Fastest Mental Multiplication Tricks – Multiply Any Digit Number Instantly in 4 Seconds

Fastest Mental Multiplication Tricks – Multiply Any Digit Number Instantly in 4 Seconds

Hello my dear brothers and sisters. In this presentation I am going to show you a fastest method of multiplication better I will say, mental multiplication or finger multiplication system, the power of five fingers for fast multiplication. Well So, you are going to learn to multiply any digit number 2 digit number, 3 digit number, 5 digit number any digit number, doesn’t matter multiply by 11 right way in figners you can solve literally or even in the brain even if you don’t have pen or papers for writing and multiplying.. easily you can calculate. do you want to see the example ? 7 times 11=77, everybody know 3 times 11=33 let’s say 35 times 11 so how much it’s going to be ? 385, right ? So, now let’s take a 3 digit number 715 7865 now 4 digit number 4444=4884 all right ? 4884 now 5 digit number 12345, ok ? 135795 let’s take one more 5 digit number as an example let’s say 23451 257961 like that you know, you can multiply any digit number I just have 5 fingers in one hand, you know … If i have more than I can use them tooo so the fast trick I am going to tell you now how to multiply any digit number by 11 First one wan to go by one digit number ok ? Whenever you have any one digit number and that you need to multiply by 11 let’s say 2 times 11 so its very simple 9 times 11 is 99 just wanted to say if its one digit number then what is that number ? if its 2 then write 22 if its 9 then write 99 if its 3 then write 33 if its 4 then write 44 And, now if its 2 digit number for the two digit numbers , it is again easy to multiply fast one of the coolest trick i am going to give you let’s say 24 times 11 to find out see… the trick is – this is your first digit and this is your 2nd digit right ? What you have to do, is just add both of this add 2 plus 4 it will be like 2 and then plus 4 264 let’s say you have 36 can you tell me the answer ? Yes, 3 + 6=9 right ? let’s say you have 4 and 5 times 11 then what are you going to do ? 4 +5=9 so 495 that’s it let’s say you have 63, ok ? 63 times 11, what are you going to do ? 6 + 3=9 so 6 9 3 that’s it but sometime , what if the numbers are bigger than 10 let’s say 6 8 right ? 6 + 8=14 how much it is ? of course it is 14 So its gonna be 748 simple just take that extra number to the frontal side, ok ? I will give you one more easier way ok ? now this is the perfect one like .. let’ say you have 81 time 11 then write this one here and how much is 8 + 1, that is 9 ok ? then 891 so now in the same concept, let’s say we have here 82, all right ? We have 82 times 11 so first you have to write 2 which i wrote and two plus 8 how much it is , 10 10s zero here and one will be carry over so 8 plus one , that’s 9 902 in the same way let’s go you have to multiply 89 times 11 first you will write 9 here then 9 plus 8 17 right ? 17th’s 7 and one more will be carried and that will be added in this 8 so it will be 979 simple ok ? Now let’s go for 3 digit number. If you have 3 digit number and that 3 digit number you want to fast multiply by 11 so , the same trick we are going to followagain let’s say any 3 digit number 234 times 11 so, how are we going to do ? exactly as I told you first you are going to write this then 4 plus 3 , how much its 7, right ? and then 3 plus 2 , how much ? 5 right ? and then 2, the last one as it is 2 574, that’s our answer ok now , let’s do another one 2436 times 11 I am going from simple to complex, ok ? so don’t worry … sit calm and just see the trick of doing fast mental multiplication so 6 you are going to write here So, the calculation can be very fast if you follow the trick ok ? so , try to remember this method right ? all the time you have to go from right hand side to the left hand side by adding I hope you understand this trick of fast multiplying

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  2. I understood your tutorials from the start. I didn't notice anything wrong with your accent. So don't worry about anyone who can't focus on learning because of an "accent".

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    It was really helpful

  4. I think this is bad video…becoz We need multiply by every no. But u r multiplying only with 11. If u can multiply by every no. Not only 11 then u r genius in the world.

  5. Solve this 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000×999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  6. And your all questions solve on 9 digit for last please my request another number 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, uploads new vedio

  7. first i was so lazy in maths now i am also lazy and i study in 7 class because i saw your video now i am topper of my class. thank you much sir.

  8. So you want to mislead people obviously didn't mention it is only by 11? OK. THUMBS DOWN. REPORT. AND SELECT8NG NOT INTERESTED IN THIS CHANNEL. That's what you get, learn to be honest and not deceiving.

  9. Thanks so much you are a mathematician
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