Examining Bruno Bucciarati | Character Study

Examining Bruno Bucciarati | Character Study

I’m not even sure where I really begin on
this. One thing to note is that I’m going to try
to duck and dodge from focusing on one thing too long because at that point I should’ve
just made a character analysis, which was something I already had in the works for Bruno. When I had first seen Bruno with his whole
interaction with Giorno, I originally saw an extremely wrathful man. I believed that this was going to be a guy
that’s one of those bosses that was going to be giving people a hard time, but as soon
as him and Giorno found even ground and Giorno was introduced to Passione, it was a whole
different take. There’s business Bruno, and family Bruno,
the one we see with Passione. When there’s a job at hand, both Bruno and
all of Passione dust off and get to business but everyone has a different way of doing
it, and Bruno’s way is probably one of the bigger reasons why he’s the best boss possible
for everyone. When Mista and Narancia get serious, at times
it just looks like them, but just more lethal. They still mess around at times if they’re
on the winning side, and when they’re losing there’s times where they get extremely overwhelmed. Fugo has always seemed solo dolo to me, and
Abbacchio is actually the true hard-ass. With Bruno, his personality has always had
this higher feeling to him and it’s probably more about his righteousness and all that,
but he always seems like the best person in any situation given. When he speaks, it’s time to listen. When there’s orders being given, those orders
are taken with no question, unless they’re either extremely odd for the situation at
hand, or Mista and Narancia have some questions. When you need help, you go to Bruno. When you’re down on your luck, Bruno is
there. He’s the ideal gangster here, and that was
a big thing back in the day. Bruno is a man of his friends, man of his
people, his community, all of that. And to me, a big thing about Bruno being in
charge is that it’s not just a handed position and he’s not just the worst person to everyone. Him being in charge is more so that he’s
just genuinely the best person for the position out of the group. And with how he is, he has all that’s wanted
in a boss. You want someone that has the level of discipline
that’s required, compassionate to both the team and the people, intelligent, determined,
and a few more attributes that while are the ideal traits of a boss, they’re what makes
up the Bruno we know. The more personal Bruno hold a lot of his
core traits, but you see the more passionate area of him when his boss character starts
cracking a bit. And that’s not a bad thing in anyway, if
there was something that’s genuinely hurting him massively, I would want him to show his
feelings about. The most notable passionate Bruno example
which is also one of my favorite moments of his character has to be when Diavolo was trying
to take out Trish. The whole, “You’ll never understand how
I feel” and everything that went into was just… Man, that’s some good shit. I also feel like there’s supposed to be
this connect and contrast between Bruno, Giorno, and Diavolo. Which would be massively interesting because
of the whole primary colors thing we have going with them. Connections to things like the approaches
of how bosses are and can be, how your past makes you, and other things like that. It sounds a bit out there, but I promise to
elaborate further in the future. For now, what I have between Bruno and Diavolo,
you see exactly why they are why they are. It’s a different take between living for
the greater picture and keeping it all to you because the world is a difficult place. Diavolo’s is more up for interpretation
because we have to think about who the real original between his two selves was and which
ever it is, it can enormously change the analysis of it all. So that’s why I was more so debating on
when to talk about it. There was also what took place after the interaction
between Diavolo and Bruno and it made me think in the same overanalyzing way that I usually
do that there’s symbolism in what took after. Now obviously, if you’re watching this I
would be expecting that you read Part 5. I usually don’t worry about spoiler warnings
because I expect that people would’ve watched or read whatever I mention before hand if
it’s an in-depth thing, but to cut it short, yeah, I’m going to be talking about something
that happens in Part 5 and it’s important. I care a lot that you don’t get spoiled
especially since this is a huge thing. Good? Good. So, after the interaction between Diavolo
and Bruno and we have Bruno living on, but not exactly. I was thinking that there was symbolism in
him being dead, but still alive for the group. The two takes that I had was something around
his passion and determination was so strong he couldn’t be killed for the time being,
or it was more so around symbolism of all that he stands for lives on. Both had potential with connecting over into
his soul helping Giorno achieve requiem, but I’m not sure to where I stand on the matter. I feel like this is something I need to sit
with a bit, and I’ll probably go over it when I do my fourth or fifth reread of Part
5. It’s just a thing I like doing in the meantime
when I’m exporting these videos, so we’ll see when I get to it. Though I feel like I’ve got out everything
I needed to say on Bruno without completely spoiling my character analysis on him, I could’ve
just done a study on a different character but I’m in a huge Bruno mood. I actually almost forgot, there was this other
big thing and it was about Bruno being a gangster but not one for the people in a sense. Bruno is nearly a superhero to those in need
in his community, but the gangster life isn’t something that he puts up with in high regard
or tells others about it in a romanticized way. And that’s another huge thing that I love
about him because he’s completely self-aware on what happens and what his people do. While there’s Bruno and he’s hero-like
in the gangster world, there’s still the whole other side to it. I say side like it’s half and half, but
really, Bruno’s area is a lot smaller than I’m giving him credit for. He doesn’t try to sugarcoat the life and
knows what’s at cost as a boss of a group. You can lose your fellow members at anytime,
you may have to do things that you normally wouldn’t agree with, you’re going to have
your back to the wall, and there’s always going to be someone after you. It’s a troublesome world, and you see him
with others telling them about it, like when he was trying to tell Narancia to try to stray
away from the life. I like that acknowledgement of direction and
how that’s also given to Giorno with him still following through with his dream of
being a gangstar. You have Bruno continuously showing the ropes
of this life to Giorno and we see them go through all that he’s mentioned that happens,
and it helps Giorno so much. All of the information and the experiences
that happened being what sculpts Giorno into the next ideal leader, and it was a beautiful
journey to get there. Side note, it is so crazy that there are people
that disregard Bruno and Part 5 but preach about 7 like Part 5 didn’t do all of these
things first. I’m just putting that on the table, take
that how you will. Thank you all for watching! I like the feeling of just talking about characters
that I’ve had in mind, but the next one or the one after the next one will probably
be something that’s been requested for a while, so whatever that is, leave a comment
and I’ll see what I can do. You catch up with me in my media, and I actually
had a video going up on my second channel while this one went up. I’m not one to debunk really, but that’s
something I did so check that out if you want. Hopefully, I’ll see you all in the next
one! Until then, peace out and God speed.

