How to Know Your Friend’s Phone Number In Facebook

How to Know Your Friend’s Phone Number In Facebook

Hello again. This is bizzer201 (old username) and this this video in this video now is about how to know your friends and Phone number yeah phone number simply just go to [Facebook-dot-Com] And yeah login and uh Yeah, I got a Facebook Now you just simply go to account and edit friends Go to phone book and you’re gonna see all fff- the phone numbers there including mobile numbers, land home numbers, everything. This is my friend’s, so Yeah thanks for watching and subscribe, comment, rate comment, rate, subscribe Anyway, thanks *whoo*

40 thoughts on “How to Know Your Friend’s Phone Number In Facebook”

  1. To get your friends phone number from Facebook :-
    Go to the users profile whom you want the number from… It will not show the number if the user has privacy on it or has not given it to facebook.
    Go to your Mobile ( Old Nokia Mobiles ) … Open facebook .. click friends and then you will see "Call" Option infront of your friends who have given their mobile numbers.. Click on it and it will start calling.. Then instanly click End call.. go to your dialled calls and see the number There!

  2. This is the END of America's Freedom, from street cameras to office bullying, the CIA and FBI forced this on Facebook and paid them a good portion of your tax dollars to force you to place your cell numbers on Facebook servers, once there, you live in a prison and watched and tracked by big brother, America died 10 years ago and its being dismantaled now, piece by pieces.

  3. this video was in 2011. I can't find the account button so presumably the facebook platform has changerd since then.

  4. Kudos for the info! This might or might not work. Looking into a review site such as Mecvic’s Top Picks can help you weed out the useless outdated sites that no longer work.

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