Fate prediction. My contact with psychics, astrologers, soothsayers. Tarot reading, ESP ability

Fate prediction. My contact with psychics, astrologers, soothsayers. Tarot reading, ESP ability

“It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.” ― William Ernest Henley
Hi guys, My name is Lisa and today, On the Christmas eve as a Christmas fortune-telling,
I want to give you a very mysterious video about fortune tellers, psychics and fate or
karma if you like it more. At first, I should confess: I’ve been addicted
to psychics. Before I’ve become the real adult responsible
for my life I really wanted someone to tell me what is prepared for me by my fate or to
have some guarantee that my wishes will come true. Who doesn’t want it? And really – when our intuition, inner voice
is blocked we can’t hear the voice of our soul, we are ready to visit psychic, expecting
him to give us the best advice, a feeling of safety which we lost after separation with
our mothers. Today I want to discuss who are these fate
predictors, prophets and generally speaking: if someone could really see the future? Is it possible to see the future? What is fate and if is it possible to change
it? Truly speaking since I was 9 years old I do
love tarot predictions and spiritualistic sessions. My sisters and I entertained ourselves by
invoking spirits with the help of a special panel with the alphabet and a porcelain saucer. We summoned the spirit of Mozart and John
Lennon, laid hands on a saucer and it moved to the letters, answering our questions. This wild hobby led to the fact that some
energies passed through some of us, and maybe all of us, one by one, began to manifest extrasensory
abilities. Since I was the youngest, I was accused of
driving the saucer with my hand, but the answers of so called spirits were clear and correct
in most cases. I remember when I was 11 years old and there
was just a transition to the new millennium, there was a solar eclipse and me and my sisters
were practicing our sessions extremely passionately exactly that summer. Young people – my sisters’ suitors gathered
for our spiritual show, asked questions, hid objects in their hands, and we were guessing
them. So, a couple of times even the greatest sceptics
jumped out of their skin because, by some miracle, the answers were accurate. When they realized that the main force sits
in me, they began to drag me with them to all sorts of attics, so that I could answer
their questions and predict fate. Sometimes it terribly enraged me and I came
up with the evil spirit whos name was Pug, which didn’t want to answer, using obscene
language, like: I was telling them mmm pug says: Go to hell motherfuckers, so today guys
unfortunately we can’t read your fortune. This passion for spiritualistic sessions got
to the point where, when I was 15 me and my sisters were frightened so much that we gave
up our sessions. WE were summoning spirits on Christmas and
someone suggested to call the spirit of a deceased friend – a young guy. When the saucer began to move on the panel,
we asked several control questions to make sure that it was his soul that was talking
to us. WE asked, tell us please the date of your
death. And one sister who knew this date did not
keep her hand on the saucer. And the spirit answered correctly. What started here .. We all freezed speechless,
someone sobbed. And in this state, our boyfriends unexpectedly
scared us. After this terrible incident, we no longer
arranged spiritualistic sessions. To this day, I ‘m making tarot reading. Just to analyze the situation and make a decision. My friends are saying that I always tell them
truth, and when even I ‘ve already forgotten what exactly I had predicted them, they say
that everything came true. A couple of times in my life I guessed the
date of birth of children. Usually the number came spontaneously or in
a dream. Sincerely speaking, I don’t know how this
ability works. But I am sure that every person has psychic
abilities. Btw, you can become my patron on Patreon (link
is under this video) where I have some tier with the option to receive tarot reading from
