ENGLISH “Last Stardust” Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Akane Sasu Sora)

ENGLISH “Last Stardust” Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Akane Sasu Sora)

“Hey… That’s hell you’re walking into.” There at the edge of dreams like heaven, in a rain that pours without ending, with my shoulders soaked from the burden, I walk onward to the dawn… Only my broken hands, so bitter, never reach— they slip through my fingers —as I try to fill up a river with a life already gone… The love I have… The light I had… If they must be lost, I’d be fine with that… If they could light my way and show me who I am! With every step I take, every scar, and every defeat, I know I’ll never break! I know my heart still beats! So may our Last Stardust take flight, rise up! Dust to Dust, Ash to Ash to skies above! May every piece of our dream remember us! As I continued moving forward past the rain, the wind, and the water, with my feet beginning to wander through the world, so does my mind… If all I do… or all I knew… if what I believed in was never true… I wouldn’t mind if it would mean I stood by you! With every heart I see holding on— unbroken but scratched —it lights a spark in me! One I forgot I had! So may this Last Stardust take flight, rise up! Dust to Dust, Earth to Earth, to worlds above! May every piece of our dream go beyond! “Hey. That’s hell you’re walking into.” “No, this is what you forgot. I’ll admit, it started out as just admiration… But at the core of it all… was a wish. A wish for this hell to be undone… A wish to save everyone you could see! Something so simple, so beautiful…” “Even if that life… is that of a machine? A tool? A sword?” “…Yeah. Even if it’s a path drowning in hypocrisy… I will become… an ally of justice. A superhero.” “It was entrusted to you. The torch. The light.” “I see… My scabbard! Then, that’s why…!” “My very being…” “Damn you…” “…is a sword.” With every breath I take, every scar, and every defeat, I know I control my Fate! I know my heart still beats! So then, farewell Judas! Begone. Burn up! Ash to Dust, back to what you ran from! Seeing an Iron soul, Blood like Fire, and a Heart of Glass, It lights a spark in me! One I forgot I had! So may our Last Stardust remember us! Dust to Dust, Ash to Ash, to light above! May every piece of our dream live on! “How cruel… Forcing me to look into an old mirror… So a hero like that… …truly exists.”

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  1. Not gonna lie this was the one I was most excited for
    Ive always resonated with this song on very personal level- heck a while back thinking about the meaning behind this song and the scene it was used in helped me get through a very difficult part of my life some time ago
    Back then it was sapphire' english cover that helped me (feel free to track down my comment on her cover)
    Now I take the next step with yours

  2. Who dared to dislike this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just a warning to whoever did that, that's hell you're walking into.

  3. Not gonna lie.
    This is the song I was hoping you cover.
    Be proud for what you did for cover.
    You did the song justice.

  4. Damn i would rewatch fate/SN UBW for the 9001 time if you dubbed over Shiro. (mainly because the deliviery fits shiros character and the tone mirrors his hardships)
    And that might just be partially because I feel Bryce papperbrook did the most lazy acting with Shiro from my perception. ( he is amazing but damn I remember the sub voice better and I only watched the sub once.)

  5. Everytime when I listen to Aimer Las Stardust, Im trying to sing something but I dont know jp lyrics. Now thanks to you I can do this. Even if its eng lyrics.

  6. This song it help me when i was at my lowest point. To me this song will always give me The power to move forward and believe in my self and you did Great thank you for Covering it

  7. This was the one I was waiting for. On Ash I commented that Shirou and Sieg are my favorite Fate protagonists and this song, this scene just… encapsulates what I love about Shirou.
    A character that starts so simple but becomes everything I love in a protagonist as the events go on. At first I was really just, hesitant about the Hero thing with him. It was something I didn't get until Unlimited Blade Works and then… Oh God it gives me actual goosebumps whenever I see the scene of Shirou and Archer.
    I think about Shirou's ideal a lot and realize that, yeah, that's something I thought of when I was a kid. Wanting to be a Hero and making people happy. Maybe that's why I'm hoping to be a biologist, trying to help in a field I'm passionate about.
    But yeah, this was the cover I was waiting for the most, and it does not disappoint at all. XD

