Doing Great! Child Character Values (Parenthood) – The Sims 4 Super Sim Let’s Play Part 4

Doing Great! Child Character Values (Parenthood) – The Sims 4 Super Sim Let’s Play Part 4

Hey, Youtube! Welcome to part four of my Super
Sim Let’s Play. I’m documenting my experience here in the interest of making a bigger all
in one guide down the road. In the last part I just finished up the childhood
aspirations given my Super Sim boosts to all skill categories: mental, physical, social,
and creative. It’s already into absurd territory, especially when you consider the ability to
swap out lot traits. He’s a top-notch toddler too, and there are a lot more things he doesn’t
have yet. Before I get started, I want to ask: are you
happy now, Deborah? (Laughs) Also, you and some other people reminded me the anti-monster
night light will keep the monster away. I’ve done that since it’s not going to be helpful
to me at all in anything funny about the situation has definitely run its course. I had trouble
finding it at first but it’s easy to find with a search for defender. So I have bought the doctor playset because
it’s an easy way to get up empathy while you’re still a child. I’ve kind of done a bad job
at the character values because the mom has rarely had the opportunity to encourage behaviors.
I think that has more to do with the types of activities I was doing, and maybe the window
of opportunity you have being kind of short on certain activities. We still have these options, at least, in
order to help boost that a bit. So he’s done a lot with manners and responsibility, but
not so much in empathy and emotional control. and you can queue this up multiple times,
and can encourage playing doctor. More effective the higher level she is. Some people that have said that the mom just
looks fat in the white dress, but I have to ask: do you really think that’s the case?
This is what eating only lobster Thermador will do to your Sim. I’m pretty sure she’s
near the max weight it’s just that she’s got uh, sort of a thin frame, so it doesn’t show
very much. Picking up some empathy I think we’re gonna
expand this, that way we can see more of it. Hmm, yeah, we’re getting out of the hole.
I can speed this up a little. I’m just completely ignoring it’s harvest fast. And there you
see we got our empathy. So I’m glad that people reminded me certain activities just stop being
available at teen, and you’ve got to do maybe more time-consuming activities or less frequently
available activities in order to try to get those up. Like you can get empathy up as a
teen, but you’ve got to volunteer and we may yet do some of that. Multiple spoiled lobsters in here. Yeah…
I don’t… I have only messed with this one time. (Laughs) Great! I don’t guess that worked
and in retaliation, they broke my stuff I’ll be happy when they just go away. It.. is it
working or not? Where are the other gnomes? There’s one behind her. I’m gonna give him
a salad. The salad worked. Okay so. What the… what. Oh no! That’s what happens whenever an animation
fires and it’s not really designed for the Sim. He stretched out to be adult size temporarily.
Begging hasn’t worked the first 3 times but why not try it again. No not. Evidently, I
don’t learn. Please don’t kill me. Well, thank god they aren’t fatal. Ugh. I
give up. Oh, shoot! I don’t know what to do. I’ll go read my own website. I’m happy with
this solution. Be done with it. I can use the upgrade parts. Get out of my house. Where’d
he go? This has been a fantastic harvest fast. Mazel Tov. I’ll have her scavenge for parts in all of
these. It’s a lot of work she’s got to do all of a sudden. Those may come in handy.
Yes, I know. Oh great! Koby is going through a phase. He’s found a spirit animal. Kobe
will only want to wear his bear suit. You can sleep in the bear suit I don’t mind. This
is just chaos. Hey that’s great stuff! I think we can do
a bidet now. Get Koby’s butt nice and clean. I am going to let her take a bath get some
rest and will approach this stuff in the morning. Harvest fest was awful, yeah.. I think it
was. Yeah I got a good bit of upgrade parts I guess,
but they’re all common. It wasn’t really worth it Geez it takes her a while to get a bath,
probably because the tub is dirty. Fix that for Kobe. I think these 2 are the only ones
not scavenged. Mmmk, school’s in 4 hours. We’re gonna get a ton of responsibility for
doing this. I think I’m gonna have him go to school with
a little less energy and instead focus on getting this done. Wow. Why are you so depressed?