me. And as a person who writes songs, I’m feeling
that there is a certain Let’s call it informational bank, so-called Akashic records, which contains
the past present and future of all mankind, as well as all scientific discoveries, creative
masterpieces and revelations. It is known that Hitler spent a lot of time
searching for the saint Grail and Shambhala – the country of the ancient wise race. However, Hitler, after his emissary Schaeffer,
after contacting with Tibetan lamas, did not find the desired Shambhala, suspected that
a secret entrance to this country could be located somewhere in the Caucasus. Several times in my life a song melody came
to me in a dream, several times the words together with the melody literally overtook
me and I could hardly control what was happening. For example, my song Enough, its chorus, I
composed with the words in an instant, as soon as I heard a melody that my friend just
composed. Almost all world famous musicians claim that
they are controlled by some spirits and their talent of writing songs doesn’t belong them. All that I know is that information comes
to those who are able to merge with the meditative flow of the subconscious, who are in total
relaxation. Then we can truly discover a genius ability. Psychics also work in this way, just trusting
the intuitive flow in their head and give out information that they receive in the form
of images or premonitions. Unfortunately, due to the abundance of charlatans
in this area who use simply banal psychological tricks or NLP practices, people rarely believe
that it is really possible to read information. I want to tell you about my experience of
visiting various representatives of the esoteric societies. The first very fascinating visit happened
in 2015 when I visited an astrologer. It was a strange old woman who lived in the
attic, or better to say old penthouse almost in the very center of St. Petersburg. She had three cats and a lot of books. This woman gave me an astrological lecture
and struck me with terminology that I had never heard before. Now I don’t remember anything. But I wrote down the main points of her prophecy
for my life. According to my star chart, she quite clearly
described my character – that I am characterized by punctuality of the virgo, but at the same
time I have already worked out the karma of the virgo sign and in this life I am more
– creative, erratic person, a little bit out of this world like Aquarius sign. And my mission to become Pisces a sign of
Jesus Christ and to be engaged in enlightening and spiritual work. The kind of activity that suits me is the
organization of creative events and the stage and in elder age enlightment and mentorship. The desire to be on stage comes from the fact
that I have the sun in the sign of Leo. Also I was born in a lunar eclipse or solar? I don’t remember and somehow this is the
reason that I literally destroy and psychologically suppress people of the Virgo sign, especially
men. In general, the story was entertaining. While it is difficult to verify whether her
predictions come true or not, because I have not yet reached the age of my marriage, which
should happen at the age of 32 or 33. Also, I probably will get rich on my memoirs
at my old age, I will publish my autobiography. Interestingly, I’m writing a diary since
childhood and I really want to write autobiography one day if I will have an interesting life And of course, the most interesting information
from an astrologer is that every 7 years each one of us has a so-called white moon, when
there are people who are appearing in our lives to help us with the fulfillment of our
mission, we are usually very lucky every seven years. And every 9 years we are facing the exam – if
we are going the wrong way, then we could be fired from this planet earth. Maybe that’s why there is a club of 27 year
olds? all these stars died at 27 because they’ve chosen the wrong path? Who knows. Maybe its only the coincidence.. By the way, at the end of the session, the
astrologer presented me a book with the most popular quotes of Carlos Castaneda. For which I am especially grateful .
