Fate/Grand Order (Nezha) Valentine Chocolate scene  voiced English sub

Fate/Grand Order (Nezha) Valentine Chocolate scene voiced English sub

Nezha:(Tiptoe)..(tiptoe)… Nezha:There…! Master..! Mas..ter…! Nezha:No worries. Safe arrival. I’m glad. I made it… it. What have you got there?/Don’t tell me… Yuuki:What have you got there? Nezha:Hm-hm! Nezha:This present. From. A sweet shop. In. the mortal world. A gift… to Master… from me. Nezha:Kitchen Archer. Introduced me. To a Pâtissier. in Chinatown. their specialty… Nezha:..Just arrived. I carried it. Carefully.Carefully. Caaarefully… Nezha:I humbly. Offer thanks. To Master. Please enjoy. Be careful. It’s a chocolate shaped like a lotus flower./It’s gorgeous, delicate, and it smells nice… Yuuki:It’s a chocolate shaped like a lotus flower. Nezha:Do you like it? Hm? it is. Like me…? That is.Too kind. But…I. Am happy. Thank you Nezha!/I’ll eat it carefully! Yuuki:Thank you Nezha! Nezha:Okay! Nezha:Xuanzang told me. Today is. Valentine’s Day. Nezha:I was. Vaguely aware of that. A day. When. You give chocolate. To someone. You admire. Nezha:If Master. Is happy. Then I. Am Happy. See you… ………………../Well,that was new… Yuuki:Well,that was new… [~5 minutes later~] Nezha:A-a-aiya!!! Oh my Buddha!!!! Nezha:W-w-wait! Master! Sorry! Duibuqi!!! Nezha:That thing… that gift from earlier..I need it back…! The chocolate? Was there a problem?/I was just about to take a bite…. Yuuki:The chocolate? Was there a problem? Nezha:Problem, yes! Big problem! Nezha:Th-th-that… good-for-nothing monk! Now she. Tells me… Nezha:Th-th-the meaning. Of Valentine’s Day. The action. Of offering. Chocolate gifts…! Nezha:I-it’s-between. Two L-l-lovers.. and it’s like. A declaration. Of…love! Nezha:The usual. Custom is. For women. To offer, Chocolate gifts…! Yuuki:That’s right but? Nezha:G-g-give it. Back please. If it’s. Supposed to. Be a gift. Of that sort. Something else——- Absolutely Not no./Unfortunately.. I hit the lock button already… Yuuki:Absolutely Not no. Nezha:No——- Nezha:M-Master is. A meanie! I’m not. Going to. Talk to. You today! Oh don’t say that. Let’s have some tea together./Jasmine tea might actually pair well with the chocolate. Yuuki:Oh don’t say that. Let’s have some tea together. Nezha:..Grrrr…Grrr. Master…. Nezha:Meanie…..

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