[IF] 만약에, 세븐틴이 방구석에서 운동회를 한다면? #3 (What IF, SEVENTEEN play sports in the room? #3)

[IF] 만약에, 세븐틴이 방구석에서 운동회를 한다면? #3 (What IF, SEVENTEEN play sports in the room? #3)

[SEVONG is poised for entertainment and raised the roof] [Falling in] [The site is getting heated with tense fight] [Results against expectation!] [Who will be the winner?] [IF SEVENTEEN] [4R Back to back rowing]
The Field Day at Home, this event is a rowing event. A rowing event that requires enormous level of physical strength. – Back to back rowing!
– Ah, back to back rowing! [4R Back to back rowing – The team that crosses the finish line by pushing each other’s back / The team with the last survivor wins!]
For the back to back rowing, put your backs to each other and get into position. [How to proceed – 1. Proceed by ‘pushing the player’ / 2. Each team will hold a wooden spatula and sit in a moving chair with sleeping socks on]
If you cross the center line completely, you win. If you look at the members right now, they are holding a wooden spatula… and wearing sleeping socks hahaha [Fatal cuteness]
Yes, they’ve all changed to sleeping socks. [Testing the efficiency of the sleeping socks] [Lucks sports event in the corner of the room / They are going to play all the games they can play in the room]
– Overall, they’re all playing the games that need a lot of luck..
– Yes, they are doing everything they can in the room. [We’ve prepared this for Howoo’s energy]
It’s been a long time since our PD gave us chocolates, so that we don’t lose our strengths. That’s nice. [The alphabet chocolate that lasts for a long time]
I think this chocolate is lasting really long. It’s the chocolate we used to eat a lot when we were young [We should long-run as well♥] [Back to back rowing]
[Team Nenene. 1. THE 8 2. Vernon 3. DK/ Team Big Bro 1. Wonwoo 2. Jun 3. Joshua] [Player THE 8, the dark horse of Team Nenene] [Player Wonwoo, the super coolest in Team Big Bro] Ah? There is no one like that? [The first match THE 8 vs. Wonwoo] [Tension going up all of a sudden]
Wonwoo! Wonwoo! Wonwoo! Try to use as much strength as you can. Use as much strength as you can, as much as you can. [Like this?] [Feather heart]
Ah, oh my god. [Sudden rise of confidence] [Must win the first match!] [Hey Wonwoo! We believe in you!] [One two, one two] [Doing his upmost to survive] [Strong wind] [Passing the finish line with all the momentum!] [Sad..] Where did you go? He flew. I don’t have any strengths left. [Critical fatigue after doing one match..] – (The reason THE 8 lost) First of all, they are in a different weight division.
– Yes, that’s right. [Not feather / Super cool guy who is building his muscles by working out]
Wonwoo started working out and so he had an advantage, right? [Sudden lower body training]
Wonwoo is doing lower body exercises these days.
– He does a lot of lower body exercises. [The second match Vernon vs. Wonwoo] [They are getting excited at the appearance of real strong players]
I feel like player Vernon will be very strong. – Vernon must be very strong.
– He’s a heavy guy. [Vernon, I’ll blow you out of the way^^]
Now, I’m going to blow Vernon all the way out there. [Smirking] [Try it if you can]
I’ll look forward to it. [Skill 1]
Vernon’s legs are placed together as close as he can – He’s going to push once.
– Ah, that’ll be good. [Skill 2 Feet Fixed to Floor]
It’s fixed now. [Heavy] [Meaningless rowing..] [Wonwoo, I’ll throw you outside^^] [Power booster activated] The game is progressed as we expected! [Vernon was different from the ready position]
– Already from the preparation position even before the start of the competition.
– His leg strength! The isolation was correct. Now, by pulling his legs closest to that chair, – He gains momentum.
– That’s right, that’s right. [The real player has appeared]
Way to go! There’s a wall on my back? [Vernon fired a very heavy shot]
He’s heavy. [The Emperor Jun is on!]
Emperor Jun Emperor Jun! Let’s go! [The third match Vernon vs. Jun] – Then, let’s let the winner bring the modifier.