UnBearable sadness: Kobe longs to be in his bear costume. Okay yeah, it’s totally normal.
That’s fine. Okay farm some responsibility before school. Taking him for ever defeat. There we go. I
wonder if he’ll get one for each. Wow he did a great job. Yeah that’s gonna need done now.
Nice. Yeah there we go! We are finally in range for one of the traits. Got to keep it
above. It gives you a little padding to gain extra so that you can not accidentally fall
behind and I like that. He needs social very badly. Well, he can talk
to mom while she has breakfast. I think that these count if I do some friendly “make you
happy” socials. They’ll count for scouts. She must think my kid is such a weirdo, wanting
to wear a bear costume. Great. hmm. I think it’s almost time for school.
Yep. Just need to maintain the “A”. But we’ll be going back up in a little bit, going to
have a birthday party for him. I think I’ll just play doctor a little after school today
and then plan that. Okay, go to school, kid. Just like that, rock that bear costume. Do study hard one time. Cuz he can play when
he gets home. I’ll make her do the cleaning that he can’t do. Did I have her on bestselling
author? Yeah I did, and she needs to get inspired and do some writing. I’m going to have her
do that. I want Kobe to have a book of life. There we go, the really easy to get phase
one (is) done. In a way you can choose the ones that are harder to raise and I think
conflict resolution is harder right now. I can get empathy playing Dr., so why not. Yeah
manners is easy to get. Cool how much did that give him. Hm. that’s
kind of Nice. That was easy Writing is generally a kind of boring skill but I like how it gradually
snowballs into a big income. And she should be able to pass it on to him with a little
mentoring. Being mentored would be another skill boost for him. She wrote a whole novel while he was at school.
It’s amazing. Why are you sad. But he is. He is in his bear form. We’ll just do a bunch
of them. That seems like the best way to go. Responsibility is capped out nice. What. Great
there goes the computer. I’ll take the XP. See if she can slip in a
little bit of gaming before bed. So because I don’t think I’ll finish it because it’ll
probably be lower quality. Okay that’s good enough now she can encourage him. That went
really well I think he got about a fifth of the total empathy that he needs. Maybe start
tomorrow with less chaos. He’ll get to have a normal breakfast. I don’t know why he doesn’t
think he’s in his bear costume, because he most definitely is. I can’t wait to get him to teenager because
I’m gonna make him a dance machine. I think maybe I can get this phase the go away. I
don’t like that he’s sad all the time it would be an opportunity to work on emotional control.
I’m not sure what to do… playing with emotion isn’t available to him yet. I think you need
to unlock it. Hey, there’s one. Personal control is one of the 2 that I really care about getting.
It actually increases the rate that bad emotions expire by double which is awesome. So will certain activities. You could get
rid of a bad emotion 12 times faster than normal — 12 times faster than listed. So
what if it was a 4 hour negative moodlet you could get rid of it in about 30 minutes with
certain activities. Wow. Finish our book, which will take just minutes
I think. 5 good books. I would say the main problem with Kobe right
now is the fact that I cannot.. I can’t start any adult aspirations. They’re just locked
off to me. I’m gonna have to age him up very soon. Well, this is great. He has the full
day open. I didn’t realize it was Saturday. I’m so bad about this. I know that I’m not planning to keep these,
but I’d better save as many as I can. It’s amazing that none are dead. I don’t know if
they caught a rain or something. I’ve thought about like since… since her being mean doesn’t
matter, I could have her be mean to him mad, maybe let him fix the emotion. I’m gonna sit
down on the bed and I’m gonna nag you. And shout horrible things. So, we can play
with emotion now. Just get any negative mood on him, and he can do it, and he doesn’t lose
anything. I don’t think she achieved that, but the point is… that is a way to get emotional
control up. The problem is that the moodlet will decay. That one will. Ooh. This phase
is a good chance. Just change him out of the bear and he’ll have the sad mood… but she
doesn’t need to abuse her kid. That’s good. How’s that going. Well she got him out of
the red. Can she encourage this? Cool your childhood is almost over Kobe. Oh – Scouts. I.. yeah this does not matter.
