Glagolitic Alphabet with Pronunciation (Old Slavic)

Glagolitic Alphabet with Pronunciation (Old Slavic)

Hello everyone. This is an introduction to Glagolitic alphabet. In this video I am going to cover complete Glagolitic alphabet first with telling you the name of every character, then I will repeat you it’s pronunciation twice, so you can hear it better and finally I will tell you the numeric value of that character, because at that time Hindu numerals were not used. So, let’s start. The following one is kinda special. This is the letter Yat. It’s pronunciation varied between different Slavic dialects, as also on it’s position in the word. If it was the first letter it was pronounced as Ya, if it was in the middle it was pronounced as Ye, or Iye and finally if it was the last letter it was pronounced as I. However, at the earliest times this letter had one single pronunciation and it was something between E and I. So it might have sounded something like this: Yat. This was a complete list of all Glaglitic letters used to write Old Slavic. In the next video, we will examine the Old Cyrillic, the very first one, as it was intended. Stay tuned for more and have a great day.

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  1. It is Old Macedonian Alphabet and only the Macedonians have those sounds today in the contemporary Macedonian Alphabet that was made in Pella the Ancient Macedonian Capital and Salonika – Thessaloniki the city where the Glagolitic Alphabet was made by the Macedonians is seen by the Macedonians as the capital of the Macedonian People that was never conquered by the neighbors of the Macedonians.

  2. I've spend around 5 hours to start learning the glagolitic alphabet
    and well, i tested russifying my name (because that would be the closest to old church slavonic, which was spoken when glagolitic started to be used) and even understood the individual letters

    then i wrote it down on a piece of paper with the cyrillic equivalent (I know cyrillic btw) and then went on to look for how to pronounce it and I found this video, very helpful of you.

    Greetings from an Ethnic Pole living in France.

  3. Хвала за диван канал. Почео сам да учим старословенски, и ово је најјаснији и најсажетији преглед глагољице који сам до сада нашао.

  4. Хвала за диван канал и од мене.

    Anyway, I would like to point some incorrect things.

    => The letter with numeric value of 30 had phonetic value G [g]. It was used in Greek words only. Approximately half of its usage is in the words with the root -ANGEL-. Later, in Catholic South Slavic countries, under Italian influence, that letter was assigned the demonstrated value.

    => The letter demonstrated as Yat was initially assigned the phonetic value of IA. The inventor of the Glagolitic script did not distinguish IA and Ѣ in his speech. In Cyrillic, IA and Ѣ were distinguished.

  5. Ⰴⰰⰰⰰⰰⰰⰰ ⱍⱖ ⰵⱅ ⱄ ⱀⰺⰿⰺ ⱄⱅⰰⰾⱁ? Ⱄⱁⰲⱄⰵⰿ ⱀⰰⱎⰺ ⰱⱃⰰⱅⱐⱝ ⱂⱁ ⱃⰰⰸⱆⰿⱆ ⰿⱁⰸⰳⱁⰲ ⰾⰺⱎⰺⰾⰺⱄⱐ, ⰵⱄⰾⰺ ⱅⰰⰽ ⰺ ⰴⰰⰾⱐⱎⰵ ⰴⰵⰾⱁ ⱂⱁⰴⱖⱅ, ⱅⱁ ⱁⱀⰺ ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰺⱌⱆ ⱃⰰⱀⱐⱎⰵ ⱀⰰⱄ ⰺⰸⱆⱍⰰⱅ. ⰔⰎⰀⰂⰭⰐⰅ ⰑⰁⰟⰅⰄⰅⰐⰭⰕⰅⰔⰠ!!!

  6. greetings from slovakia… it is super ironic, that we use latin alphabet, since the glagolitic was originally brought to us- west slavs in 9th century….

  7. the word "Б" B like В or V like Ј like the latin j like "Ӧ" Іт'Ѕ а Dамеgе Аѡагd it's a damage award (beats drums) yeeeeeah yeah or ИЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕЕАХ


  9. The Glagolitic alphabet was preserved only by the clergy of Croatia to write Church Slavonic until the early 19th century.

  10. Ей хора поспрете се малко – опомнете се – задайте си въпроса кои сте ! Знаете ли че глаголицата е създадена с молитви за да спасява обединява народи и племена които са сродни и близки ? Знаете ли, че ако беше се случило това в Европа и Азия щеше да има една велика държава – силна и непобедима. Глаголицата има велики тайни – тя трябва да се изучава. Знайте, че който работи с глаголицата ще има успех и радост във всичко. Смирете глупавия национализъм и се радвайте, че имате нещо общо върху което да работите и се развивате вие българи сърби чехи словаци поляци хървати молдовци руснаци украинци белоруси моравци македонци словенци и всякакви други…

  11. Question, what is the pronunciation of the letter ⱜ ? I've seen it being used as a Soft sign when writing the letters Њ and Љ in glagolitic but I've also read on the croat wikipedia that it's pronounced like a Schwa (E in english The)

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