– Ah, I like that, I like that. Am I a super cool Vernon now? [Jeon Wonwoo (25 years old) / Former super cool guy]
[Looks like Team Big Bro is going to sweep all the modifiers hahaha]
– And then the super cool emperor
– Then, if I beat Jun, I’ll be the super cool emperor Vernon. This is so slippery? [NG from the starting position..]
Ah, from the start of Jun’s starting position.. They’re in a ready position where they are sitting in a wide way [Fun match starts] Oh! It’s too slippery? [There is no twist to the result]
This is so slippery! [Pushing] – It was expected
– As expected! In archery, this is actually it. Whether you pull the rope and shoot, or [Means the results will vary depending on the active demonstration]
Pull the rope less and shoot. A spring, for example [Means the results vary depending on the elasticity]
Do you go all the way down and bounce [Tired / Extremely Passionate]
Oh, so it’s kind of like this, everyone. More than bumping like this [So far it was teacher Hoshi who studied about back to back rowing for the past 25 years]
– It’s got inside that’s why it can be lifted like this.
– That’s right, that’s right! As it is being lifted, it moves forward [Take Wonwoo and double with Jun / Vernon with two straight wins]
– What is it?
– Hey, Vernon’s good. – Vernon is really good!
– What is this? – Is it over?
– Super cool emperor Vernon. Okay~ [Nice] [Anxious look]
How did you do that? Can we change seats this time? [Super Cool Emperor’s Relaxation]
– Changing seats?
– Ah, seat? Okay. You can change seats. [The fourth match Joshua vs. Vernon] [The last player from Team Big Bro]
Player Joshua of victory [That’s a good modifier]
Joshua of victory? Okay. Wow, but he’s.. He’s a wall, a wall. [Perfect..]
It’s over They’ve changed their position, haven’t they? [Still the same skill]
Even though from a different position, you can see Vernon keeping pulling his legs towards the chair. He is like a spring. I will do my best. No, you have to take our team towards victory. [His face already achieving victory]
I will take our team to the victory. [Serious and solemn / Super victorious cool emperor Vernon (to be)]
Please call me Super victorious cool emperor Vernon from now. [Our leader is so cool!] [A sweeping three victories in a row?] [Or a new victory from the Team Big Bro?] [The last match determines it all!] [The commentators get nervous together] [A tight match from the beginning]
Oh, it’s tight! A tight match! [Not a still image] [A scene of two strong physical strengths against each other] [Tight lips / Victorious Joshua holds out for quite long] But they are not using the wooden spatula? [Please..] [Surprised / Petrified] [Did Vernon fail to achieve continuous victories?] [Give and take] [Joshua is defeated..] [4R Rowing on the Backs, Team Nenene WINS!]
We won! [Vernon showed incredible strength, achieving three consecutive victories!]
Wow, he won it all! – He won’t move.
– It’s great. The boxers during the match, when they don’t recognize what they should do because they’re concentrating, The coach yells from the back [An impressive acting]
Like “Dodge! Use that! Left! Right!” As soon as DK commented “Why don’t you use the spatula?” Vernon pushed Joshua away with the spatula. [The hidden assistant of Team Nenene, Coach DK] [The Super Victorious Cool Emperor – Team Nenene achieves three victories!] [5R Long Jump with the Big Toes]
The Field Day at Home, this round is the long jump. [5R Long Jump with the Big Toes- Jump forward with grabbing the big toes, and the team with higher accumulative record wins!]
You do a long jump with grabbing your big toes. So if you fall back, there will be a penalty for that. [Rules – 1. One player from each team will come forward, grab their big toes, and do the long jump 2. If they fall behind the start line or if they don’t get over the line, their record will be measured negative]
Their record will be measured negative, and the team with higher accumulative record wins. The swimmers’ record depends on their shoulders, And the soccer players’ record depend on their thighs. Likewise, in this game, a player with well-built Achilles’ Heels will get a good record. [Stretching their Achilles’ Heels / DK’s foot]
Because in the case of Boo Seungkwan, who is absent today, [Seungkwan’s TMI]
– Has too short Achilles’ Heels to scooch down.
– Right. [Who has as short Achilles’ Heels as Seungkwan?]
