French Numbers – Counting from 1 to 1 Million

French Numbers – Counting from 1 to 1 Million

hey guys it’s Pierre from friends welcome back for more videos on French
learning today’s lesson will be about French numbers the number of Jose in
French so French numbers are in famous for being really really complicated and
I have to admit that this is quite true but with this lesson you will know all
the details and you will know everything you have to know about numbers in French
and they will not be as difficult as you may think so first on the whiteboard you
see all the figures between 0 and 99 and I will explain how you can say all those
numbers in French so on this table you will see blue numbers and black numbers
blue numbers are numbers that you have to remember and black numbers are just
compositions of blue numbers so if you remember all the blue words you will be
able to say all the black one if you know the logic behind the black ones so
let’s get started with the first ones the unit’s this is quite easy like in a
lot of languages you have to remember all that by heart so let’s get started
with 0 it’s the same than in English but you have to say 0 0 0 in French so this
is the first one and one is this is quite hard to say for a non native
French speaker but this UN you say it this is quite hard don’t worry if you
cannot do it like it’s as long as you can understand you I’m always saying
that but as long as we can understand you it’s definitely okay try to do
something that is that looks like oh and as long as you can we can understand you
it’s fine so um the next one is doo doo doo so
here you see there is an X and you don’t have to say it
but there is a years in some cases like if you have a vowel after do like do
Zuazo two birds do zoo so you have to do the
liaison with the eggs be careful with that if you have troubles with the
liaison you can see one of the other videos I met so do next one is tall twat
here again you can you have to do the liaison if there is a vowel
again three birds twat zoo but usually alone you just say twat twat twat so you
don’t say yes twat except if after that there is a vowel
but anyway 12-0 do twat next one is cat cat for cut cut then you have sank five
sank sunk so here you say everything this one six is like in English but in
French you have to say sis this is quite unusual in French but here the X is like
an S cease cease so be careful here there is no liaison that you have to do
with just the X you have to say s sis sis so be careful with that
sis okay you’re good okay next one seven it’s set set this one is a little tricky
with the spelling because here there is a P and this P you don’t say it like not
at all on either T so you have to say set set the next one is weet weet so
here like silent H and meat meat and the last one is not enough death so you know
all the units so far so I’m gonna say them once again zero do twat cat sank
sis set meat okay so now you know all the ten first
numbers if we include zero so try to repeat that by yourself
and that would be a good practice and you will remember you need to get your
tone use to those words so don’t hesitate to repeat those words in front
of your computer it’s really useful for a good training so this was quite easy
the second part is a bit more tricky but still not that complicated so for the
next like from 10 to 19 you have to you have new words that you have to remember
and to be exact it’s only until 16 says so here when you want to say 10 you say
this and as you can see well as you can hear this again there is an X like 6 but
I said s this so this one this this so you have to remember that with IX in FEA
numbers like this this is always an S this this so be careful with that
then the next one 11 ohms then the next one 1100 so here this is
sort of a transformation of if you have trouble to remember you can still see
some civilities similarities between this and that but it’s better to learn
by heart so owns owns next one is dues those dues
so here you can see it’s it looks like a bit like two but still difference but
what is hard is sometimes with two when you do the Li ISM like those words oh
it’s it looks like dues so I’m gonna say 12 birds and tubers and
try to catch the difference to suazo twos wazoo do Zuzu do Zuzu
can you catch the difference it’s quite hard but you will learn with practice
but don’t hesitate to repeat again what I just said I’m gonna say it once again
douzo douzo this is quite hard when you’re not a native speaker so be
careful with that if there is no da zoom Doo doos okay you can catch the
difference but if there is the liaison be careful
so next one is PES pres so here again there is a TR which is kind of the 3
mark so Trez Trez next one is capped off so here there is the quad this kind of
cue cue you a tea mark cat toes cat talks as you can see there is always
this Z e at the end of those figures those numbers so next one is cans cans
