How to Reset Apple ID Password without Phone number! [2019]

How to Reset Apple ID Password without Phone number! [2019]

In this video, I’m gonna show you guys,
how to reset Apple ID password without a trusted Phone Number & a trusted device. Hello Friends. Before we begin, let me tell you a situation
that already happened with one of our subscriber. What happened is, She sold her old iPhone, bought a new one
but couldn’t remember her Apple ID password. She was using two factor authentication for
her Apple ID and unfortunately she had no access to her trusted device and a phone number. So in this situation, let’s see how she
could reset her Apple ID password. Firstly, you want to head over to Apple’s website. Now, enter your Apple ID and hit CONTINUE. Now you want to type in one of your phone
number that was associated with two factor authentication even if you don’t have access
to these phone numbers anymore. So just type in a phone number and hit CONTINUE. Now it says, it has sent a notification to
your iPhone. But in our case we don’t have access our
old iPhone. So, you want to select DON’T HAVE ACCESS
TO YOUR iPHONE? Now, it shows three new options to reset your
Apple ID password. First is to use any other Apple device singed
in with the same Apple ID, which we don’t have. Second one is to use Find My iPhone app on
your friends iPhone to reset Apple ID password which will have the same results as we are
about to get on this website. Third option is similar to option number 2. It says, visit the Apple Store, get the iOS
device and again use Find my iPhone to reset Apple ID password. So, let’s say we don’t have any iOS device
around. So, you want to select CAN’T GET TO ANOTHER
DEVICE? And now, here is the message you need to read
carefully. It says, if you don’t have iOS device or
a Mac, you can still recover or reset your Apple ID password but you need to provide
an additional information to identify yourself. Apple will verify your identity and help you
to reset your Apple ID password. But it’ll take some time. Since we don’t have any other option, we will hit, CONTINUE ANYWAY. Now again it shows the phone numbers associated
with two factor authentication. You want to select DON’T HAVE ACCESS TO
ANY OF THESE NUMBERS? And now, you can provide a new Phone Number
where Apple can contact you and send you instructions to reset your Apple ID password. This can be your Family member’s phone number,
your friend’s phone number or may be your own new phone number which you can immediately access. So, input the phone number, Select the mode of instruction, Text Message or a Phone Call, I’ll keep Text Message selected And hit CONTINUE. Now you want to enter the 6 digit code received
on your new Phone number. And hit CONTINUE. That’s all! Your query is registered with Apple and Apple will send you instructions to reset your Apple ID password very soon. If you wish, you can check the status of your
query on the same website. And if you have Credit Card details ready
with you, you can provide it to speed up the process of resetting your Apple ID password. It’s a little less secured method compared to Recovery Key method. But, I don’t want this to happen to you
ever. So, please make sure you know your Apple ID
password before you sell your old iPhone and please make sure you have at least two phone numbers
attached to your two factor authentication security. It is a must. If you have single phone number, you should
immediately add an alternate phone number to two factor authentication. You can also use Recovery Key for your Apple
ID and write it down somewhere so that you can reset your Apple ID password using your
friend’s iPhone, family member’s iPhone immediately. And that’s all for today! If you have any specific questions, ask me
down in the comments below. And as always I’m Vikas, signing off for
the day, Thank you so much for watching!

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  2. This is why I hate apple I can no longer access pictures on my moms old iPhone I will never use an Apple product ever again in my life.

  3. SMS is really a stupid method to reset the password given that apple tried to get rid of SMS in two factor authentication. But hackers/ gov can still exploit this mechanism to hijack your icloud – which would endanger your whole digital life if you have most of your passwords in keychain.

  4. pls help me so my problem is,, if i reset my apple id password,,,, will the other phones connected to the apple id im using will be disconnected? reply asap

  5. When I try to sign into my Apple ID and iCloud it works perfectly fine and says it logged back in but it didn’t and idk what to do

  6. wow thanks!. and i wasted so much time speaking to people from apple…on the phone and at the store. and all i had to do was watch this video!

  7. The “dont have access to your iPhone” option is not there for me, i don’t have a pc or a laptop and I’m accessing this website through mobile and it’s saying “we are evaluating your information” please reply asap

  8. This is helped me, waiting for process.
    Its already access as new iPhone but I couldn't find my old photos and files. Can I get all old photos and files?

  9. This happened to me, i lost all my old number, but I remember all password id and email.. i need 4 day , are you sure this work? What happened after that?

  10. Sir someone stole my iphone x without passcode and change its icloud password and trusted number and when i try to login it shows that your apple id has been locked due to security reason and i dont know about the number what should i do?

  11. lol im exactly in the same situation, but how apple want me to go into my icloud email if I requesting a new password for that same email hahaha im going to cry !!

  12. Followed every step and completed it but how will I be able to access my apple email if it requires 2 step identification

  13. mine says "This phone number is incorrect. Please enter a phone number that you use to receive verification codes for two-factor authentication." can't get through.

  14. I know my apple id and password but I dosen"t know the phone number which I have given in apple account now I was unable to login after updating my iphone

  15. Hallo Vikas can I ask Telugu question about my I phone details.
    But I don't know English can u send phone no
    I can call u.

  16. i had done the as per you said,may i know what will be the next step when we will receive the reset settings in phone through sms..pls help me out of this..if u could no the further action

    Give this message i do not the reason
    ‎‏(Your request could not be completed because of an
    ‎‏error. Try again later.)

    Give this message i do not the reason
    ‎‏(Your request could not be completed because of an
    ‎‏error. Try again later.)

    Give this message i do not the reason
    ‎‏(Your request could not be completed because of an
    ‎‏error. Try again later.)

  20. brother I tried that before yesterday and it said like yours after 24 hrs we will infrom you but after the 24 hrs passed and I rechecked again it said we will infrom you in 6 days now the days increased it pissed me off… why did they increase it…? and what happened with you bro?? did the same thing happen with you??

  21. What kind of instructions do apple give? Do I just do it using my new phone number or I need the email used in my apple ID because frankly I can’t access my email associated with my apple ID already. Please help

  22. i have the phone number but it wont let me use it. i type it in and it just says wrong number even tho i can call the number. pls help me out here

  23. forgot the old phone number, put in a new phone number as you indicated, but there are no further options (reasons….). dumb

  24. How effective is this method? since I try to retrieve my apple id and I have to wait 13 days … what will happen after 13 days? any answer please

  25. Hi Vikas, remember icould ID and password, but sold old iphone and rooted new iphone. While sign in the icloud with password on the new iphone, it requires put in the phone number, but unfortunately forget the phone number of this icloud ID. I want to login in that icloud ID and change the related phone number to the new one, how to do? Thank you.

  26. Does this work if you’re trying to just get ur old Apple ID on ur new phone but don’t have access to your old one

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