating a character even if I didn’t do a lot of trial and error with this one I
kind of just stuck with what I liked and then kind of tweaked some things( well I
guess that’s the same thing isn’t it?) anyway I wanna thank you guys for
watching and for drawing along and I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope
you have a delicious evening full of waffles! BYE! [bouncy happy music] [fork clatter]

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