again this is more tricky but you can still think of the Q but don’t mistake
with that so yeah be careful with that cans cans and the last one of this
series is 16 which is says says so here the s and the S but be careful not to
confuse with the 7 so ya says says I’m gonna say them once again so this
news-press quatorze cans says ok so you’ve got all the figures all the
numbers from 10 to 16 but then here it’s a bit different for 17 you have to say
de set de set so here as you can see there is this ten
this and seven set set if you add up ten and seven you get seventeen this is kind
of logical but harder than in other languages seventeen this set this set so
usually when you speak French because here there is the dis the s that the X
that you have to say s and there is also the S here so usually you just say once
the s cuz it’s it would be too hard to say both this set you can say that but
it’s better and faster and easier to say this set this set so as you can see I’m
just saying this set I’m saying the s only once okay so try again to repeat
those numbers that’s a that would be a good practice for you so this set 10
plus 7 this set and don’t forget to add the dash here it’s really important and
when you compound you do composition with numbers
you always have to add the – so be careful with that this set this set next
one is digit digit again same logic ten plus eight this with digit so usually
sometimes it’s a bit like a Z sound this is it this is it this sweet this is it
can you catch the difference if you just say this and wait you hear this with
this sweet but as it is more it is easier and like faster in French usually
we say digit digit so the the s sound of the dis here become an z sound digit
digit and the next one is 19 so here no tricks this enough this nerve is like
you say this and that this knife this knife so you
say de set de suite dis knife here this set remember it’s s just one s here this
wit so it like a Z sound here this is it and the next one is this enough this is
enough so here same situation you can say this
Z sound instead of the S but you’re not it’s okay if you don’t say it is just
more easier like easier and faster and that’s what Pete French people say a lot
so let’s sum it up here you just say s this set this set just like if it was
only one s here you can say this meet and here this knife this you eat this
knife but don’t be surprised if you see here some sort of Z sound
these knife this is with this snuff this sweet so with an s this sweet Dee sweet
Dee sweet so here be careful maybe you cannot catch the
difference but it’s okay just it’s good to know that you can hear some
difference in the pronunciation but be careful so this was for the from 10 to
19 as you can see from 10 to 16 new words that you need to remember and here
like you just need to do some additions so with 10 and 7 8 9 set huit neuf so
let’s move on to the next one and it’s still not that hard you need to remember
those numbers the thought cannot sanket sweat salt
so he’s like 20 30 40 50 and 60 so this is kind of easy you need to remember
those figures so again you can see some similarity between
the figures so here TR TR taunt but don’t condone be confused with pres
can’t hear again can’t hear really easy you can see all the like you can see
five sank you can see so exactly the same sunk sunk second and here like the
s and the IX which is kind of close to the six C’s in French C’s if you’re
sometimes confused with the first tens digit just remember that for those ones
it’s always with de at the end and for those ones it’s always with odds at the
end even though here it’s Annie and here it’s an a it’s always the same
pronunciation aunt aunt except for 20 but remember that when
it’s aunt it means like it’s a multiple of ten so thoughts cannot suck out Swiss
aunt so you know how to say those figures but maybe you want to say 21 22
33 and those steps so here are the rules for that it’s quite easy again you just
add up numbers it’s like in English there is just one little rule that you
need to remember the first one the this little rule is with one you have to add
this keyword a it’s like end in English so that 30 on the tail so here some
specificities of that know when you save them this is silent G T you don’t say it
just them so it’s like the drink though like it’s like wine in French though but
here if you want to say 21 you add a because you do the addition 20 plus 1
but since it’s a 1 in French you have to say this end so just remember that and
here you’ve got the dashes again but as you can see here there is a T and here
there is an E so T silent e plus vowel this is a case
of a liaison so you have to say that they are that they so here this T is not
silent and you have to repeat it without a without a here remember in the liaison
in the lesson about Judaism we said that you never do the liaison with the a and
here it’s a so you don’t do the liaison that T 30 so this is the same for all