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  2. I'd really love to see one of these on Fungami Yuya. He's one of my all time favourite JoJo characters but I never seem to see anyone making videos about him. In my opinion, he's one of the most complex and anti-stereotypical characters in jjba. He's first introduce as an uncaring bad guy who's only out for himself, but quickly shows there's more to him than just the tough guy stereotype

  3. Maybe Bruno is timid yet loyal. He helps who he can while remaining under the raidar of diavlo. He was honest and he took in people who had no other option but to turn to the underground life. Yet he taught them the morals and took them in a parental or at least a mental figure. Yet with narancia with a potential future not knowing what he had or what his current situation is. If he knew he would have accepted him with cautious but open arms teaching him morality and class within a mobster team. As for giorno he was discontent because personally I feel he was prioritized between the lower grunts in the influence of youth taking drugs. Bruno couldn't take down someone who would do that with the bosses approval. He took the responsibility to do what he can without being too bad of a man. But when giorno had shown him that even good men could be brave and challange the whole system without a shred of fear he had awoken. Yet he still mentored the rest of the gang to help learned what he learned. I just wonder what would happen if Bruno had the courage that giorno had

  4. The " you'll never understand how I feel " really implies a lot about what Bruno went through in my opinion, his childhood, his family… that's the reason why he was compassionate with " doing the right thing ". He experienced hardship but his heart didn't fade away. He kept his values intact.

  5. I actually remember admiring his design before starting Jojo and bruno was one of the main reason why I started watching jojo

  6. Buccellati gang has animated backstories…does/will Buccellati have one? Or am I the only one who hasn’t seen it???…I mean I know it’s in the manga, but I’ve noticed that The gang has episodes about their mini past…I just want to know if Bruno has one in the anime…did I miss it??

  7. One thing I love about Bruno is that perfectly accentuates his dual nature in terms of how he is as a person and his role within a gang is how he kills Pesci. Within the few panels of Pesci's death, its shown that even though Bruno may be noble, Bruno wins over Pesci because there is that hardcore mafioso inside him that Pesci is too inexperienced to have. bruno remarks that Pesci seems likes he's been through endless bloodshed, yet its Bruno who knows to seize the moment and destroy Pesci in his moment of weakness. Pesci went through a lot but Bruno's seen it all.

  8. Bucciarati's Bizzare Adventure. Probably the best character in Vento Aureo. Way to go, zipper-man!

  9. So I finished part 5 about a month and a half ago… and after sitting on it, it is my favorite part, and Bruno is overall my favorite JoJos character

  10. Definitely in my top 5 jojo characters Bruno and Foo Fighters are my favorite thus far and I haven’t gotten far into Part 7

  11. I only came here because I wanted know why he didn’t bleed nor get affected by green tea

  12. One thing I wanna talk about this man:
    OMFGGGGG Why I have a crush for him now!! I cant stop thinking about him!!

  13. My character rating
    From the bucci gang
    From la sqadra
    Di molto

  14. In part 4 I felt that koichi outshun josuke and part 5 bruno completely outshines giorno gio is still a very good character with an amazing stand but bruno man family man kind even what he did staying with his dad completely selfless yet ruthless when he needs to be an amazing character and MVP of part 5

  15. I believe Bruno still being alive after Diavolo atack is actually because he died in the errased time of king crimson, when the efect of Rolling stones destination wasnt effective, and when time takes his normal curse, he rivives because he was suppose to die to the bullets of Mista, thing that happend when Mista shoot his body un the colisseum.

  16. I swear Bruno stole the spotlight from Giorno in part 5. That's probably why I hate Giorno as a Mc because Bruno is just a better character in every respect. Giorno's entire character is just "drugs r bad, I have dream, I am nice to innocent but I still kill bad gi" is so generic it hurts.

  17. When it was apparent that Bruno was going to die, I was fucking devastated. Part 5, for me, is the best part. The characters grow and seem like actual people you would know. Bruno is so kind and disciplined, so smart and empathetic. The fact that we knew he was going to die WAY BEFORE it happened was a legitimately painful thing. It made me pay more attention to every moment we had left with Bruno.

  18. i used to think bruno was like that one gay pervert cuz the only info i had on him was the licking scene

    i thought he had like melone’s personality lol 💀💀💀

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