Chances to fall on their backs will go up. [Long Jump with Big Toes]
[(Batting first) Team Big Bro – 1. Joshua 2. Jun 3. Wonwoo]
[(Batting second) Team Nenene 1. The 8 2. DK 3. Vernon] [The first runner of Team Big Bro, Joshua] [Is it my turn?]
I need to warm myself up right. [LOFL] [Bounce Bounce, my heart goes] [Such a flamboyant warming up LOL]
– Hey, you are too far away!
– You look like you might fall back on your back side. [Obsessed with titles]
Call me Joshua the Spring. [Hops] [Surprised]
He jumped far! [We agree, you are Joshua the Spring]
It’s okay, the record will be measured with his heel position. He looks like a spring. – Wow, he really jumped far!
– Don’t your fingers hurt? When you landed? [The advice from the Spring / Take your fingers off from the floor]
– You have to take them off.
– Take them off? Joshua, come on out. [It’s harder than I thought] Oh, Joshua the Spring! Joshua has now jumped 29.5cm long. [Wow, awesome] [Victory with his face + Actual victory]
– Wow, it’s a great record!
– Okay! [Lost their nerves]
He’s great. He’s awesome! This is really hard. [The second runner of Team Big Bro, Jun] I think Jun will set a good record. [1+1 Jun] [The master of high energy in Seventeen]
Jun’s a master of high energy… [What will be Jun’s record, who creates some high energy?] [Thump] [Thump] [Hard to be quiet]
Good jump, good jump. Good job. – Joshua was really great.
– Joshua was indeed great. [Jun’s record: 7cm]
7cm. How long was Joshua’s record? 25cm? [A good gap of 22.5cm]
29.5. How did you make it, hyung? I really did a good job. You really did a good job. [Boasts]
– He’s complimenting himself.
– Yes, he’s saying he did a good job. Yes, he never misses a chance to boast himself. [The third runner in the Team Big Bro, Wonwoo] I am looking forward to Wonwoo. [Official from the commentators, a master of long jump]
He’s so good at long jumps. – Oh, this guy has long Achilles’ Heels.
– Oh, right. [His long legs match his Achilles’ Heels (Mastered the long jump)]
– Wonwoo has some good legs!
– He’s really good at long jump, too. Wonwoo’s good at long jumps. Don’t get too far away from the start line. – Don’t get too far away?
– No. [A kind and sensitive leader, Joshua]
Okay, that much. It’s really not easy. [You can do it!] [Please mess up] [Long Achilles’ Heels, what would Wonwoo’s record be?] He jumped a lot, he jumped a lot. [Jealous]
– He’s so good, he’s really good!
– We lost this game. [The frog shows up again]
– We lost this game.
– Don’t say we lost, you are the leader. – We can win this game.
– Oh, Joshua set such a good record. [Younger ones shifting the burden to the older]
We can just trust you, right? [Shunning the burden]
No, don’t trust me. [Wonwoo’s record: 22cm] [Feeling the same]
– It looks like he pursued stability just now.
– Yes, he looked anxious. Maybe he had some burdens. [Total record for Team Big Bro]
– Joshua of Team Big Bro was unexpected.
– Yes, he showed an unexpected record. We didn’t expect he would jump 29.5cm. [Joshua – 29.5cm / Jun – 7cm / Wonwoo – 22cm]
– So the total record is 58.5cm? In total?
– Right. [The first runner of Team Nenene, The 8] [The 8 of Team Nenene sets off] The 8 is light, he will do a good jump. If The 8 doesn’t jump far enough, the others won’t make it.. – Because two of them are kind of heavy.
– Right. [There’s only a chance to win when each of Team Nenene jumps about 20cm]
All three of them should jump for about 20cm long. – It’s really not easy to jump 20cm for every member.
– It’s hard. Which means, each of them has to jump like Wonwoo did. The second orange one. [awkward awkward] [LOL] [Jumping like a frog] [Suddenly silent] Well done. What’d be the score? [What score did THE 8 get?] [Being hopeful] [THE 8’s record: 19.5cm] [Soulless] He jumped a lot. [Confidence] 19.5cm it is! It’s not a bad record. [Irresistible desire to jump] [Confident] [2nd player of the ‘Nenene’ team, DK] But ’cause he’s known as the ‘long-foot’ from Samseong-dong.. -Maybe he can do something with his big feet..
