39 thoughts on “Grown-ish 3×08 Promo “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” (HD) Spring Finale”

  1. So Zoe wants to be with Aaron and Aaron told Zoe To Make a decision and she is in the dream and she is going to make a decision about What career she’s going to choose for the future

  2. Damn Zoey look fine as hell in that Aliyah fit! Sky and Jazz look sizzling hot as Lil Kim and Justice as well!!! 😩😍🔥💯

  3. So, no one is going to comment on Jillian and Luca dress as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Zoe is Killing the Aaliyah look. Yara would have made the perfect Aaliyah for that terrible biopic.

  4. Damn we waited all of this time for 8 short ass episodes??!!! Y’all really got rid of Baby Daddy and Young &Hungry just to do this? ABC family/ freedom 🙄🙄🙄

  5. so we’re not gonna talk about how Jazz is lowkey fake asf for saying that Luca (her “bestie’s” ex) and Jillian are her new favorite couple….

  6. This so could of done so much but it's starting to hit a big ass SNOOZE on the Zoeys character n etc. I said what i said

  7. Jazz is letting Doug affect her focus but trust Doug ain't about to jeopardize his ride for NO female. So get it together chile.

  8. If zoey goes out with Aaron Luca will not like it yeah Luca and his gf are cute but he cheated and was rey to break up with her if zoey would’ve took him back that last episode

  9. Tbh zoeys storyline is kinda boring. This might turn into a different world type thing like when Lisa Bonet left a different world. And I’m okay with that because I only watch for sky and jazz anyway ❤️

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