Look his performance is excellent. I’m going to take it easy because it doesn’t matter!
Very windy. Back from the scout meeting and ready to play
with the Horsey with emotion. I don’t know if I’ll end up getting these value traits
or not. Getting antsy to age up to teen so that some things will matter. So I can make
some progress on aspirations. I think that the first one I’m going to get him is actually
beach bum. I don’t know if he can hold a kava party though, now that I think about it. This
is pathetic. Pretty slow gains. It’d be possible to combine this with a stereo
– just to test. Yep. Can we do both? Yeah! Should see it tick up more frequently. That’s
great yes it does it works and since the moodlet won’t go, away you can just keep doing it.
Now that’s how you exploit this game… The other one that I care about his responsibility
because it actually gives you career boosts and I don’t really care so much for the sim
to end up in a career. But it does sound fun to see just how rapidly he could get promotions.
But the idea of a Super Sim – they should be able to do just about anything and be awesome
at it. Whoops. Someone told me to turn on. The A. I. and they have a point but I don’t
like wrestling with them to get things done like while I’m changing something on her Koby
will do something else. I’m farming here. Farming points. We probably could speed this up. I’m wondering
if it might reset, so that we can encourage it again soon after. One bar away from locking…
unlocking the trait. For manners. Gaining manners and emotional control. Aww, but all
good things must come to an end. I’m going to say it in a different video but
some people have said, “why do you always avoid the ear buds! They’re great!” They keep
fun up. Well there’s a very good reason for that. I do like them if I’m playing and not
recording. But, if I’m recording and there’s any copyrighted music used in those tracks
which is highly likely for many of the genres. Maxis has a license to play that music I do
not. Having it in my video, even for a short time, could result in some huge company making
a claim on my video and taking all of the revenue it makes. It’s a little better now,
because you can use stuff for less than 10 seconds but 10 seconds is not very long. Oh yes, someone in the comments told me to
set table and that that is good. Eh, it’s not available anymore though. So it seems
like kids don’t need baths so often. Hello? What is breaking over and over again. This
is so weird! is she unab — oh it’s raining and it’s an electronic. I’m lucky she didn’t
get hurt. Well, I know some people are gonna get a laugh out of that one. Now I’m gonna
get her shocked. She succeeded. I haven’t published her recent books. I didn’t
get to look at their quality yet. Let’s see – excellent. a best seller. So two excellents
and the best seller that I need to publish. I just missed the deadline. Oh Well. I think
I’ll wait for sell to publishers clearing house whatever it, is to publish this one.
You get more money. Well, I guess, she’s going to be getting famous.
Well. I guess the phase is really over but I don’t know how to. How do you change him
into the bear. Yeah there it is. Sure he has a toy in his inventory. Scouts is in a couple hours. Yes she can do
this at a higher level now I think. Yeah level 7 parenting is the point where help with needs
gets a big boost. So we give him a satisfying chat and he’ll get a ton of social out of
that. Let’s see. Hmm. Pretty fast as far as some things go. I’m curious of all the things
that I’ve done, what has counted toward badge progress. Mmhm civic responsibility. His sociability.
Good deeds. See I don’t know if this is copyrighted so
I’d better turn it off. I can lower the volume a little bit to make it less likely I get
in any trouble. Maybe put my own music over it but if it has lyrics it’s really disruptive.
But yeah some…. some Sims YouTubers have been struck for playing music in their videos.
And you don’t want to do 10 hours of work, feature 30 seconds of a song in your video
and have the company claim the entire video… that’s just awful. Let’s see if she can upgrade the toilet – we’ll
add a bidet first. Mom really is not a slouch herself. I know that I need like junior scientist. I think you can exploit it. Yep. Wow so much
work. Very very hard work for these scouting badges. What is he gaining skill in? Ahh logic,
cool. There we go we can take our first scouting badge: young scientist.
Hm, the scouting manual. He’s still upset over the bear costume thing so I can continue
to take advantage of it. Half way there on emotional control. The conflict