those ones so don t Tom T huh it’s not written here but 441 you say cannot
kahan T then sank on T huh sua salty so a salty County huh
some County so here you have always the a that you have to say but it’s only
with the one for the others it’s really easy you just say this one of those and
then you add the in it so for example 45 you just say kahan sunk 40k hot and five
sunk quite easy for now so you can say that for all the numbers here so let’s
get to the last one of this series swats on nerf SWAT nerf 69 su assault enough
so you just put the 60 here sooo assault and enough sweats not nerf quite easy so
do some to sum it up for this part your you’ll earn 20 30 40 15 and 16 the hot
cat hot second su– assault then you just add the unit except in one
situation if it’s you want to add a 1 you need to add the e da so here
it’s like you learn this word like 420 if X is a 2
or 6 or 5 or 4 or 3 here you add you use van and 1 and you add this it and for
the other ones you just use one of those and you add the unit so for 22 23 and
229 and again the same for those ones so quite easy and you were to learn and
then you add up except for one where you add the e the a okay how do you find
french numbers so far it’s not that hard right you just remember that and it’s
okay just do addition except for this situation that you have
to do the addition for those three numbers these videos if it’s not that
hard but this is way it starts to be more tricky in French so let’s move on
to the next section from 17 to set from 70 to 79 this is kind of weird here for
70 you have to say schwa sound this which is the addition of schwa sound and
this 60 plus 10 so as you can see you take this and this
sua sont this so here it’s like you take this Siri you use the schwa sound and
you add up all the numbers so su assault sweat salty sweat sound do sweats on
twat so a sound cat sweats on sack swears on sis so a sunset sweats on
treat sweats out nurse and then you keep doing that sweats on this and then you
do the same sweats out here again there is the one so you have
to add the a sua some tea Oh swats on dues sua some prayers sua some captain
Suez on cans suicune says suez on tea set
sua some digit sua some business so here for for this one you have to
keep counting until this knife until 19 so here you add up just from 1 to 9
but for suicides you need to add up until nineteen so sweat on this sweat
salty all sweat song dues so as some tears sweat on catters sweat some
Carol’s sweat some says sweat some deset sweats on D Street so a sound is enough
okay so kind of weird because we didn’t stop we stop at nine here and here you
have to stop at 19 and then if you remember here it’s already an addition
ten nine so here when you say sweats on these
Neph it’s like an addition of 1660 ten and nine it’s kind of weird but for
French people when you learn that at school
you just don’t ask question you’re just learning that by heart
so you’re just used to it but if you think of the logic behind
it’s kind of weird even for me so just remember that for this one you need to
add up ten eleven until nineteen this until this enough is enough and the next
one is like completely crazy cat who them kat von 1880 we don’t have like a
word to say eighteen what we say we say cat halva which is like four times 24
times 20 equals 80 but in French you just say 420 cat the cat so here cat
done so here Dom why I don’t know you just need to remember that cat the cat
try to rip it again your numbers so cat though here is like four times 20 try to
Rio to repeat it Cat Cat and here you can see that there is in
red there is in red this s cuz again French is kind of annoying I know I’m
sorry for that but there is this parole here you do four times 20 and if you do
four times 20 you need to add an S because there is like there are not just
one done but for them for twenty it’s like four twenties so you have to add
the s but what is again tricky is like that’s the only case where you add the s
because if you move on to the next one because then if you remember Kotova you
just need to add numbers again so here cats really not a cat : and so
you just add you take this cat holes not and you add one but here if there is if
there is a – after that you just get rid of the s so the s is only for this case
when you say cat hold on when you say eighty it just here that you have to put
the s then there is no s there is no logic behind him and I’m sorry for you
guys because it’s really difficult to learn but if you get used to it that’s
gonna be fine so cat hold on um so here you do 4 times
20 plus 1 cat hold on cat with on kotoba and as you can see here there is no a in
this specific situation with cat over there is nothing that you have to add
and here there is no Liam that you have to do with with the T catuaba is kind of
really annoying so katakana is like a unique word there is no s no s if you
add something after that and you never do the liaison with this specific cat
