GERMAN PRONUNCIATION 1: The German Alphabet 🔠🔠🔠

GERMAN PRONUNCIATION 1: The German Alphabet 🔠🔠🔠

A B C D E F G~ 歡迎來到”跟安亞學德語” 今天我們會學習德語字母 我也以 ‘ABC歌’ 做了另一個相關的視頻 在這裡 不過今天我將會告訴你德語的不同字母 讓我們從第一個字母開始吧 A(啊) A 似 Ania 你看到我的嘴巴做什麽嗎 可能有點好笑 但看起來像要把嘴巴拉開 像 哈哈哈哈哈 像 yacht, 但比較短 (讀:yot) 讓我們重復所有字母 恭喜你!我們完成了第一部分 現在第二部分 開始吧 好像兩個 “O” (音:烏) 來做點練習吧 首先我們來拼我的名字 然後德國首都的名字 首先 我的名字 安亞 (Ania) 德文怎麽拼呢 德:德文怎麽拼 Buchstabieren=拼寫 開始吧 德國的首都是柏林(Berlin) 你的功課是:拼寫你的名字 重復看那些字母 直到你背起來 然後用德語拼寫你的名字 首先你的名字 然後你的姓氏

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  1. i love your teeth 😍 they are magic , did you have braces before and you are beautiful , you also have a very nice teaching methods , thank you so much , hope u make you make your courses more affordable so everyone can enroll 😘

  2. So my teacher taught us to pronounce B as in 'bay' C as in 'Sea' G as in 'Gay. It just throws me off when I hear a different pronunciation to the letters. But thank you very much this is very helpful!

  3. it would be better to extend video 1 minute more, to explain the difference of pronounciation of i and e ; but thanks anyway Anja !

  4. Halo, Ajna thank you again for such great lessons. can u please suggest a book that has illustrated short stories? and where can i buy them?
    also if there a comic book kindly suggest

  5. Muchísimas gracias, Thank you very much for teaching me GERMAN I really love to improve this lovely language and to be able to speak and read better like you (muchas bendiciones para usted)

  6. Why are words like spiel, stollen and springer not spelled like schpiel, schtollen and schpringer? Cf. other words e.g. schlauch and schnell.

  7. Can..u please … show me how to write my name in German language name is" dilshad"..if someone knows ..can u please show me😕

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