Getting Girls Numbers in Pakistan Prank

Getting Girls Numbers in Pakistan Prank

Don’t you have any manners??? you’re asking me for the number directly It’s my style dear You will get slap from me AOA everyone this is Shahmeer Abbas Shah And today i’m here to do the prank which is quite difficult And going to ask Pakistani girls for their number so let’s see how it goes Can i sit here??? why?? i want your number because you’re so beautiful I want number of your both what??? what do u say? Don’t you have any manners ??? Yes!! These are my manners These are my manners! You serious? yes!!! I want your number Where did you came from?? I came from my home Give me your number now!! Don’t you have any manners, You’re asking for my number directly This is my own style Your way is pretty Bad!! I just want your number you want my number? yes!! why??????? You’re Beautiful That’s why Ok i’m beautiful but what about her??? She’s more beautiful She will ignore me for sure so what can i do?? So you think that i will give you my number??? Are you mad??? You serious right?? She’s wearing Burqa that’s she….. ahhh So you’re saying girls who wear Burqa are always innocent yes!! Yes mostly burqa girls are innocent You’re also looking innocent but i think you will give me your number But your chances are higher There are no chances okay?? I will slap you now Hey how are you?? You alright? i want your number is that a no???? noo!! i’m giving you my number Yes yes ! please who told you to do ragging?? what???? It’s not ragging i just want your number because you look good i want her number i like her that’s why You didn’t find any other girl at this university ??? Yeah i find her ohhhh hahaha God will help you mann!! Will you help?? Try to stabilize the camera i want your number what do you mean to say?? i want your number why??? for fun!! Listen girls!!! I want number of your both Is that a dare???? haha yes!! Give me your number now My fans have given me this dare Listen girls???? Oh you again!! hahaha my mistake I already pranked you How are you all???? oh shit hahahah you again!!! lol don’t come near to us again lol where ever i go?? you always come to my face where should i prank people?? what the hell you’re doing?? What happen??? what are you doing?? I’m doing a good work What type of way is this?? This is the way that you want then do it somewhere else??? what happen?? Please stay away from us! Will you go??????? what happen?? I just want your number That’s why i’m not going You will get slap only i will not get your number?? no!!! Ok then write your number on your hand before slapping me Are you out of your mind??? Yeah it’s totally right!! I’ve been in an operation OK then you should consult a good doctor then It was a PHD doctor who operated my brain No your brain is still not working Ok then no one can fix my brain Let get out from here He’s an idiot Can i sit here?? Sure! You can also sit on that bench no i want to sit here I want all of your numbers what type of number??? Pakistani numberr Her 018 , mine 067 and her 011 AOA Bro how are you?? Can i have her number?? I don’t know her . She’s random I want her number she’s so cute You want my number? yes number! Awwwww you know what?? i don’t remember my number So you don’t remember? Hmmm nice excuse dear! How are you all? fine?? I want number of your all oh sorry i want your number only!! my number? why?? Just for fun Can i have it?? I just want your number You think we will give you our numbers if you force us Nooo i’m not saying this! I can’t force you nahh?? it doesn’t feel good Ok then go away from us Ok then you give me your number! I think someone gave him the dare It’s not dare it’s something else where you from? are you from another country? You don’t look like that you’re from pakistan Yeah i’m from another country Are you pathani? NO???? then where u from?? I’m afghani Give me your number We can give you something else if you want what??? Drinks??? no i’m good my stomach is full My stomach is full because i have eaten so many brains ok then get lost from here! Ahhh! ok i will but can you see the camera?? It’s a prank Okay now say Subscribe to my Channel what happen? Why you girls are laughing?

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  2. پیارے بھائی اللہ تعالیٰ سے دعا گو ہیں کہ اپکی عمر دراز کرے اور زندگی میں کسی مشکل کا سامنا نہ کرنا پڑے
    اللہ رب العزت اپ کو نیک سیرت و اعلی کردارعطا فرماکر اپنے والدین کی آنکھوں کی ٹھنڈک بنائے اپ کو اللہ رب العزت اپنے اہلِ خانہ کے ہمراہ دنیا و آخرت کی دائمی خوشیاں عطا فرمائے ۔آمین ثم آمین ​
    اللہ پاک اپکو کو صحت دے عزت اور صالح حیاتِ طویل عطا فرمائے۔ آمین۔
    اللہ تعالی دنیا و آخرت میں کامیابیوں اور رحمتوں سے نوازیں۔

  3. Apni sister ka nomber do san logon ko .. or pakege lagao … 20 rope….. Phir dekh tumare chanal de zaida pessy ley kar aye gi

  4. Lmao, i dont like the fact im understanding everything ur saying and im only like 13. Lmao ur bids are to funny tho 😂

  5. Bhai the moment u say "number chahiye" the cringe hits too hard and I feel it right inside my chest.

  6. ابے گانڈو شمیرجلد ھی تیری پٹنے والی ویڈیو آنے والی ھے ..تیار رھنا

  7. Did you take the girls consent before uploading their faces on YouTube like this?? Extremely disrespectful and unethical. I can't believe this video has so many views. You're awful.

  8. saaroo ke muu bnd kr waadeye kamal kr diaa brooo agliii video bnaoooo un kuutooo prr 🖕🏻🖕🏻ye waali ungel doo unkooo

  9. Yar bhai ye family show wale prank kiya kren.yaqinan apk gr wale apka prank dekhte hongy agr nhe dekhte to kya pakistan k log ap k gr walay nhe hain.???????????????????pakistan b haseen aur pak gr hai hmara

  10. That girl with open hair at 0:51 looked like she would have happily given her number if her friend was not there..🙄
    She was clearly enjoying the flirting

  11. لا الہ الا اللہ محمد الرسول اللہ
    سبحان اللہ وبحمدہ سبحان العظیم
    پلیز میرے یوٹیوب چینل کو سبسکرائب کر دیں plzzz💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  12. Acha sabak day rahye hen ap log Muslims ka mazaq bana k rakh diya he . Mazaq krne ka shok he tu bus apne Ghar walun say kren. apna tamasha mat banaen

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