resolution, that one is just hard. Responsibility I’m glad to just have that one. I guess it’s
about time to go ahead and throw Koby a birthday party with all of his friends. I’ll get the
cake baked ahead of time. Ohh, that farming is working so well. So tomorrow is Kobe’s birthday party. Sci
fi is a higher level type book. And she needs 3 more good books yikes. Get some manners,
and then you can. Oh, that’s just awful. That’s horrible. No, no way. I don’t know why this cracks me up so much,
it’s just silly. I’ll tell myself I’m not doing this. They really, really need to put
some timers on things like this because when you know of their existence, it’s harder to
not use them. I’m not gonna… but manners is not the one I need help with. This conflict
resolution. Okay you don’t want to finish a book like
that anyway. We don’t care about prank day they shouldn’t get upset about this. Is it
just the bear suit? Yeah. He doesn’t give a crap about prank day. I have a school project.
Hm. Responsibilities. not really his problem. I should have her help him. Oh no. Just barely
get a bath, maybe eat lunch at school. Did no homework. Gonna stay an “A” student anyway. Mom’s lucky, she gets to have some lobster
Thermador while Koby’s having pizza, corn, apple sauce, and milk. Yeah, it’s not awful
and there were kids that combined the pizza and the corn like a taco thing. It was delicious.
Especially with some chocolate milk. I gotta say, from my childhood years… it’s
funny that that’s probably the meal that I remember most. Pizza, corn, apple sauce, and
milk. It was repeated so many times… I don’t know if a nutritionist went over that or what.
Okay I’m. We will do the conflict resolution one no matter what it says, right? Threatened
Kobe took his lunch money he’s been crying. Koby needs to eat. Okay he needs to stand
up for himself. Empathy decreases. Royalties are adding up a bit. Well, that’s nice. Nice. Do some form trolling.
I hate when I misclick like that. This really isn’t the best activity. It’s okay though. She doesn’t know any one. This mom is something
else! What’s in the mail. Hold back my best seller. Great, she’s a celebrity. So I actually
just took a break from the game for a moment. Why? To visit one of the Sims 4’s great modders:
Little Miss Sam. I grabbed her let friends age up mod which will let me age Koby but
also all of his little friends at the same time. That way he can have some friends in
the appropriate age group. I think we’ll have the birthday party tomorrow
because he’s not in great shape. Yeah you can see he’s pretty tired, so I’ll give him
a nap so that he can finish out the day and get started on the right foot tomorrow. We’ve
done really good so far at getting these character values up. He’s got responsibility capped,
emotional control is in the zone for getting the correct trait. Manners are very near.
I don’t know if I’m going to get conflict resolution or not but I don’t care that much.
It may be easier with a larger family. I had an idea to try but it didn’t seem to
work when I did a test. Like, make a club that does nothing but mean actions. Get the
other Sims to fight with each other and then try to get them to make up… over and over
again. I don’t know. I’ll try it again as a teen because it’s possible that those socials
just weren’t available. One more, buddy. I thought that I was seeing
things but she did have another book in progress. Pee like a champion and then repair this bad
faucet. We have a bidet now. Look at that, bidet made. Oh, yeah. Plus one happy just
for…. Oh yeah, she’s gotta go wash her hands of course. Okay uh, so we’re not gonna be
able to get empathy very easily without volunteering, so I will go ahead and do that I guess with
the remainder of his day. But the remainder of my day will be spent getting this video
uploaded. I’ve just come to realize this episode is pushing it a bit and likely to hit an hour
long. I just got way too much footage that I wanted to keep. I have the birthday party
and early teens stuff up next. It’s already on my hard drive. It’ll come probably by Sunday
or Monday morning eastern time, if not tomorrow! Do you have an easy way to raise conflict
resolution in the teen years that you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments along
with anything else you’d like to see me do. I’m finally making his club but I have a hard
time committing on what I want their activities to be. I may just give in and make it and
make another if I want to. Anyway, have a great day and thank you for watching.