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that when I was 21, some wandering weird poet from the streets
of Kiev predicted me fame and life in a certain elite society where they sing and dance, he
took my hand and said that I have a crazy strong energy, that I have a talent to sing
and make tarot reading. Also that I’m the ancient soul which reincarnated
as an important man in the Ancient Egypt. However, at the time of prediction I wasn’t
performing as a musician on stage. This poet told me to make an amulet for myself
with iron rectangles hanging on the leather ropes. He also said that I should share my success
with people and then no one will intrigue against me. Bthw here is my amulet I bought it right after
this prophecy as I usually believe the information which comes so spontaneously. What is really interesting that I wasn’t
alone I was walking with about 10 friends and my sisters. But he started to talk only about me and I
felt really embarrassed. In general, there are a lot of stories, for
example, a gypsy woman told my aunt on the street that her husband ‘s name will be
Vladimir. And my uncle’s name is really Vladimir as
you already guessed it. I think you also have a lot of cases like
this, maybe you had prophetic dreams or someone predicted something for you? Share in the comments under this video. After the astrologer, I honestly did not plan
to visit any soothsayers at all. But it happened so that once around 4 years
ago, when I had a very difficult period in my life, my sister called
me and said that she had visited a soothsayer. First, that woman told her that at the end
of the year some blood relative will die and we will be grieving a lot. We thought about grandmother then, but you
know my grandmother is now 95 and she is still alive, thanks god. But this prediction was about our father,
and we could not even imagine that he would suddenly get ill and die from cancer in three
months, just at the end of the year – in November. Together with sad news she told my sister
about my fate after she looked at my photo . She said that I have a gift from God and
will become a famous performer. She named period during which I should be
on the pick of my fame. I was really inspired to hear these things
– just imagine, what would YOU feel after hearing so pleasant words about your destiny,
especially when in current moment your life is falling apart? And when some soothsayer explains your current
problems as just necessary lessons to be learnt on the way to your prosperity? Surely I was deliriously happy to hear such
predictions. It was exactly the right support which I needed
at that time as never. But one thing was still confusing me. What if at this age when I allegedly
should reach all this wealth nothing will be happening ? What I supposed to do in this
case? You know I got into a trap. So that someone stated some deadline for my
dreams to come true. The anxiety wasn’t slow in coming and the
other details of prediction like who will be near contributing to achieving my goals,
were deeply programmed in my brains. So that I was trying to see each new friend
of mine as my companion on the way to fame. And what do you think I’ve done? As I became hesitating I decided to visit
the same psychic and check her prophecies. I was sure that she won’t recognize me because
she has around 10 clients per day and there passed about a year since my sister visited
her. Moreover she read my fate looking at my photo
only, so I thought she wouldn’t recognize me for sure. She really didn’t recognize me. This middle-aged woman was predicting my fate
with the help of a candle and an Orthodox icon. Her apartments were clean and pleasant, but
she, herself, looked very tired. The session was supposed to last about 30
minutes, but she talked with me for almost an hour. And somehow perked up during a conversation. In general, all the prophecies about my fate
were confirmed, the terms also, but with a small error. She said I will travel the world a lot, I
will write memoirs about my life – this is a really cool coincidence, I think, since
the astrologer told me the same thing. She also said that my sister would marry a
man with whom she was in the photograph that I showed and that they would have two children. They really got married about a year later,
but so far they have only one child at this moment. About the children of another sister, I can
say after 3 years that everything really came true, she has two girls, as it was said. In general, after the session, I was flying
on the wings of happiness and there was a motivation to work hard to make the prophecy
come true. However, after my visit, all my girlfriends
went to this woman for a fate reading, since I made a great PR for her magic skills and
unfortunately, she couldn’t even tell my cousin that her husband was on the photo which
she brought with her to session! psychic said that it was nobody, just a friend. She also told my best friend that her life
is spoiled with a curse and in general that she is very susceptible to envy from other
people. Then my friend became very upset and spent
additional money for curse removal. Honestly, I felt sorry for this and was very
worried and, of course, doubted that all that was said was certainly my fate. Another year passed and then my close friend
remembered that she had been predicted to have a long trip to India and that everything
she was promised came true. I immediately became interested, because I
still had questions after my last visit to the first psychic, because I wanted to discover
the truth about my fate so much! And I took the contact of this woman. In one of my first videos about depression,
I already mentioned this case. During the first visit, this psychic literally
