100 thoughts on “How to Pronounce ORDINAL NUMBERS — American English”

  1. I say them like this and I've put some accompanying words that use the same sound as syllables.

    Fh – Urst (Fish, Worst)
    Sek – And (Sector, Hand)
    Th – Urd (Thump, Word)
    Fh – Orth (Fish, North)
    Fh – Ift (Fish, Lift)
    Sik – Fhh – Tuh (Sick, Fish, Time)
    Suh – Evan – Fhh – Tuh (Submarine, Heaven, Fish, Time)
    Ate – Fhh – Tuh (Late, Fish, Time)
    Nine – Fhh – Tuh (Lime, Fish, Time)
    Ten – Fhh – Tuh (Attention, Fish, Time)


  3. I do not understand why many Americans choose to ignore the fact that there is an F in the middle of the word.
    Do they ignore the second F in fifty or fifteen?
    Saying "fith" sounds juvenile to me. It should be pronounced fiFth.

  4. dear Rachel, i really love your work. its so easy to understand and learn even when my english isn't so good. i love when you move your finger to show how the tougue should be. and it will be so wonderful if you make a video show how to spell the numbre form 1-1000. thank you so much!

  5. I think the explanation is too detailed/complicated for non-native speakers, but it is informative for those of us who teach them. Thanks.

  6. this sounds are very difficult to me ….I need to practice………I follow you from colombia in south america …..thanks to teach us

  7. Thanks very much for the lesson you're giving but I have a problem on how to pronounce words ,I think just because isn't our mother tongue, thanks again much appreciation to you and keep going to teach us

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  9. Hi, there! Let me ask you a question: the "TO LIVE" verb has a pronunciation like "leve". But, I´ve listening some foreign (like many brazilian people) saying "LIVE" with an "I" like an open "A", "LAIVE", is that correct? Can you help me? Thanks

  10. Hello my dear Rachel l wanna tell you that you are an amazing and super patient teacher.
    I am really excited about the way how you teach the English pronunciation, what a incredible encourage to make the thing!!!
    For a lot of reasons one thousand thanks!!!!

  11. My wife made fun of the way I said fifth. She said people would feel sorry for me. I guess I was pronouncing the t. Like "fiffed". I don't know where I got that. It is interesting to watch you slow it down. I expect if you just said fif no one would notice. I hear people say fid, fit and fipt depending on where they are from. In a sentence no one cares because they know what you mean.

  12. I like it, but can you add subtitules in english? when i want to download this video, only I listen your voice. thank you

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