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  8. If he's sad that he's not in his bear costume when he is in his bear costume, just tell him to change into it. He'll do the swoosh and voilà, happy crazy child.

    Emotional control – make him play the violin to a certain level and make him use Play with emotion.

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    Responsibility: Homework, School Projects, Good Grades
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    Edit: Oh yeah! And you only have to attempt to appease one per each sim. Not all of them.

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  16. Carl, didja know that giving gifts affects empathy?
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  17. Basically, have the mom make tons of enemies and try to fix her relationships over and over again. Also, put the mom in a club to meet more sims to either make enemies with or utilize their already existing bad relationships. The club feature will be your best bet.

    And my biggest tip: Try to queue up those interactions while paused with each individual sims before pressing play – the "help fix bad relationship" is only usable "once" an hour or so.

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    #1 Making a Top Notch Toddler

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    Conflict resolution: Focus on during toddler and child. Have the parent Teach to Say Sorry, and Encourage them for it.
    Empathy: During childhood play with the doctor/teddy playset over and over again.
    Emotional control: Buy them a journal once they hit childhood. Have them write in it every day after homework plus when they have a negative moodlet. Increases Creative and Writing skill as a bonus.
    Manners: Set the table after every meal and clean up all dishes/spoiled food.
    Responsibility: By far the easiest so this is the one that always takes the hit in parenting advice popups. Just have them do their homework every day.

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  41. Teach To Say Sorry is the easiest one to get that Conflict Resolution up. But i can't remember at the momo if that's available as a teen.
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  44. A few tips:
    Emotional Control: The easiest way I have found to gain this is to Play with Emotion on violin. Other instruments allow you to Play with Emotion, but in the current version of the game, only on violin does it not time out (e.g. you can play all day without it stopping if you like, unlike with guitar and piano which stop after about half an hour in sims time).

    Manners: One time, I was raising twin boys, and one of them had low manners by the time he reached teen. I discovered it was hard to get manners as a teen, so I set up a manners 'sweat shop' with four of the longest tables I could find, fully surrounded with chairs. You can queue up 'set table with' for all four of the tables (or as many as you want), and then if you have normal ageing on you will want to put the tables in your household inventory to instantly remove the setting, then put the tables back out and get the teen to set them again, until they reach max manners. It is not time efficient for sims to unset the tables themselves, since that requires clicking on all the place settings and doing each individually.

    Empathy: For teens, do volunteering, and do it early. It does give empathy (a lot of it) but the random events can also give large boosts to the other character values as well (as well as sometimes reduce them). You can also gain skill boosts from volunteering.

    Conflict Resolution: The best way to do this IMO is to do it as a toddler and 'teach to say sorry' – it maxes it out very fast and builds communication, and is one you should always do as toddler if you can. As a teen it's harder, and I think I usually do it through 'help fix relationship' on friends and acquaintances a lot. Also apologize if you upset someone, and other related socials seem to push it up over time. It does require a fair bit of socializing, which is why I find this one kind of annoying.

    Responsibility: This nearly always just happens on its own if you do your homework and be sure to always get to school on time (and I think? study hard at at school also helps). No special action needed, and I usually find it gets maxed on a normal lifespan child well before aging to teen. I sometimes hold back on 'do extra credit' just in case a negative effect pushes you out of range, so you can sit and 'do extra credit' to bump it back into bonus range.

  45. I wonder if the parenting social "satisfying chat" (under help with needs) would've given him a bigger social need boost, before school the day after harvestfest

  46. The question is how do we get all of them into the RED. If you pay no attention to them they gain positively on their own just by doing normal stuff.

  47. Under the parent, if you click the child and select parenting, there is an option to "teach to say sorry" which gives conflict resolution.

  48. About 12 minutes in, I started thinking, "Gee, I wish MY parents were that concerned with my emotional management when I was a child." Then, Carl decided to have mom be mean. But happily, Carl decided to make Kobe sad another way.

  49. If you want music in your videos with a guarantee that you won't get demonetized, Youtube itself keeps a list of royalty-free songs you can download and use on monetized videos; you can search the available music at . Pay attention that some of the songs require you to add some text crediting the music to the author in the video's description.
    There's enough and varied enough music there that you might be able to replace all in-game radio stations with just Youtube-approved royalty-free songs, which should in turn enable you to use in-game music systems like the earbuds and stereos with no risk of demonetization due to music copyright (though I would keep a list of which songs were included handy in case someone attempted to claim the video nonetheless). The music even seems to be supplied already in a format compatible with the Sims 4 custom music feature.

  50. I find that the holiday gnomes tend to like specific gifts depending on which type of gnome it is ie: the bunny likes salad and the businessman likes coffee. I haven't worked them all out yet though.

  51. Hi Carl I've found it best to start during toddler stage have parents teach to say sorry at least 2 times a day thru childhood conflict resolution will cap out! ✌

  52. try having the kids do intentionally bad behaviors and have the parents punish them. It sounds counterintuitive but it actually works.

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