was looking through me, at one moment she smiled and said how pleased she was to meet
me, because people who would become famous did not often come to her. She pointed out that I have a talent in tarot
reading just as a weird poet in Kiev told me 10 years ago. She also described my future including information
about the appearance of my future boyfriend and said that I need to move to another city. She also managed to shock me with some facts
of my biography, about which I didn’t want to talk so much. For example, she said Well, thanks God that
over the past six months you haven’t become an alcoholic. And you know, after the death of my dad, I
really leaned on alcohol in large quantities and stopped only because I was afraid to drink
too much. Also she said that if I move to another
city, in a year I would have a music tour around the world. A week later after the first visit, necessary
people and events began to be attracted, all of them really contributed to my musical development
and it all ended with writing a demo album and creating a project Union Grail. So, it seemed to me that it was not so bad
in my hometown and I did not move to another city, as she told me. You know, someone’s prophecy is not a strong
reason to change your life and leave your comfort zone. Is not it? And only when I was mired in a swamp and got
into a deadlock, when I had no place for living, no work, no money, I ran for a second session
to this witch. Where she said to me:
well, I told you to move to another city, but you didn’t listen. You’ll move there anyway. Sooner or later. You know, she tried to persuade me as if she
knew that if I stayed in my city for at least another month, I would die. Now the predictions have changed and the description
of the future boyfriend, as well. And the world tour wasn’t expected to be
so close. However, anyway in the new city, according
to her, luck awaited me. Well, then, if everything goes according to
this scenario, what I dream of, will come true. At this moment, I can say that some events
really came true – after my move I worked in those places that she described. But the story ends with this, because I don’t
know what will come next. I really do not know. And you know, no one knows. I made this conclusion after visits to all
kinds of fortunetellers. The only thing I will say in their defense. They can see the upcoming scenarios of your
fate, those paths that are closest to your intention. They seem to read the energy setting. But if you suddenly decide to jump from the
roof – this will be only your decision and your action. I also support the theory of reincarnation
and karma. I believe that we come here already with some
background from past lives and we want to get some specific experience in this life. To do this, we choose bodies with abilities
that will help us with the implementation of our tasks. Someone was born with a strong mind, curiosity,
patience and analytical thinking to become a great scientist, someone’s body bends like
plasticine and he is a born gymnast. Someone has good vocal abilities, as me and
I always knew about this, someone is a leader by nature and was born to run the corporation. What talents and skills you were born with,
I think you know. If not, you just have to discover them in
yourself, because I am convinced that every person has talents. Another thing, will we work hard to uncover
and develop them? Will we wish our dreams to come true so much
that we are ready to jump out of our comfort zone, suffer defeats, and face aggression
and criticism? You should ask yourself these questions and
if your answer is yes, then I can say without going to a psychic – you will succeed! And I will succeed. No matter when, even at 90! Time does not matter, only life does. After all, we can program ourselves for success
– all that is needed is to realize that we are responsible for everything. Yes, some fate is destined for us, or rather,
some meaning of our life journey, but we can always change the decorations to more attractive. With these words, I wish you a Merry Christmas
. I wish you to Allow yourself fulfil everything you dreaming about . And fate will take care
how to carry out your order. Stay true and kind the rest things nevermind.

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  1. It is written from this day forward ….every day you and your con party keep instigating and lying The results of failure and inappropriate energy will be placed upon your party…parish or Remain silent to Avoid the lake of fire that’s coming….. this light 2 come will cover all bullshit parties and associates it will light the new world forever and ever and ever so please be big and bad energy if you want to be…

  2. Перестала гадать на таро, раньше часто гадала друзьям, и моя энергия куда то уплывала, а точнее какие то проблемы возникали сразу же со мной. Хотя то что говорила им всё сбылось, вплоть до мелких деталей. В данный момент предпочитаю верить снам, частым совпадениям и знакам на улице и в жизни. Ещё помогает внутряняя интуиция, при чем срабатывает она спонтанно именно на близких людей. Тело прям начинает странно реагировать и появляться странные эмоции, в основном я с того не сего начинаю думать о человеке и накатываются сами на глаза слезы и я не понимала раньше в чём дело, а потом поняла что этому человеку лучше не делать ни каких активностей и посидеть дома денёк. Лучше перебздеть чем недобздеть. А что касается меня и интуиции, то иногда я хер на нее забиваю, потом очень желаю. Тоесть иду я такая к куда нить, и такое секундное виденье мелькает и намекает что мне не надо идти к этому человеку и я такая, да ну это бред, а потом и правда происходит лютая дичь какая то у меня с этим человеком.

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