-‘Cause his feet are big, well, if his feet are long, then as the record is made at the heels, [Unanimously]
-It could work against him.
-Yes, it wouldn’t be good for him. Will he be still called as the ‘long-foot’ from Samseong-dong..? [Q. What’s your goal?] I don’t think he can go over any of them. [Suddenly losing confidence] -Hey, just go over the green line(=start line).
-Alright. [Okidoki]
-Just go over the green line.
-Just here? [Breathing] [A born-to-be idol]
-I don’t look weird now, right?
-No, you don’t look weird at all. [You don’t look weird at all]
You can’t look anymore weird than that. He’s getting ready. What about this? What about what? [What should we do about the situation…]
What’s he saying? [LOL]
What’s he saying? [Self-VAR / A referee enters]
His legs were here. Try once again. [Is this the end?] [Bowing.. / Bowing back] One more time. One more time, one more time. Once more time? Once more time? [DK got a second chance]
‘Cause we have big feet… -Right? It’s the matter of the foot size.
-It’s working against us, having long foot. [Self-promotion]
I have long feet. I’m called as ‘long-foot’ of Samseong-dong. [Long-foot of Samseong LOL] What’d be the record of ‘long-foot’ of Samseong-dong? [Ready GO] ‘Long-foot’ of Samseong-dong went.. ‘Long-foot’ of Samseong-dong went… [What have I done..]
-Well done.
-You got a minus score. A negative score..! -What?
-What’s that? [The fall of ‘Long-foot’ of Samseong-dong]
Is it because of long feet? -Oh, well, ‘Long-foot’ of Samseong-dong..
-Too bad..minus! [Nenene Team’s Subtotal]
[Can win when Vernon jumps more than 46cm! (Big-bro Team has 58.5cm)]
Well, this means that Vernon needs to jump like 50cm. [The third player from Nenene Team, Vernon] [Frog, a frequent visitor]
Well, it seems like nothing like this. [All the records look so easy]
They don’t look far at all, right? They don’t look far at all. [Curious]
How did you think of this game? [We were imagining making the Sebongs happy]
How did you come up with it? So curious. What if he uses his head? [Like this? LOL] I’ll do some acrobatics. [Blocking Acrobatics]
-No, the first body part to hit the floor will be the score. Oh, okay. Oh, just now.. [Is it what Hoshi’s thinking?]
-Is that what I’m thinking?
-I think so. I think he’ll start to roll. [10 minutes ago]
It’ll be against the rule to roll there, right? [That’s creative]
While holding the feet? Wait, can you roll while holding these? No. [Dumbfounded]
-Then why did you mention that?
-Just ’cause… Can you show us once? I want to see it. [Rolling forward] [LOL] This should be counted if one succeeds while holding the feet. [We’ll count the effort]
That’s a unique technique. That was good. [Well, but it doesn’t count]
I’m sorry. No, that was good. It should be counted if he can do it while holding his feet. -Let’s go. Let’s see if he can hold his feet..
-This is really hard. I think it (rolling forward) is impossible. Then you just knock your head on the floor. [Go, leader!] [Nervous breathing] Let’s get it done. One, two, three! [Well, Big-bro will win anyways?] [Will there be a miracle!] [Next episode] [They are rivals at sports and TV shows] [An intense competition to win] [Which will be the winning team?] [Please look forward to the next episode of IF!] [IF SEVENTEEN] [He can’t give up on the idea of the rolling forward technique]
He should try rolling. Is there no chance for rolling? [We’ll let you try]
Or you can do it here, right here. -Should I?
-Hold your toes. [As if he was waiting for that]
Well, this is.. wait a sec. Well, I’ll give it a shot. -Well, it…
-No*5. This is hard. Rolling forward.. [Hoshi is saying a big hello to all ♥] You’re just knocking your head on the floor. [LOL]
Well, it’s hard, really! [End of the extra clip!]
Well, it’s hard. [IF SEVENTEEN]

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