  8. Well you should be proud your cover turned out pretty damn good! I was definitely looking forward/hoping you'd cover this one too!😁

  9. This is absolutely the best cover of last star dust awesome work akane and keep the good job P.S pls do oath sign next

  10. playing Fate Grand Order
    Hey, that's hell you're walking into.
    opens wallet
    … I know.
    This is what you forgot.
    The joy of drawing your favorite Servants. (Level 5 NP, ___ class, __________)

  11. Jesus-kun: “Hey that’s hell your walking into.”

    Emiya “S” Rank Hiro: “I know but just like you I won’t be afraid cause even if I lose every shred of who I am, I’ll walk on waiting until a single miracle is born to end the Hell that began this lonely and mad road. Until their struggles mean something rather than nothing…so I’m fine if I walk towards the valley of death my WILL to LIVE and to LIFE shall always be eternal like my desire to save those that lose their path. I’ll just have to FORGE a new and brighter one for them like a blacksmith that endlessly searches for perfection in his craft.

    I don’t care if I’m a Hypocrite after all I’m an ally of true Justice whatever evil intention any being has against my dreams and my goals I’ll just betray my own words and continue to believe the original goal that began this journey, for all eternity, for as long as it takes; after all my whole life was unlimited blade works.

    I’ll break their illusions and cut through this veil of madness, to see the truth, cause I know my dreams weren’t wrong they’re telling me that I can’t be wrong.”

  12. Last Stardust, no matter who covers it, always makes my eyes water.

    But this one brings the magic I watched all those years ago come back to life. A perfect representation of Shirou’s contradictory desire, and his determination to bring it to the light of the world. A hero who wanted to save everyone, a dream that can only exist in a heart of glass that’s ready to be shattered… yet never does. This cover really moved me in ways I didnt even realize I could be moved. And I’ve listened to the BroKen Night cover…

  13. You never disappoint. This was always the most powerful song in Fate before Heavens Feel released and you captured the soul of it perfectly.

    This is why I was waiting for this. Thank you

  14. This is the hell that form Shirou… Into someone he never want to become. But no matter what he's do in each route, EMIYA will be an CG for Ailya. Each version of EMIYA face an different pain in his life after serving Aliya. Fate, Unlimited Blade Work, Heaven Feels, Extra timeline and Grand Order. These EMIYA'S… Dispite what he said to his past selves of hipoxishis of his dream… I'm some way his still following the dream in his own way.

  15. Shirou is a really amazing and well done character he's relatable and has alot layers to him especially in the VN so isn't Archer. Also your voice is amazing! 😀

  16. Not entirely sure but isn't the blade Shirou pulls from the hill Dyrnwyn aka the White hilted blade? It's a sword that when one worthy wields it, it catches on fire from the hilt down. Even though it's a treasure of Britain I haven't been able to find much on the way of how it could be used in a Noble Phantasm… Disappointed

    Leaves one big question. Since Dyrnwyn burns the unworthy, would it burn EMIYA, Prisma Illya Shirou, Heavens Feel Shirou or even Nameless? Food for le thought.

  17. This song encapsulates what I love about Shirou.

    He fully understands the impossibility of his dream and what it entails, but just because it's impossible doesn't mean that the results are not worth pursuing. Because an ending and desire where everyone is happy cannot be wrong.

    Even if he is mocked, betrayed for and by his ideal he won't regret it and will still try to be a Hero of Justice— saving as many people as he possibly can with the intent to try and save them all.

    For such a broken character, it's oddly inspiring yet makes you question "What truly makes a hero?"

    Great stuff all around.

  18. This… Is… GREAT!

    I don't even know how i got here. But this is probably one of the best Recommended i received from YT.

    You're just awesome man! More people should know about this.

  19. Um, is it possible that I use a part of this song in my upcoming Shirou Vs Archer animation? Because this fits so well. It's fine if you couldn't though.

  20. I love this song and have already heard a few covers already, decided to search it up again for the first time in a while and found your video! I love it so much! You've earned a subscriber.

  21. That very impressive performance and singing it very emotional and very meaningful. Good job keep doing your best to make impressive songs dude👍👏🤩😁

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