Diego Luna Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

Diego Luna Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

68 thoughts on “Diego Luna Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ”

  1. diego's so negative. everytime he hears something, his first thought is "no, no, its not gonna happen" "it can't be true"

  2. i remember being a teenager and trying to find a movie that was in Spanish so my mom could watch and understand. We chose Y tu mama. yeah, did not see that threesome coming.

  3. What Diego said about his role in Rogue One means a lot. To see a Mexican actor speak with his native accent be one of the leading heroes fighting to save the galaxy in Star Wars means everything to Mexican Star Wars fans everywhere.

  4. He looks so cool in Narcos, which brought me here. I can't believe he played Mr Lonely. I really like that indie film that I watched years ago and didn't have impression of the actual actor.

  5. This man did an amazing job of playing Felix in Narcos, what a great actor! Just can’t believe his part in the Narcos series is over, really got attached to his character.

  6. This is honestly one of the best shows i've ever seen. Super pissed off I had to wait a year and watched the entire new season in 1 day lmao

  7. Ive been in love with this man since Y Tu Mama Tambien when I was 15. He’s an amazing actor. Loved him in Narcos Mexico SOOOO much.

  8. He is so sympathetic, so beautiful. I can't hate him even when he's playing Felix. Look at his eyes, so warm soul. ❤️

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