Fate/Grand Order (Emperor Qin Shi Huang) Valentine Chocolate scene  voiced English sub

Fate/Grand Order (Emperor Qin Shi Huang) Valentine Chocolate scene voiced English sub

Qin Shi Huang:Ooh, so you were here. Qin Shi Huang:Ive heard. Today is a day where it is customary for one to give something to their favored retainer to show appreciation for said retainer’s daily devotion. Qin Shi Huang:For some reason, you tend to be blind to your own worth. Qin Shi Huang:You would only realize the treatment fitting for you late into the game. Yuuki:Somehow, I’m scared!? Qin Shi Huang:So you are afraid. Good, good. Then you understand what august honor you are receiving. Qin Shi Huang:Fuhahahahahaha. In that case, you won’t be putting on an air of importance in vain. Here, take this. Yuuki:…What is this? Qin Shi Huang:A miracle drug resembling the elixir of life prepared from cinnabar.Such anecdotes about We should exist in the Panhuman History too. Do you know them? Qin Shi Huang:Ah, obviously this is not some failed work with mercury in it.It’s the authentic genuine article prepared according to the sacred mysteries of the Fusang tree that the Eternal Qin obtained. Qin Shi Huang:Well, after We synthesized the Zhenren framework by completing our cyber eclosion ascension, We no longer had any reason to drink. Qin Shi Huang:That’s why one who still has a predestined length of life should drink it Yuuki:If I drink this…will I gain immortality? Qin Shi Huang:Well, We wonder? At any rate, We did not conduct any clinical experiments.There hasn’t been anybody at all that We have granted immortality after all. Qin Shi Huang:Originally, We had a reason to burn and destroy this medicine. Qin Shi Huang:However, as a special case, trusting that you could become someone worthy of being equal to Us, We leave it in your hands. Qin Shi Huang:Well, it might turn out to be harmful just like mercury, but that’s beside the point. Qin Shi Huang:Since you have the protection of that shield girl, you possess a body unaffected by poison. Qin Shi Huang:Rather, taking into account the case that it’s truly effective, you should eat it. Qin Shi Huang:Live with Us for eternity. We promise you eternal religious exultation and splendour. Qin Shi Huang:However, at the same time, once you’ve parted with the relief of death, you won’t be able to take it back again. Qin Shi Huang:Can your spirit endure that heavy pressure or not? Well, coming to a decision after consulting with that female sage would be fine too. Yuuki:I will take it into consideration. Qin Shi Huang:Choose carefully. One who is a subject yet a human. That’s right. “Making a choice” is the true essence of what makes one human. Qin Shi Huang:A world where people exist, other than Us, who know the importance of that… Hmph, truly, We can not contain our interest! Qin Shi Huang:Oh, what’s wrong? Standing on ceremony like that. Yuuki:Please, accept this! Qin Shi Huang:Oh, a tribute. To think you would… Haha, splendid. So you’ve finally decided to join Our Eternal Qin Empire! Qin Shi Huang:…What, I’m wrong? It’s according to the ritual? Mrgh, so it’s another strange custom from the Panhuman History. Well, fine. Qin Shi Huang:It was We who decided to examine your world as much as possible. Our curiosity has been piqued by this “Va-len-ta-in” event too. Qin Shi Huang:…However, this is…Mhm, sweets, is it…Munch…Mm, sweet. It’s sweet! Truly! Yuuki:Does it suit your palate? Qin Shi Huang:No, rather than suiting or not suiting it, this is astounding. Anyhow, it’s been 2xxx years since We have actually tasted something. Qin Shi Huang:Hm~ sweet nectar. A sensation I haven’t felt in a long time. This truly splendid! Yuuki:2xxx years… Qin Shi Huang:No, well, We have ridden ourselves of the body of a human a long time ago, you know? A tongue has also been implemented on this Zhenren framework for the sake of perfection. Qin Shi Huang:Due to existing as a Servant in this Chaldea, We never remembered the necessity of meals. Qin Shi Huang:Mrgh…Still, this…We’ve been deceived. The delight of taste. Cooking, huh. This is also the beauty of culture. Yuuki:Why are you brooding over that? Qin Shi Huang:No, well, in the Qin We governed, We alone were responsible for the aesthetic appreciation of the performing arts. Qin Shi Huang:But since We discarded the body for which food was necessary, the concept of food culture has altogether ceased to exist. That’s unreasonable!/Others did not cook? Yuuki:That’s unreasonable! Qin Shi Huang:I mean, the sage wheat I gave to the masses was a 300-meters-a-grain superfood that would make one elated, clearheaded and give them matchless vigor just by eating it. Qin Shi Huang:After all, the process known as cooking takes time and effort since there is no finished food to eat. That’s amazing, but…/That’s somewhat desolate… Yuuki:That’s amazing, but… Qin Shi Huang:The desire to individually seek out the pleasure of taste, is a value unique to the Panhuman History where every person is a human being. Qin Shi Huang:Hmrgh, “Va-len-tai-n”…What is this ritual? Like I thought, is it some kind of evil heresy that brings about chaos? Yuuki:It’s not like that at all! Qin Shi Huang:Just now, that bearded pirate captain was wandering around over there in high spirits, saying things like “handsome men should die”. Is it some dispute concerning these sweets? Qin Shi Huang:If one craves pleasing delights in great number, envy and jealousy equal to the amount of that desire will infest the world. We do not find such a thing admirable~ Yuuki:…Should we give up on Valentine’s Day? Qin Shi Huang:Hahaha, do not make such a sorrowful face. Conflicting about the way the world of man is, that’s just the usual dialogue between you and We, no? Qin Shi Huang:I am willing to recognize the brilliance and wonder of this sweet shock. This is another great treasure brought about by the work of humans. Qin Shi Huang:There was also a civilization of creative ingenuity that collapsed due to being excessively perfect… Umu, I am truly impressed. Qin Shi Huang:Giving us, the sole Zhenren, a novel understanding is a meritorious deed indeed. Therefore, you’ll be bestowed with a reward later. Wait for a bit. Qin Shi Huang:Alright, it is finished! Now, feast your eyes upon it! No matter how you look at it, this is chocolate cake…/But hard…like stone!? Yuuki:But hard…like stone!? Qin Shi Huang:Fuhahahaha, I have imitated the skills of the sculptors gathered and raised in Xianyang. Even the skillfulness of my Zhenren framework’s fingers is perfect, no? Qin Shi Huang:Even in my Empire that forgot about food, there were many other flowers of civilization. We won’t feel satisfied until we show them off. Yuuki:T-thank you…very much…

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