hold on but here you had to add the egg and you have to do the liaison but not
here yet just remember that it’s like some sort
of isolated word but there is still the – so let’s move on to the next ones I
guess you can say if you know the logic you you understood the logic so you can
try by yourself just try by yourself before I try to say it so the next one
is 82 so cat who ever do get done so four times 20 cat gonna do cat cool
don’t do and you do that so on and so on until kids even if not enough so nine
but again here in fact you don’t stop until nine you keep going until nineteen
so here it’s like here with Suez on where you say Swiss on this here you say
cat hold on this cat live on this it’s like four times 20 plus 10 cat whether
this cat whoever owns cat whoever dues cat whoever says Cantrell my cat dog cat
women cans Catwoman says get well vanity set get
with Indies with kids wanna Disney so that like the last one is like
completely crazy you say cat with his knife which is like four times 20 plus
10 plus 999 kind of weird but if you have trouble with that like the math we
don’t care about the math here just remember that cat hold on Catwoman is
like the way you say 18 you don’t care like it’s four times 20 you just
remember that it’s cat Coco cat Coco and then when you understand that this cat
over you just add the numbers cats are cats are going to just remember that you
have to add that up until nineteen so cat fur
I guess we’re gonna do cat want wah exit the hop until get home and his nest so
here you just remember that cats good man you can try to remember that as like
a single word and then you add up so if you can remember that that’s gonna be
perfectly fine yet for now when I was young personally
I didn’t realize that this one was cat hold on I just learned cat heaven is
like a unique word like counts counts second cat :
I just thought that cat Haven was like some sort of unique word and then what I
had to do is just add up so to sum that up here you know the unit right here you
remember that you have to read you have those new words that are you have to
remember and then these additions then it’s always the same logic if I need to
remember like the first one like with the zero but then you just add up with
numbers there is this little exception with the one a then here you just
remember 20 30 silver tongue counts on result and you can remember Kotova as a
sort of number so here see that as a blue one you should remember that a blue
one the pumpkin Socko whistles cat : and you remember that
here you count like from 1 from 0 to 10 from 0 to 9 here again here again here
again here you have you have to count from 0 to 19 SWA salt suus on business
from 0 to 19 and the same for this one if you remember that like katakana is
some sort of unique word you have to remember that you count from 18 from 0
to 19 so 20 from 0 to 9 from the gyro to 9 from 0 to 9 from 0 to 9 from 0 to 19
and this one from 0 to 19 and here you know how to count in French maybe you
want to know how to say like hundred or thousand so I’m just gonna give you that
to finish so here this one is so quite easy and for this one it’s
Miller then it’s really easy with those two ones if you want to say like 110 you
just say so sorry I said 10 so so this so sunk so cat comment is enough 199 so
Katherine Zenith and then it’s the same for a meal like if you want to say meal
huh like meal 1001 you say meal mean this
1010 meal cat holo 1080 so you can remember those ones then the editions
are really easy you just need if you want like to say 2000 you just put the 2
here and I’ll like do don’t focus too much on the dashes some like originally
the rule is you don’t put dashes but nowadays you can put dashes so don’t
focus too much on that if you want to remember one rule just remember that
between all the numbers there is a – but we don’t write a lot numbers in letters
so don’t forget to mention on that so here do mean so now you know how to
count those ones are not that important just remember that this is all for
French figure French numbers this is kind of hard I know I guess I hope that
you manage to understood that and if you didn’t manage you can try to see the
panel like the whiteboard and try to repeat again and again it’s a good
practice for you I was only presenting like was only
introducing you to French numbers from France cuz in Belgium for example you
have some different rules but this is like some sort of standard French so
remember that and you will be fine that’s all for
today and I really hope you like this video and if you did like this video you
can subscribe on our Channel and click on the like button and leave a comment
in the comment section if you want more resources on French learning you can go
on our website French port you will find a lot of resources to improve
your French and that’s all for me it was my it was Pierre I see you on next time

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