[ENG CC] 이중모음#4  ㅢ ㅚ 🇰🇷 Learn Korean Language_ Double vowels for absolute beginners

[ENG CC] 이중모음#4 ㅢ ㅚ 🇰🇷 Learn Korean Language_ Double vowels for absolute beginners

Hello. Welcome to DewKorean. I’m Dew. Today, as I mentioned in the last video, You will learn about the most difficult double vowel “ㅢ” for beginners. [ㅡ] meets [ㅣ] and say [eui] quickly. I feel very easy for me. If you are learning Korean for the first time, this pronunciation is very difficult. Let’s continue to practice this pronunciation with me. There are no English words that make a sound [ㅢ]. No matter how I thought about it, I didn’t have any English pronunciation like [ㅢ]. [ㅡ] meets [ㅣ] and make [ㅢ]. If you practice this quickly, you will hear the sound of [ㅢ]. Let’s practice how it sounds when 14 Korean consonants meet “Ui”. Good job Not all of these letters are used. [의] and [희]” are the two most frequently used words. The rest is hard to pronounce Because we don’t actually use it in words You don’t have to worry about not having the correct pronunciation okay..? [의] and [희] can only be used to make familiar sounds. Let’s look at the words with “ㅢ”. In English, it means “of”. So when you say “나의” become “my” Then “polite” almost It’s too uncomfortable to say So I’ll tell you how native speakers pronounce it. “Of” does not change. When “eui” is combined with other words “나에” It is pronounced “e” in this easy pronunciation. Then “거이” “예의” is pronounced “예이”. When native speakers speak quickly In this way, it is pronounced with easy pronunciation. So rather than pronounce one by one It is really important to practice what sounds like when connected to words. See you next time Intentions, purpose meaning chair doctor Now let’s talk about it at the speed of native speakers. I pronounce it like this. If “의”seems difficult, practice slowly while practicing Next is [ㅟ]. [ㅜ] meets [ㅣ] and say [ㅟ] Pronounce it like this. There is also an English word with a [ㅟ] sound. right When [ㅟ] meets 14 Korean consonants, let’s take a look at how it sounds. Let’s practice faster Let’s try it again Good job Let’s go ahead and see Korean words. top Then the next winner winner. There is also an idol group called WINNER among the idol groups. But the winner in the game is also called the winner. location Danger Now let’s read it at the speed of native speakers. Pronounce it like this. goose [ㄷ]meets[ㅟ] and say [back] [뒤] means back. [ㅈ] meets [ㅟ] and [쥐] rat, mouse [ㅊ] meets [ㅟ] and say [취] hobby [ㅎ] meets [ㅟ] and say [휘] Vocabulary Now let’s do it fast Good job Today we learned about [ㅢ] and [ㅟ]. Try to pronounce these two until you feel natural. Thank you for watching today’s video If you liked my video please like it Please watch the next video Hello Thank you.

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